Saturday, November 27, 2010

27th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 31) Maya gets a threatening Phone Call

Episode 31 starts with Misha called out to Panchi and asking if they should use red or yellow flowers. Panchi is worried and does not answer. Misha goes to her and tells Panchi not to show attitude and give an answer. Panchi gives the mobile in Misha’s hand saying ‘don’t have a Romeo’ and goes from there. Misha and Panchi are angry. Panchi tells that she would go and talk to the Principal.
Scene moves to Maya at the Hospital. The nurse tells Maya to take rest and goes from there. Maya suddenly gets a call and she picks it up. Maya asks, ‘You are calling me now? You left me to die and remembered me now? Our baby is dead…damn it! Our baby is dead...what? Whatever happened happened for good? How can you say like that? Oh right! What happened happened for good…this was good for you, right? Everything ended on its own and you do not need to do anything now, right? Because whatever you wanted to do…you did it! You used me and then threw me out of your life! Just to save your reputation. But I want to ask you one thing now…where was your reputation when you were pursuing me? Where was your reputation when you did those terrific things on me? And Pia was so right…I should not have saved you…I should have exposed you long time back! It is never too late…I am not going to save you…I am going to expose you… Are you threatening me? Yeah? Come here once and see…the cops will be here before you…shut up!’ She throws the phone to the bed and cries. She says, ‘He knows that I cannot expose him. I will always save him. Oh God! Why didn’t I also die? Why didn’t I also die…’ She covers her face with her hand and cries.

Scene moves to Panchi who is walking to and fro worried because of Abhay backing out the Play at the last minute. Danish tries to calms her down. She calls Abhay again and he picks the phone and tells her that he cannot make it for the play. Danish clears the misunderstandings with Panchi and tells her that he called her control freak and behaved the way he did only to surprise her later. Danish suggests that they ask Kabir to play the part of Romeo as he was there during the rehearsal and knows the lines too. Panchi is relieved and asks Misha to call Kabir and get back to the preparations for the play. Kabir informs Danish that he is stuck up because of the land slide and that he is trying to come as fast as possible with the props. He tells that he forgot some lines of Romeo but if someone prompts it can be managed.

Scene moves to Pia and Misha talking. Pia feels bad about the situation and tells Misha that she feels that Abhay is taking his revenge on her by opting out last minute and putting them into problem. Misha tells her not to worry as Kabir is coming. Piya tells her that but Abhay was a good actor. Misha tells her that any idiot could play the role of Romeo and says a dialogue. Panchi who overhears it gets impressed by her act.

Abhay reaches Mount Hospital. When he gets out of his car his mobile phone rings and he sees that the call is from Pia. He cuts the phone and walks into the Hospital. Pia is frustrated seeing Abhay cut the call.

People are talking about Mr Raichand. Rumors about Mr. Raichand roaming about in the jungle spread like wild fire. Chand wonders how the matter spread when Abhay had told him that he would handle Piya (Flash back shows Kabir talking to Angad about it and T overhearing and the news spreading from one person to other) Chand says, ‘Abhay, by not handling this girl you made this problem big. I have to step in now. Pia Jaiswal has to be stopped!’

Panchi convinces Misha to be a back-up as a Romeo if Kabir doesn't turn up as she remembers all the lines of the play. Misha puts some terms in front of Panchi to play the role and Panchi agrees. Panchi gets frustrated and says that she hates Abhay Raichand and because of him her sister is blackmailing her. T is happy that Misha would play the role of a boy and gets insulted in front of the whole city.
Abhay at the Hospital Reception asks the nurse which is Maya Singh’s room. She gives him the details.

Scene moves to Mount College where T changes Misha’s dialogue sheet while Panchi and Misha goes from there. Misha looks at her script and gets frustrated and tells that, ‘Abhay, Dobriyal sisters would kill you!’

Scene moves to Abhay who is cleaning the blood in a knife at the washroom. He looks at the mirror and wipes the blood on his cheek with his hand.

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