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16th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 22) Abhay announces that he and T are a couple

Episode 22 starts with Kabir announcing in front of everyone that he loves Piya. Abhay pushes Piya into accepting Kabir’s proposal by telling that he is a rich guy and that she should accept him before any one else grabs him. Piya agrees to be Kabir’s girlfriend.

Scene moves to Panchi dropping Piya in the Car in front of her Hostel. She gets out of the car and walks to the Hostel. Kabir gets out of the car and tells her, ‘Piya don’t get angry. Piya I understand that sometimes you see things that are actually not there. But you won’t believe that it happens with me too’. Piya asks, ‘Really?’ Kabir replies, ‘Yeah, from the time I saw you, I only see you around’. Kabir goes off after bidding her bye and telling her that he would see her the next day.

Scene moves to Misha calling Piya and teasing her regarding Kabir and telling her that she would stard getting weird phone calls from him here after. True to Misha’s words Kabir calls Piya to inquire if she reached the hostel room safely. Maya comes into the room. Piya asks her if she is okay for which Maya tells her to be left alone. Piya sees marks on Maya’s hands. Piya tells her, ‘You had a fight with him…? Maya I know who that guy is’ Maya asks her, ‘How do you know’ Piya replies, ‘He told me’. Maya is shocked to hear it.
Maya: He told you? But he told me not to tell anyone. He does not want anyone to know about it.
Piya: Maya, He does not care about you. He does not bother about your reputation.
Maya: But he is concerned about his reputation. That is why he want the truth to be hidden.
Piya: But he told me. Don’t worry Maya, I am with you. I will not permit him to behave with you like that.
Maya: No Piya, This is my life. And I don’t want anyone to interfere. It is my problem and I will deal with it.
Piya: Maya , You need help. You are alone, in problem and scared. And more over, he is hurting you so much. If you don’t want me to, I will not interfere in your life. But you are not alone. If you need help anytime, I am there.Okay? (Maya nods)

Scene moves to next day at Mount College. T’s friends tell her that till T and Abhay does not become a couple, Kabir-Piya would be the hottest couple in college. Misha also comes there and makes fun of T who gets frustrated and goes away from there. Kabir sees Piya coming and walks towards her. Abhay who also was coming from the opposite side of Piya comes in front of her at the same time. Abhay and Kabir exchange looks. Kabir goes to Piya and puts his hand on Pia’s waist, stares at Abhay with a sarcastic smile and walks away from there with Piya. Abhay turns and looks at them and Piya too turns and looks at Abhay. T comes and keep her hand on Abhay’s shoulder but till Pia is out of sight he neither breaks the eye contact with her nor speaks to T. When Pia is out of sight, Abhay turns and angrily talks to T, ‘You don’t feel bad or you do not hear properly? In what language should I make you understand that I am not interested in you? Next time you do any such thing, I will not insult you but do something that you would not dare to come close to me’.
T: Please don’t flatter yourself Abhay! What do you think? I am interested in you? I am behind you? T will never go behind anyone… By the way, you will only play a short part in my revenge Drama. Kabir and Piya – I hate to see them! You know what? I and Kabir used to be the hottest couple in the college before. But now Kabir is roaming around with that tacky charity case. I want to insult them and that is possible only if you and I become a couple.So what do you think? Deal?
Abhay: What do you think? I will take your side in your stupid childish games? Sorry, No deal!
T : Oh Come on! Are you a 200 year old man? I mean you and I both know how you look at Pia. And you want to teach that Kabir a lesson. So why are you fighting this plan? Just go with it.
Abhay: My answer is a big No. If you have any other deal email me.I will put it in spa*. Stay away from me! (Abhay walks away and Misha comes towards T. Misha says in mind, ‘T Darling! It’s time to teach you lesson number 2’.)
Scene moves to Danish and Chand Raichand.
Danish:I don’t believe this Sir! You made profit in every Business. In one shot you bought a lot of Companies and those companies are not even in problem. How did they sell?
Chand: Every man has a value and everything has a price. And it is important to know the price. If you know that half your battle is won! After that it is possible to buy anything. (Danish smiles. Chand signs the file Danish gives him) Danish Singh, Tomorrow we are going to Delhi. I have a business deal that and my competitor would be Arnab Dobriyal, your father in law. So, are you ready young man?
Danish: Yes Sir! Like I told you earlier, my professional life and personal life are two different things. Mr Dobriyal also wants that.
Chand: Good!(Danish notices the reddish color on Mr Raichand’s hand while he is signing the papers.
Danish: Your hand… (Chand takes a tissue and wipes the mark) Sir, yesterday night did you go to the jungle side?
Chand: No,why?
Danish: No, Our car broke up near the jungle yesterday and Piya felt as if she saw you
Chand: No, not at all! She might have seen someone else. (Chand hands over the file back to Danish. Danish says thanks and leave from there. Chand lifts the cuffs of his shirt to reveal marks on his skin and he touches them to make it vanish.

Scene moves to Piya noticing Abhay following Maya to the locker room. Piya follows them and eavesdrops.
Maya: Pia is asking me lots of questions. I just don’t know what to tell
Abhay: Her job is to interfere with other people’s life. You are not answerable to her. You don’t have to tell her anything. She is a horrible girl. (Abhay walks towards where Pia is hiding) Neither does she have any class nor does she have any taste or brains. I hate her! (He pulls Piya by hand from behind the cupboard and tells her, ‘See! This is why I hate you. Why were you listening to us? What the hell do you want?’
Piya: I wish you treat her fairly. You have behaved very badly with her. You have hurt her. And Maya, What happened to you? Till when will you tell lies? You told me that you do not know any Abhay Raichand. And now what were you talking? And yes, I was listening to you! (Look at Maya) only to help you. So that I can expose him! Maya, I thought you would come to your senses and tell me everything…But you did not tell me. I know this is the Guy who made you pregnant and left you. Don’t come into his trap. Don’t listen to him. He is just a sick Guy!
Abhay: I am sick… and bad… what does it have to do with you? Why are you chasing me everywhere?
Piya: Mr Abhay Raichand, I do not need to chase you. I have a boyfriend. But I feel that it is not me who is doing the chasing but you. You spoiled one girl’s life and you are trying on other girls? But I am sorry! I know you very well. And I am not impressed with you!
Abhay: oh really?
Pia: Yes, and please excuse me now! My Boyfriend is waiting for me and luckily he is not a jerk like you! (She goes to Maya and places her hand on shoulder) Maya, I beg of you. Expose him… please don’t allow him to exploit you. Maya, I understand your pain. Don’t allow what happened to you to happen with other girls. Don’t let him exploit the other girls. I know he will do the same thing with other girls too. Because that’s the kind of Guy he is! (Piya walks away and Abhay says ,’Thank you’ loudly.

Scene moves to Misha who is sitting in the college canteen. She thinks, ‘Today Godzila Raichand is in really bad mood. Misha sees that T has forgotten her phone and Misha takes it. She remembers that Abhay rejected T’s deal and that he had asked T to stay away from him. Misha sends a message to Abhay from T's phone thinking he will insult T. Misha is surprised when Abhay declares that T and he are a couple in front of everyone. Piya also sees Abhay making the announcement. Abhay hugs a clinging T in front of all. The scene ends.

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