Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 17) Abhay is mesmerised by Piya while rehearsing for the Play Romeo and Juliet

Misha is stunned to see Ruhi, Tanushree and Prof Protima wearing yellow coloured dresses. Misha wears bandages to avoid assignment in the class. Kabir is embarrassed when the normally strict Prof Protima talks about romance in the class and asks him to sing a song. Misha is worried when Kabir plans to declare his love in front of everyone. Abhay comes to the Drama Club. Panchi asks why he not wearing costume for the rehearsal for which he replies that it is tight. Panchi asks him if he has put on weight and says that she want her actors to go on diet. Abhay tells Panchi that he would not rehearse with Piya. Panchi is irritated but practices the lines with her. Panchi asks Kabir where Piya is. Kabir tells her she might be trying her costume for the Rehersal. Panchi asks a girl to ask Piya to go to the stage for the rehersal. The girl tells her that Abhay refused to reherse with Piya. Panchi says that she is the Director and instructs the girl to do as she says. Abhay tells his lines in the play and then the spot light falls on Piya who is dressed in the Juliet’s costume. Piya says her lines and Abhay is mesmerised at the sight of her. He moves towards Piya and touches her face. The students are surprised to see this. After some time Abhay comes to his senses and leaves the club.

Abhay is furious at himself for showing his emotions in front of Piya. Panchi and Piya are surprised to know that someone likes Misha. Abhay confesses to Haseena Raichand that he cannot tolerate being around humans. She tells him about the Party at the Dobriyal House and tells him to teach Piya a lesson in the Dobriyal’s party. Tanushree gets irritated when Kabir ignores her and makes fun of her when she tries to flirt with him. Misha by mistake hits T but she jokes about it. Tanushree humiliates Misha on her looks and calls her ugly and a sloppy dresser. Tracker comes to Misha’s rescue but T insults her too. Misha is hurt by T’s words.

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