Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd November 2010 Written Update (Episode 12) Tanushree spikes Piya’s Drink at the Raichand’s Party

Kabir is angry at Abhay and follows him and threatens him to unmask his family’s truth. Abhay catch holds of Kabir’s neck and pins him to the wall hurting him and leaves. Chand Raichand tells Abhay to control his temper and asks him to keep a low profile among his college friends. Kabir meets Danish outside the Raichand House and shows the marks on his neck to him and Piya. Piya gets worried and goes to find a medicine kit. Danish advices Kabir to show a hurt face in front of Piya and girls normally give attention and care to men in such cases. He adds that he is telling it on the basis of his own experience with Panchi. Misha overhears Danish giving love advice to Kabir and tells about it to Panchi and they decide to play a prank on Kabir. Abhay is irritated when Tanushree again tries to flirt with him. She asks Abhay to dance with her but Abhay refuses. Tanushree and her friends go to the stage and perform a dance for Abhay.

Tanushree who is jealous at Piya and Abhay’s closeness spikes Piya’s drink to teach her a lesson. Kabir unknowingly takes the drink to Piya and she drinks it. Tanushree pulls Piya to the stage and announces that Piya is going to give a solo performance at the Party. Piya feels dizzy and is about to fall when Misha comes there and rescues her. Danish overhears women talking cheaply about his relationship with Panchi. He gets upset and fights with Panchi. Kabir decides to drop Danish before Misha and Piya. While Piya and Misha are waiting out Tracker comes and talks to Misha. While Misha gets distracted Piya wanders off to the forest talking that she is special and all and falls from a height. But Abhay who sensed Piya in danger runs fast like wind and catches her when she fells. Piya is happy to see Abhay.

Precap : Piya in Abhay’s arms tells him that whenever she is in danger Abhay saves her and that he is her Hero.

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