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18th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 24) Piya falls into Abhay’s arms while dancing with Kabir

Episode 24 starts with Kabir and Piya entering the Restaurant. Piya is looking gorgeous and wearing a beautiful red dress. Kabir looks at Piya while she is looking into the menu card. He thanks her for coming with him and tells her that every guy in the room is thinking what a beautiful angle like her is doing with him. Abhay and T then enter the Restaurant with T wearing a short black dress and clinging on to Abhay’s arm. Maya goes to them and greets them. T insults her. Maya gives them a table near Kabir and Piya. Kabir is sitting with his back toward the table while Piya is facing that table. Piya and Kabir notices T and Abhay.Abhay take a white rose from the table and gives it to T who takes it. He then kisses on her cheek and pulls the chair for her to sit. While T sits with her back to Piya, Abhay sits on the chair facing Piya. Kabir extends his hand to Piya and Piya place her hand in his smiling at him. Kabir covers her hand with his other hand on top. Abhay looks jealous and does not like it. Piya notices Abhay and feels uncomfortable. She excuses herself telling that she wants to use the washroom. When Piya goes, Abhay follow her. Piya sits outside the washroom in a sofa when she sees that someone is in the washroom. The guy who was sitting in the sofa tries to make a pass on Piya. He holds her hand and Piya resists. Abhay interferes and tells the Guy that there are better girls outside and asks him to meet them. Piya goes from there.

Scene moves to Misha disguised as a man and Tracker wearing a wig making an entrance to the restaurant. Tracker comments that T is looking pretty. Misha tells her to wait and watch at night. Kabir notices Piya upset and asks her what is the matter and Piya tells him there is nothing. Kabir snaps his finger and 2 men come to the table and plays instrument music. Piya smiles and asks Kabir what it is. Kabir tells her that he is trying to impress her with his style. A waiter comes and places glasses and champagne on their table. Abhay gets up from his chair and offers that champagne for every one as it is a very special day for him as someone special has come into his life and that he wants to celebrate it with all. Piya and Kabir both refuses when champagne when it is offered to them so the waiter takes their glasses away. Kabir then asks Piya if she would dance with him and Piya nods. They move to the dance floor. Abhay asks T if she would like to dance with him and they to go to the dance floor and the couples dance to the song ‘Pyar ki ye kahani suno, ek ladka tha – ek ladki thi’. Danish and Panchi enter the restaurant and notice both the couples on the dance floor. They then go occupy a table and watch the couples dance. Panchi then notices Misha and Tracker couple and remarks that her Dad has the sort of jacket the Guy is wearing. Tracker is jealous seeing T dance with Abhay. The smoke machine is used in between the dance and Misha tells that now the effect of chemical would show. Abhay and T comes out of the smoke with T have weird type of color on her hair.
T: Abhay, you are so lucky! See how people are looking at me (Abhay sees her hair and remove his hand from her waist) because I am one in a million, right? (Misha and Tracker busts into laughter seeing T. People go near T and Abhay and starts laughing. Abhay says, ‘True’ and walks away leaving T there. Abhay goes and watches Kabir and Piya still dancing to the song. Misha and Tracker go near T too and greet her.
Misha: Hello Madam! You don’t know me. But I am your biggest fan. I am looking at you for so long, you are so pretty!
T: Thank you!
Misha: I want to make friendship with you. No…? If you don’t mind, one photo please…
T: Of course, Sure! (T poses for the photo; Misha takes a picture using her Mobile) Can I see that picture? (Misha shows the picture on Mobile from a distance and T is shocked to see how her hair looks)
Misha: Youtube community would like to thank you. Every week you do something new for our entertainment (Misha lifts her specs and T recognizes her) what are you thinking?
T: You Idiot!
Ruhi: Mrs Ruhi and Mr Misha… (Misha removes her mustache)
T: Misha!(T goes away. Panchi comes there and holds Misha’s ears)
Panchi: What is all this?
Danish: Come on Panchi!(releases Misha)
Misha: Your date was so boring that you came here to spoil my fun? And Danish… It is written in my birth certificate that I have to tolerate her but you…still have time…go away if you wish to live.
Panchi: You shut up! This is Papa’s jacket what you are wearing.
Misha: So…? My work is over! (Runs away from there with Tracker)
Panchi: This girl is a beast. (Danish puts his hand around Panchi’s shoulder)
Danish: its okay baby, relax!
Panchi: It is not okay!
Danish: She is a child! (Piya and Kabir are still dancing and Abhay watching them by standing at some distance from them. Kabir twirls Piya and she loses her hold. She falls straight into Abhay’s arms and put her hands around his neck while he holds on her waist. Kabir is hurt to see this. They look into each other’s eyes and Abhay imagines him dancing to the same song with her wearing Victorian Era clothes. Suddenly Abhay comes to his senses and steadies Piya. She moves away from him, looks at Kabir and then Abhay. Piya thinks, ‘What is happening to me? Why am I not able to keep myself away from Abhay? Kabir…How bad he might have felt’. Kabir walks away and Piya follows him while Abhay looks.

Scene moves to Abhay driving the car. He remembers what happened at the restaurant at the dance floor. He says to himself, ‘Come on Abhay! Control yourself. Don’t you have even a little control on yourself? She is not Maithili…She can never be Maithili’.

Scene moves to Kabir and Piya on car. They almost have an accident with the car coming from the opposite side almost losing control. Kabir stops the car. Piya says in mind, ‘really sorry Kabir, I did not want to hurt you’.
Piya: Kabir? I am sorry Kabir…
Kabir: For what?
Piya: Kabir, I know that you are angry.
Kabir: With you? Not possible! In fact I am not angry with you but with Abhay. Don’t know what his problem is. He behaves with you always like this. When he comes near you he behaves strangely. And in all that what is your fault? You do not like him, is it not? Piya, you do not like him, right?
Piya: Of course…Kabir. As a fact, I hate that Guy! (Kabir thinks, ‘I hope it is hatred Piya! But from where I was looking it was not hatred. What I saw for Abhay in your eyes… what’s going to happen Piya? Am I going to lose you?’ Piya smiles at Kabir and he starts the car again. Kabir stops the car in front of the hostel. Kabir leans towards Piya to kiss her. Piya remembers Misha asking if she feels that the relationship is moving too fast and needs time, she needs to tell Kabir about it. Kabir almost touches Piya’s hair and she then says, ‘no’. Kabir is disappointed but he hides it by removing a glitter from her hair and telling her that ‘There was something on your hair, I was removing it. What did you think?’
Piya: Actually I saw someone in the jungle.
Kabir: It’s okay Pia. I understand that you need some time. And I really don’t mind. We will give our relationship time to develop. (Pia smiles) The whole life is there, right? Goodnight!
Pia: Right! Goodnight…Bye! (Pia gets out of the car and waves at him by standing in front of the gate. Kabir drives away and Pia thinks, ‘How good Kabir is… But why am I not feeling love for him? What am I doing?’ she turns to go back to the Hostel when she hears a girl speaking and she sees Maya talking to a Man.
Maya: It’s too much! I cannot do this anymore. I cannot face every one alone! You have to support me! If you don’t I will expose you and tell everyone that you are the father of my child. And trust me…This time I am not lying! Piya calls, ‘Abhay!’ and the man go from there. Maya also turns and walks when Piya comes near her.

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