Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 18) Abhay stops himself from killing Piya

Misha decides to teach Tanushree a lesson for humiliating her and lies to her that the party theme for Misha’s Birthday Party at the Dobriyal’s is traditional attire. Panchi and Madhu decorate the house for Misha’s birthday party and they decide the theme to be Halloween. She is irritated when Danish tells her that the Raichands are invited to the party. Panchi is happy to know that Danish has bought a new house. Piya is stunned to see Maya and Abhay alone in the locker room. Misha tells that Panchi would give a lift for them to the house when Panchi sees Abhay. She stops Abhay and asks him to sort out his differences with Piya as she does not want her Play to be affected. At the jungle Abhay tells Piya that they have decided to be strangers and there is nothing he wants to talk to her. Piya tells him that she wants to talk to him and that strangers does not act the way they do. She asks him why she is affected by him and tells him that he is scared by her. Abhay tells her that he is not scared of her and pushes her. Piya falls down and her hand starts bleeding. Piya notices the change in Abhay and asks him what happened. Abhay tries to control his instincts when he sees Piya’s hand bleeding and asks her to go. Piya runs off.

Misha creates a fuss as Panchi forces her to wear a face pack. Misha reveals the truth about Kabir’s love letter to her. The girls are surprised to know that Kabir has written the same love letter for both Misha and Ruhi. Arnab meets Piya in his library. She is happy to hear the ancient history of Dehradhun from Arnab. Piya talks about her past with Arnab but does not reveal that he is her father.

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