Monday, November 8, 2010

8th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 16) Confusion reigns in Mount College over Kabir’s Love Letter to Piya

Misha is shocked to see Kabir’s letter and thinks what you have done Kabir… You have spoiled it all … I thought you liked Piya. T comes to the Girls Locker room and Misha hides Kabir’s love letter in Tanushree’s locker and T thinks that the letter is for her and feels happy. She drops the letter and the letter also passes on to Ruhi and Prof Protima and both of them thinks that Kabir wrote it for them. Confusion is created in the college. Kabir gets surprised to see Misha avoiding him at the college. Piya sees bruises on Maya’s body and questions her about it.

The next day Danish asks Kabir for his car for his first day at work. He teases Kabir for writing a song for Piya. The scene shifts to Raichand House where Haseena asks Abhay if he sorted out the problems with Piya. Abhay tells Mrs Haseena Raichand that he has solved all problems between him and Piya and that they were giving undue importance to her. Haseena tells that she looks exactly like Maithali. Anhay gets angry and tells Haseena that Piya is not Maithili and can never be like her and storms out of the House. Abhay’s and Danish’s car is about to clash when Danish stops the car and comes out from it to see Abhay has already left. Haseena sees this from window and thinks abhay needs to be careful.

As per Kabir’s request in the love letter, Ruhi wears yellow colored anarkali suit to college as an acceptation for Kabir’s love and flirts with him. Kabir is shocked to see Ruhi in her new avatar and avoids her. At Mount College Misha is trying to hide from Kabir. When Pia comes and scares her, the drink spills on Misha. Misha’s top gets spoiled but she refuses to wear the yellow colored shirt Piya offers her to wear thinking of Kabir’s request. Misha tells Piya that she can’t wear it today. Kabir is again surprised when he sees Tanushree and Prof Protima wearing yellow colored dresses. Both of them flirt with Kabir. He is stunned to realize that Prof Protima has read his first draft of the love letter which he had kept along with his assignment. Kabir then notices Misha and Piya walking and notices that Piya is wearing a yellow skirt. He is happy and calls up Danish to tell him that Piya has worn yellow and has accepted his proposal. Abhay overhears the conversation and becomes furious and bends the rod with which he was repairing his car.

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