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26th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 30) Abhay and Haseena insults Piya at the Police Station

Episode 30 starts with Piya at the Hospital room. The Doctor tells Pia that Maya is unconscious and asks Pia if she is a relative. Pia tells her that Maya is her roommate and good friend. The Doctor informs her that they could not save Maya’s baby. Maya opens her eyes and the Police arrive there to take her statement. Maya tells the Police that she slipped and banged her head. The Police go from there and Pia asks why she is protecting the Guy who hurt her. Maya cries in front of Pia telling that she lost the baby.
As the Police goes off, T stops them and asks about Maya. When the Police informs that it was an accident case and Maya has given statement that she fell and got hurt, T tells the Police that Pia named Abhay because of her personal rivalry with him. T poisons the Police against Piya and convinces him that Abhay is not guilty of the crime. Misha hears T speaking to the Inspector. Hearing T telling that the Police would take action against Pia for misleading the Police, Misha calls her father Arnab Dobriyal.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Chand tells Hasina that the Principal has called him and informed that Abhay has been arrested.
Scene moves to Panchi talking to someone on phone at the Hospital corridor. Danish comes in running and asks if everything is alright. Panchi tells him that it is not and that the Guy will escape even today as Maya is scared and protecting him still. Panchi tells that Maya has given a false statement. Danish tells her that may be it is the truth. Panchi tells him that it cannot be the truth as she herself has seen the proofs on Maya’s body that she was been abused. Panchi tells him that her NGO would fight for Maya and get justice for her.

Scene moves to Abhay and Pia at the Police Station.
Police: So Mr Abhay Raichand…when the incident happened with Maya, where were you?
Abhay: I don’t know!
Police: So, you don’t know?
Abhay: No, I don’t know. I don’t know when that incident with Maya happened.
Police: And you think it as a joke? This is not a game! (Chand and Hasina comes there along with Danish)
Hasina: You are right Inspector! It’s not a game. Then how could you arrest Abhay without proof? Abhay has not done anything.
Police: The name of the girl who was hurt has been connected with him
Haseena: Really? How?
Police: Pia Jaiswal has given testimony that there was something between Abhay and Maya and that Abhay has treated Maya like that before too.
Hasina: Pia Jaiswal! I don’t believe that you trusted on that stupid girl’s words and arrested Abhay.
Inspector: As per Tanushree Ambolker Pia and Abhay have some problems between them and that’s why Pia is trying to trap Abhay. Mr Raichand, what do you have to say about this?
Abhay: Yes, Inspector! Pia always had some problem or the other with me. Today also she created a Drama at the Boy’s Locker Room knowing that if anyone in the Management sees us together I might be thrown out of the college. But she did not succeed in her plans. And she created this new drama.
Pia: What? Abhay how can you think like that? First time I saw humanity in you when you allowed Kabir to win the match. And I came to tell you thanks and you are talking about it in front of everyone in this manner…why?
Chand: Inspector, Just look at us! Do you think the son from this family could do such a thing because of which we have to come to the Police Station? I think you check that girl’s background…who is she…where is she from…where is she staying…before inquiring with Abhay…Don’t you think?
Haseena: Such girls do everything to gain attention. Who is she? She is a no body! (Arnab walks in followed by Madhu)
Arnab: Wrong! She is somebody
Police: Mr Dobriyal? You know her
Arnab: I know her. She is like my daughter. I would like to clear this matter to everyone here that she is neither alone nor an orphan. She is a part of my family. Mr Varma… I am taking Piya from here. I think she has suffered enough…Madhu…you take Pia from here (Piya goes with Madhu) whatever you want to ask… ask Abhay! (Arnab also turns to go away but Chand stops him)
Chand: Excuse me Mr Dobrial! I don’t think there is any fault of Abhay in this!
Arnab: Nor Piya’s…
Danish: Uncle, There is no fault of anyone. Maya told that she fell and got hurt. So I think we should end the matter here.
Arnab: Might be…still Abhay attacked Pia
Chand: Maybe she attacked him!
Arnab: This is a small city. What you speak about whom you should think before. Danish…let’s go!
Chand: Danish! We have some business to discuss.
Arnab: There is a big difference between keeping someone job and buying someone. Danish, See you at home for Dinner. (Arnab goes off. Arnab comes near Piya and Madhu who are waiting for him.)
Arnab: Pia, you don’t get afraid from such people. I am with you!
Piya: Thank you so much Uncle! But no need to take this much troubles for me!
Arnab: Why not necessary! Our loving daughter is in trouble and we don’t do anything? Nobody dares touch my family! And you are part of my family. Right, Madhu?
Madhu: Of course! Of course Arnab! Let’s leave her for some time…I think she needs some time alone.
Pia: You are right Auntie! I need to spend some time alone and I need to meet Maya. (Piya thanks Arnab and says Bye and goes from there. Arnab praises Pia for being a strong girl and tells Madhu that in such a circumstance her father should have been with her. He adds that he is happy that he could do something for her and wonders what is it that is special about her that he feels close to Pia.

Piya comes back to the Hostel room and sees Misha sitting there. Pia tells her that Maya is better now. Piya talks about what a weird family Abhay has. Seeing Misha immersed in thought Pia asks her what the matter is. Misha tells Piya that her visit to the hospital was scary and she realized how protected a life she leads. Misha asks Piya how she could be so strong and handle the entire situation. Pia tells her that during her last 20 days of life her Mom was very sick and was hospitalized. Misha asks her if she did not get scared being in the Hospital with her Mom and if she did not think of her father them. Piya tells her that she was barely 11 years old then and that her Dad was never hers to think of him. Piya adds that her Dad had left her Mom long back. Seeing Pia getting gloomy Misha lightens the moment by cracking a joke about how T used Maya’s injury to take revenge on Pia. Misha tells that T did everything to make Pia front page news and now it is her turn to become one.

Pia meets Misha and Tracker at the College Canteen. Piya tells them that Maya is well now and her uncle is taking her home for a few days. Everybody is getting ready for the play. Suddenly a guy comes with news paper and Misha goes and takes 2 newspapers from him and asks him to distribute the rest among students. She then goes to T and tells that she has become a star and gives her the newspaper. T sees the picture of herself getting ready to kiss an ugly looking guy with the caption ‘Waiting for her Frog Prince’. T is shocked. Misha then comes to her table where Pia and Tracker are sitting and makes fun of T by reading the paper. A Guy also comes near T and makes fun of her and everyone laughs. Panchi then comes there and tells them to do practice for the play. They are all getting ready for the play and Panchi asks where Abhay is. Panchi then receives a message from Abhay that he cannot do the play. Panchi is shocked and wonders what she would do.

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