Thursday, November 11, 2010

11th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 19) Misha’s Haloween Themed Birthday Party

Piya and Panchi wishes Misha on her birthday. Piya forces Maya to attend Misha’s party and she reluctantly agrees. Mr Raichand warns Abhay not to lose his control when Piya is around. Ruhi, Tanushree and Panchi get ready for the party. Madhu is furious at Misha for throwing a Halloween party and ruining the interiors of the house. The gang is in awe looking at the party decorations. Piya and Kabir fight with each other for stealing the idea of their pirate costume. The Dobriyal treat the Raichand’s well for the sake of Danish who had invited them to the Party. Everyone celebrates Misha’s birthday and Arnab plays old videos of Misha’s birthday parties. Misha is embarrassed. Mrs Raichand reminds Abhay of his plan and asks him not to fail in it. Misha tells Piya there is a surprise. Piya is curious to know about Misha’s surprise. Everyone laughs at Tanushree when they see T wearing traditional attire for a costume party.

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