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22nd November 2010 Written Update (Episode 26) Abhay Raichand breaks up with T

Episode 26 starts with madhu Dobrial looking inside Pia’s book and finding a picture of Suganth and a small girl’s picture. Madhu realises that Piya is the small girl in the picture and that she is Sugandh and Arnab's daughter.
Scene moves to Piya on Misha’s Bike. Misha drops Piya at the back gate and tells not to tell mama that she is with her. Piya comes in. She tells that Misha had send her book along with hers and that she has come to get her book back. Arnab tells that he would drop her and goes to the room to take his laptop. Madhu talks to Piya indirectly regarding her past and tells her that she should not allow the shadows of the past to invade her present or future. Piya understands that Madhu has seen the picture and now knows the truth about her. Pia promises that she would never let it happen. Madhu is happy hearing that. She tells Piya to tell Misha to wear the helmet while riding the bike and bids Pia bye.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus where students are setting up stalls for the College Fest. Misha tells Tracker to hurry as Panchi has called everyone for a meeting regarding the stalls. Pia notices Maya standing alone. She goes to Maya and touches on her shoulder. Maya turns around and wipes her tears.
Piya: Maya, you need help!
Maya: What help can you do Pia? The person who should help me is not doing anything at all. But he has to take a firm decision today. He has to choose between one of us today.
Piya: Decision? Choose? What are you saying Maya?
Maya: Piya he has a girlfriend and she is from a very influential family (Pia imagines Abhay with T). It is not going to be easy. (Pia thinks, ‘even if Abhay leaves T, it is not enough. I need to find a proper solution to this’) Today I am going to give him an ultimatum. He has to make a decision today. And if he does not stand by me, then I am going to expose him. I will tell everyone that he is the father of my baby. And this time I am not scared Pia, I am not scared.
Piya: You have taken the right decision Maya. And you do not worry. You are not alone. I am with you, Okay!
Maya: Thank you!

Scene moves to Mount College Canteen. T notices Abhay sitting alone. She goes and sits on his lap and says, ‘Hi Abhay’ Abhay gets up making T fall on the ground.
T: What the… what is this you did?
Abhay: I showed you your place
T: What do you mean?
Abhay: I was just reminding you that we only have a business arrangement between us and nothing more. So keep a distance from me and keep the Public Display of Affection limited to Piya and Kabir.
T: Who the hell do you think you are? Just because our enemy is one…it does not mean you can talk to T like that. And stop treating me like trash.
Abhay: And you stop behaving like trash. This is a business arrangement and do not make it personal.
T: Me? T? Do you know who I am? I am Mount College’s hottest girl. I only have to snap my fingers and guys will queue up to be my slaves.
Abhay: Not me! I don’t have anything to do with you, I am done!(Abhay walks from there).
T: Whatever!

Scene moves to Panchi assigning stalls to students. Tracker tells Misha that Abhay broke up with T. Pia is happy hearing it.
Danish plans to propose Panchi the same evening and distracts her by behaving differently. Later, Maya tells Piya that her love has accepted her and the child. Piya thinks, ‘Finally he chose Maya…’. Danish plans to propose Panchi the same evening and distracts her by behaving differently and irritating her by telling her that she is bossy and dominating. Kabir also is siding Danish in his plans. After seeing Danish and Panchi fighting Pia tells Misha that she has never seen them like that. Misha tells Pia about Danish’s plan. T comes and asks Panchi which is the biggest stall and Danish suddenly comes there and tells that it is stall no 6. Panchi tells that the coolest and money making stall would go there and the money would go to the Rural Development Project. T tells that she is not interested in the project but her stall would earn the maximum. Panchi asks which art she is good and T replies that in the ‘art of kissing’. She is going to sell a kiss for Rs 100. Danish cuts Panchi and tells T that the stall is hers. Later, Maya tells Piya that her love has accepted her and the child.

Piya sees Maya hugging Abhay and telling something to him. Maya sees Piya and runs to her.
Maya: I am so happy. Guess what? He chose me Piya! He chose us (keeping her hand on tummy) I love him so much! Today he accepted me. (Maya notices that Piya is not happy) What happened Piya? Look…I know that you never used to like him but that was when he used to treat me bad…Now please be happy for me. (Maya goes away. Piya notices Abhay. She thinks, ‘ I am feeling scared! God! I feel sick’).

Scene moves to Chand and Haseena in conversation at the Raichand House.
Haseena: Piya is asking a lot of questions. Today she asked Abhay also. She won’t forget this so easily. Moreover, Abhay and she do not have a good relationship. And I don’t trust her! She may tell anything in front of anyone.
Chand: She has already told. I did not tell you. Danish has already asked me this question. So far all he has is suspicion that she saw me in jungle. She is not sure! But the point is today 2 people asked tomorrow 4 people would and after that the entire city. This has to stop!
Haseena: How?
Chand: I will stop her.
Abhay: No! You will not stop her. I will handle her.
Chand: (Laughs) this is not a joke. This is serious. This is the question of our survival. And there is no room for error! You know this very well.
Abhay: I already told you…I will handle her. (Abhay goes off)
Chand: He feels that he would say and I would believe! Abhay will stop Piya?
Haseena: keep trust Chand!
Chand: Are you Naïve Hasina? Don’t you know that he sees Maithili in Piya? Once he is heartbroken. He is thinking that he has a second chance. He thinks he would be able to handle Pia but he does not know that it is not capable of that.
Haseena: So… what to do? (Chand pours his drink on fire)
Chand: She has to be stopped! Whatever Abhay says, he would never harm Piya.
Scene ends.

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