Thursday, November 25, 2010

25th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 29) Piya gets Abhay Raichand arrested by the Police

Episode 29 starts with Misha instructing the photographer something by whispering in his ear and pointing to T’s stall. Misha then sees Protima Dasgupta walking in the College Campus. Misha goes to her and walks with her talking to her.
Misha: madam, you are thinking so wrong about T. She is doing so much hard work for this college and charity. We should reward her. (Ms Protima looks at Misha) Yes Mam, I am serious. Please come with me, I will show you something. Mam, this way! (Misha takes Ms Protima to the stall)
T who was applying lip gloss to her lips look up and is shocked to see college watchman, janitors, drivers and peons standing in line in front of her kissing stall. T gets up and says, ‘Yuck! Brothers this stall is closed’ Misha then brings Protima there telling, ‘Yes, Mam I am telling the truth. See Mam, How much T is doing for charity. See our watchman, janitors, drivers and peons here…T is so charitable. T and friends smile.
Protima: Misha, you are right! T is doing so much for the college. I am speechless! (She goes from there. The camera man comes running and takes photos of T and her friends and tells her that her photo would come in college magazine. Seeing a toothless old guy coming towards her for a kiss , T faints)

Scene moves to Misha and Tracker who are happy with the prank they played on T. They go to Misha’s stall. A Body builder sort of Guy tries to hit the bull’s eye at Misha’s stall but fails. Misha sees Panchi coming towards the stall and she goes to Tracker and removes her watch, shoes etc and tells her that in the college only Panchi is the sharp shooter and it looks like she would take her revenge of years together today. Panchi signals Misha to climb on the wall and she hits the bulls eye every time making Misha fall into the water below. Panchi asks her if she can play one more time. Misha tells her not to waste her money and declares that Panchi won. Panchi goes from there. Misha is angry with Panchi. She says, ‘Why is she behaving like this as if I am not her sister but neighbors … ‘

Scene moves to Madhu coming to see Piya at the college. Madhu tells her that she is aware that Pia is Suganth’s daughter. Piya assures her that she would not let Panchi and Misha know about her truth. Madhu is happy hearing that and goes from there.

Piya sees Misha drenched and thinks that somebody might have hit the bull’s eye. She goes to him. Tracker starts telling about it and Pia gets confused.
Piya: Who hit the bull’s eye?
Misha: My sister! Panchi Dobriyal proved today that my Mother lifted her from the dust bin. She took the revenge of her entire life on me. What did I do? You know what? I am going to kill her…(Misha throws her shoes)
Piya: Ok,okay! I think Panchi is a little angry on you which maybe why she might have reacted like that.
Misha: but what did I do?
Pia: Misha,I think it is my fault.
Misha: Yours? What did you do?
Piya: Actually when I saw Panchi very upset I told her that Danish is doing fake fights with her and…
Misha: And she feels that I took Danish’s side instead of hers…that’s why she is angry, right? (Pia nods)

Scene moves to Panchi flirting with Angad as Danish watches. Danish is shocked to see Panchi’s behavior. Misha comes to Danish and tells him that now Panchi knows the truth. Kabir comes there with the ring. Then they hear someone shouting and they run hearing it. Misha, Panchi, Piya, Kabir, Tracker, Angad, Danish and many other students reach the spot and see Maya in a pool of blood. The Principal comes there and Misha informs him that she has already called the Ambulance. Piya thinks, ‘This time you have crossed all limits Abhay! This has to stop. Because of Maya I did not tell anyone but today I will get you punished. This time you will not get away with this’ Piya calls the Police. The Ambulance comes and takes Maya to the Hospital while all students stand there and watch. As the Ambulance goes away Police people arrives at the Campus. The Inspector tells that they got a phone call. Piya goes to him and tells him that it is she who called them and tells him that Maya was in an abusive relationship and has been hurt before also. Inspector asks Piya who beat Maya. Piya tells him that he is from a very powerful and influential family and has threatened Maya several times too. The Inspector asks Pia to name the culprit. Abhay comes to the spot then and Pia tells his name, ‘Abhay, Abhay Raichand’. The Police arrests Abhay and takes him away.

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