Friday, November 12, 2010

12th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 20) Abhay tells Piya that he is responsible for Maya’s Pregnancy

Everybody laughs at Tanushree seeing her dressed in traditional attire at Misha's birthday party. T is embarrassed. Confusion is created because of Kabir's letter. Misha, Ruhi and T end up in a fight due to that. Kabir reveals that the letter was meant for Piya and Misha is re leaved. Kabir looks at Pia and she walks away from there. Piya overhears Maya arguing with Abhay and finds out that Abhay has been ignoring Maya. She hears Maya pleading with Abhay. Piya asks Maya if she knows Abhay Raichand. Maya tells her that she does not know him. Piya tells her that she knows who the father is and goes from there. Mr Arnab Dobriyal tells Chand Raichand that he wanted his to be son in law Danish to work with him but now he is happy that he is working in a better company. Maya faints and Panchi offers her low BP tablets. But Maya tells her that she cannot take it as she is pregnant. Panchi, Misha and Piya are shocked to hear it. Panchi offers her the help of her NGO and asks her who the father is. Maya tells that she needs some fresh air and goes out. Piya and Abhay is about to go too when Haseena stops them. Haseena compliments Piya on her dress and looks. Abhay tells Haseena that he needs some fresh air and goes out. Piya also takes her leave from Haseena and follow Abhay.

Piya confronts Abhay and yells at him for not taking up Maya's responsibility. He confesses that he is the father of Maya's child but is unaffected by Piya's accusations. Piya asks him how he did that. Abhay asks her if she wants a demonstration. Pia says that he is disgusting and must have given Maya false promises to her and then left her. She tells him that she would expose Abhay in front of all. Abhay tells her to go and tell everyone that an unmarried college going girl is pregnant and tarnish your friend’s image. Piya says that at first she used to hate him but know she feels disgusted of him and says that he is a disgusting animal and Abhay tells her that he would take it as a compliment.

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