Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23rd November 2010 Written Update (Episode 27) Abhay decides to participate in the Boxing Match

Episode 27 starts with Abhay noticing Piya at her Beads Stall at the College Fest. Abhay remembers his conversation with his father that Piya has to be stopped as it is the question of their survival and him assuring his father that he would handle Pia. He moves towards Piya but suddenly Maya comes to Pia and Abhay goes from there. Maya tells Pia that she is late because she missed her bus. Maya thank Pia and hugs her for supporting her through her problems and being an amazing friend to her despite of her rudeness towards Piya. Maya gifts Piya her birthstone topaz and asks her to make something really nice for herself. She then takes out a sapphire stone which is the birthstone of her lover and asks Pia to make a bracelet for him. Maya tells Piya that her boyfriend would leave his girlfriend and accept her in front of everyone. Piya asks her what type of bracelet to make and Maya tells her to make a black bead bracelet with sapphire at the center as black is his favorite color. Maya gets a call and Maya goes off. Piya proceeds to making the Bracelet. Piya thinks, ‘What happened Pia? Why are you feeling bad? You wanted Abhay to take the responsibility of Maya. Now when they are together why are you feeling bad? Abhay…why are you in my life? My heart is telling something and by brain says something else. I know that you are bad…but why does my heart keep beating when I see you? Why do I wish to be yours? Why my heart used to pain when you were with T? Why do I forget everyone when I am near you? (She remembers her dance with Kabir and Abhay dancing with T on the same dance floor) Piya…you are silly! Why don’t you forget him? He does not think about you. He hates you Pia. He has chosen Maya and you should feel happy for her. Focus Pia…focus on your life. Focus on Kabir…you won’t get a better Guy than him. He is very sweet, loving and caring… and he loves you! Forget Abhay and focus on Kabir’
Pia is standing in front of the stall immersed in her thoughts and Kabir comes in front of her. Kabir waves his hand in front of her to bring her back from her thoughts and tells in mind, ‘Please tell me that you were thinking about me’
Pia: You know what? I was thinking about you.
Kabir: I knew it! Finally you thought about me at least! (Kabir sees the bracelet Piya made for Maya’s boyfriend and asks if he can buy it as it is made by Piya. She tells him that it made for someone else on Order. Piya tells Kabir that dark colors do not suit him… and that warm and happy colors suit him. (Piya thinks, ‘Come on Piya, You yourself said it…Kabir is a warm and happy Guy…wherever he goes he makes others happy. He is not like Abhay. Come on…give him a chance’ Kabir notices that Pia is thinking again and tells her, ‘hey! You are thinking of me even now? I am right in front of you’ some guys come and tell Kabir that he is needed somewhere else. Kabir remarks, ‘see everyone wants me’ and go from there.

Piya goes to the wash room and stands in front of the mirror and thinks, ‘Why Kabir, why can’t I fell in love with you?’ She then imagines Abhay behind her. She closes her ears and shouts, ‘Abhay Raichand! Get out of my life!’ She then sees Panchi crying and cursing herself. Piya seeing the plight of Panchi tells her about Danish’s surprise. Panchi tells that she would teach Danish a lesson. She gets further angered when she comes to know that even Misha knew about Danish’s plan of proposal and vows to teach Misha a lesson.

Piya is standing on a chair and arranging her bead necklaces in her stall when Abhay comes there. Piya sees Abhay coming towards her. Pia thinks, ‘Oh God! He is coming towards me’ Pia gets distracted and loses her balance falling in front of Abhay who walks away from there with a smile. Misha and tracker comes running and helps her up. Pia assures them that she is fine and the girls go away. Pia thinks that how could she think that Abhay would save her always. She thinks of all the times Abhay saved her. She thinks when he has always saved her why did he not save her from falling. She closes her eyes and says, ‘I hate you Abhay Raichand!’ She opens her eyes hearing Abhay’s voice ‘Same to you, Piya Jaiswal’ and sees him standing in front of her.
Piya: Then why don’t you go away from here? You could have helped me but you let me fall.
Abhay: Now I will help you
Pia: Really? I think you are late!
Abhay: No…Not at all! I will help you and give you an advice also. Keep away from me and my family. Stop spreading rumors about me and my Dad, understand?
Pia: What did I say about your Dad?
Abhay: Did you really see my Dad? (Pia tries to remember) Not really…right? People like you only spread rumors without knowing anything.
Pia: Excuse me! I know what I saw and you cannot stop me from saying anything.
Abhay: Try and see! What I can do you would know on your own. And don’t test my limits of tolerating you. (Abhay places both hands on her arms and presses harshly. Kabir notices it from a distance.)
Pia: You are hurting me!
Abhay: I have not done anything till now (He then leaves her and goes off from there while Pia rubs her arms. Kabir comes to Piya)
Kabir: What happened Piya? What was he saying?
Pia: Nothing!
Kabir: See Pia, I am always with you…whatever it is…
Piya thank her and asks him to be at her stall for some time.

Scene moves to Raichand House where Hasina receives a call from Abhay. Abhay tells her that he is participating in Boxing Match. Hasina is shocked and scolds Abhay as he can be dangerous to a human being. Abhay tells her that he would keep his control. Hasina thinks, ‘No Abhay …you do not know to control’.

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