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19th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 25) Madhu finds out that Pia is Arnab and Suganth’s Daughter

Scene starts with Maya on her cot crying. Piya goes near her and sits on the cot.
Maya: How stupid Girls can be Piya. I felt that he would stand by me… Marry me… I am so stupid…so silly! What all I did for him but why did he do this to me? Why did he cheat me Piya? (Maya cries) I am getting very scared Pia. I am so scared! (Pia remembers her mother Suganth telling her, ‘Piya, I am feeling so scared’. She goes and sits on her bed and takes a box from the side table. She opens it and looks at her gold medals and pictures with her Mom Suganth. She then watches a sleeping maya. She thinks, ‘Maya, you are telling the truth! You are not the first girl who was cheated by a man. I have seen the same happening with my Mom too’.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House, Arnab and Madhu’s Bedroom. Madhu is awake while Arnab is sleeping. Madhu looks at the bed side table and sees the time in the timepiece is 1’o’clock. She then notices a man’s shadow moving towards Misha’s room. She wakes up Arnab and tells about it to him. He gives the phone to Madhu and asks her to call the police and goes to Misha’s room and knocks the door.
Arnab: Misha, Open the door!
Misha: Wait Papa, One second! (Arnab opens the door and enters inside with a Hockey stick in hand)
Arnab: Misha, where are you?
Misha: Oh God what? Why are you shouting at this time of the night? And this Hockey stick…what is with this hockey stick Papa? (Arnab looks around and Madhu comes into the room too. Misha goes and sits on her cot)
Arnab: Nobody is inside. (Asks MIsha) Where is he?
Misha: Who?
Arnab: Your Mom saw someone coming to the side of your room. I want to know where he is.
Misha: Man? In my room? What are you taking Papa? This daring…
Arnab: Look Misha, I don’t tell you anything does not mean that you sit on my head.
Madhu: (to Arnab) this is all your fault! You give her more space and she is getting out of hand (Arnab checks under the cot) Arnab, today she bought a man inside her room.
Arnab: Stop! You don’t blame me. I only trusted her!
Misha: Hello! Talk about me to me!
Madhu: (Crying) what did you do Misha? I believed you so much and you…(Misha keeps her hand on her head) and this is what you do! This is what we taught you?
Misha: Mom! Before sleeping did you watch any Karan Johar film? What is with this drama dude?
Madhu: keep Quiet! Where is that Guy? Tell me! (Arnab looks around again).
Misha: Which Guy?
Madhu: I saw a guy coming into your room. (Misha remembers something. Panchi comes into the room)
Misha: There is no Guy here. It was me!
Panchi: What happened Mamma?
Misha: Mama got your illness of over reacting! She saw me coming into the room wearing man clothes and she feels that I am hiding some loser boy in my room. So please tell her that it was me wearing those clothes, please! (Panchi confirms that it was Misha dressed as a man and tells Madhu that she came to the Restaurant opening dressed as man. Arnab comes from inside with man’s clothes in hand).
Arnab: Wow Madhu! See my new Business Suit which from London bought on special order. (Asks Misha) You did not find any other suit to steal? You could have taken some old suit. (Panchi laughs)
Madhu: She went in front of everyone in man’s clothes? Why? (Cries. Arnab tries to console her).
Misha: For that stupid Restaurent Opening. They said it’s only couples entry… So I am Ruhi went as couple.
Madhu: What?
Misha: The Pasta there was yummy mama! (Arnab and Panchi laughs)
Madhu: This is the problem! Whatever she does she does not even get a scolding. What will happen to this house? Children should not be pampered this much. (To Arnab)You are laughing…? You will sleep in the drawing room today.
Misha: Oops (Madhu goes away)
Arnab: The fault is yours and I am the one suffering.

Scene moves to Mount College. Ms Protima is walking down the corridor wearing yellow Saree and yellow flower on hair. Students wish her Good morning)
Protima: Good Morning! Bright and Shining! (She notices T wearing a Hat to hide her hair)
T: All this happened because of Misha! I don’t know how she did it. But Misha will get an answer for this! All this is because of Piya… It’s about time Misha!
Protima: Tanushree Ambolker!
T: Yes, Mam!
Protima: Ask your Parents to come here today!
T: But Why Mam?
Protima: Because their daughter crossed all limits of fashion today! Green hair! Weird Tanushree… Use your brains sometimes in life. Don’t you think so? Today you came in this color and tomorrow juniors would copy you. I cannot tolerate all this!
T: But Mam, It is not my fault!
Protima: Of course not! It is your Parent’s fault. They do not tell you anything. You have already failed once in class. You have come from Panchi’s batch to Kabir’s batch. If it goes like this you will fail this year also.
T: It is not my fault! This was done by Misha. What do you feel Mam? Will I torture my hair this much? That too green hair? This is all because of Misha to show Kabir and Piya as a happening couple. She wanted me to look not so happening in front of them so that they can be the best couple Mam. (Protima imagines Kabir and Piya together and is shattered)
Protima: Piya and Kabir? (Protima asks the girls to go to class)
Scene moves to classroom. Students are disappointed that while everyone is preparing for the Annual Fest they are in the class. Protima Dasgupta comes into the class. She asks everyone to submit their assignments. She tells that she is sure that the star student of the class Piya Jaiswal would have completed the assignment. When Piya says that she did not do it Ms Dasgupta tells her that she needs Piya to submit the assignment before lunch break.
Protima: Kabir!
Kabir: Protima!
Protima: My name is Ms DasGupta! Have you forgotten your manners at home? Assignment by lunch break! Is that clear to you? Good! (Protima tells the students that whoever does not submit the assignment by lunch break would be made failed in finals and go from the class. Tracker is worried because she did not even start her assignment. Misha tells that she did not even bring her book to college. Piya gives her book to Misha and asks her to meet her at the Canteen and goes out of the class).

Piya walks down the corridor and suddenly she sees Abhay walking in front of her
Abhay: You came again? Don’t try coming close to me. It is not going to work!
Piya: Me? Closer to you? Please! (Abhay pulls Piya to the back of a pillar)
Abhay: Don’t be this innocent! Yesterday night you did a lot of drama. Was your boyfriend not enough that you came and fell into my arms?
Piya: You are such a… I got disbalanced. Otherwise I have no interest to get into your arms, Okay? And what is your expression? Don’t give yourself so much importance. (Abhay holds Pia by her shoulders and pins her to the pillar. He looks at her and brings his face closer to hers. Pia closes her eyes).
Abhay: This is what I wanted to prove… that you do not leave any opportunity to come near me. (Abhay leaves Piya and walks off. Piya follows him)
Piya: You know what? I think you have lost your senses. There is some problem with you. No…your entire family is weird. That night I saw your Papa in the jungle roaming at night. I think your whole family has some problem. (Abhay looks at her and catches her on her shoulder pinning her to the pillar again).
Abhay: Stay away from my family! If not…
Piya: If not what will you do? (Abhay goes from there)
Piya is walking down the corridor and Misha sees that she is worried. She asks Piya what the matter is and Piya says that it is Abhay. Misha tells that what is with Abhay and her that she is not able to ignore him. She asks Piya what it was when she was dancing with Kabir.
Piya: How do you know? You were not in the Party? Kabir told you?
Misha: I was there my friend. I and Tracker colored T’s hair green. How could we miss that show so we came there as couple.
Scene moves to Arnab coming there with Misha’s books and Misha hugging him. She takes the required book from there and hands over the other books to him telling that he can take that all home. She by mistake also keeps Piya’s book which has Suganth’s and Pia’s photograph in it.

Scene moves to Piya, Tracker and Misha. Piya tells Misha she is helping her the last time and asks where her book is. Misha tells that she gave it to Arnab along with her books. Pia remembers her keeping a picture of her and her Mom in the book. Piya tells her that she needs the book immediately and Misha tells her that they would go home and pick the book.
At Dobriyal House Madhu is angry with Misha for going to college without books and scolds Arnab for pampering her too much. Arnab talks about Misha’s childhood and how now she is. Madhu tells, ‘Let me see her marks’ she opens a book and see 76 and 80% marks. She turns another page and sees the picture of Suganth and Pia. She wonders what Suganth’s photo is doing in Misha’s book. She closes the book and sees the name written on it as ‘Pia’.

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