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29th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 32) Romeo and Juliet wins First Prize

Episode 32 starts with Abhay walking through the Hospital corridor. He stops for a second in front of the Blood Bank in the Hospital. Then he closes his eyes for a moment and then walks forward.

Scene moves to Mount College. Misha is ready is Romeo costume and asks Pia how her hero looks. Pia tells her that she is looking good and should have born as a boy. Pia tries to call Maya but could not get through her. Misha tells her that maybe Maya’s uncle would have taken to his home and Maya could be on the way where network is not available.

Scene moves to Kabir who is still stuck up at the landslide spot. He informs Panchi that he is trying to reach soon.
Scene moves to the Hall where people are sitting. Arnab and Madhu are among the viewers. Madhu tells Arnab that she is so proud to see Panchi’s name as Director of the Play. She complaints that and Misha always creating problems. Arnab tells that both the girls personalities are different and not to compare. Madhu tells that she is not comparing Misha with Panchi but comparing with any ordinary girl. Ruhi’s mother is happy that she is playing the role of Mother Nature. At the back room Angad tells Misha and Pia that they need team spirit as they do not have a villain like Ravan in their play and the biggest disadvantage is that the hero is a gender confuse. Misha also makes fun of Angad. Panchi comes there and asks Misha to handle her role well and not to make up any dialogues.

The Play begins and Piya is standing on top her balcony. She says her lines, ‘Romeo, where are you?’ Panchi pushes Misha to the stage who goes to her knees and says, ‘I have come Darling, the bus was a little late…’ Panchi and Danish look at each other. Arnab and Madhu are surprised to see Misha as Romeo. Piya repeats the dialogue, ‘Romeo, Romeo where are you’ Misha tells, ‘I already told you I have come, Bus was late?’ The crowd laughs.
Piya: Romeo without you every moment was like a jail
Misha: Sorry friend…I was without memory too and donkey ate my brains and I was out… With two legs I came out here. (Panchi is pulling her hair and T thinks, ‘You are telling the lines written by me’. Misha sees T and understands that the problem was created by her. Seeing Misha walking out of the stage Pia asks Misha, ‘Romeo…where are you going?’ Misha replies, ‘I will be back baby!’ Ruhi and her friend who are acting as trees laugh.
Piya: Romeo, Romeo without you what will I do? (The audience laughs) Romeo, the trees are shaking and the climate is getting bad… (Panchi asks Misha what is happening and Misha tells her that T has changed her cue cards. Misha walks into the stage and goes to the other end. Pia, ‘Where are you going?’ Misha answers, ‘I would be right back baby’ The audience is in splits. Misha drags T to the stage and pointing to her tells that ‘I have bought a servant for you. How much dirty she looks she does that much better cleaning’
Misha: Don’t keep your flower like feet on this dirty floor. Let her clean this for you. (She gives the broom to T for cleaning) Clean! (T starts cleaning. Panchi enters the stage to stop the nonsense and pats on Misha’s shoulder. Pia is further confused seeing Panchi) who are you nobody?
Panchi: (slaps Misha) you forgot your Mother in this Juliet’s love? (The audience burst into laughter)
Misha: Ma??? Mother… (falls on her feet)
Panchi: (catches T on her ears) Where are the papers?
Misha: What papers mother?
Panchi: The letters you wrote to Juliet out of love… (T signals at her friend who show sthe papers) This big cheating? My son’s letters are on that table… (signals Danish who seizes the papers and runs towards the stage. He hits the stage by mistake and Ruhi falls on the ground)
Piya: Oh my God Romeo… this cyclone…in our love even trees are falling. (Ruhi gets up and says ‘Hi’ to her Mom-Dad. She then goes back to her act as Tree. Danish gives the script to Angad who is dressed as Ram and asks him to go and give it to Panchi. When he refuses Danish pushes him to the stage with the script. Audience burst into laughter seeing Ram’s entry in Romeo and Juliet. In the meantime Kabir reaches the back stage. Angad show a bless sign with his hands and Misha dressed up as Romeo falls on his feet saying, ‘Hey Ram!’
Angad: I have come to give you your story of love (gives the script to Misha and panchi grabs it)
Misha: Thank you Ram! (Angad makes and exit. T seizes the papers from Panchi and runs from there too. T and her friend gets into the washroom and hide. Danish sees Kabir and before he could stop Kabir gets to the stage. Kabir goes on his knees and says, ‘Dear I have come!’ He then sees Misha and asks her, ‘Who are you?’
Misha: I am Romeo,who are you?
Kabir: I am Romeo… (Panchi goes to Kabir and says, ‘Son’. Panchi scolds Kabir for being late and then asks Misha to leave but she refuses. Kabir and Misha fights for Juliet)
Misha: I will not leave my Juliet and go… you have to accept her as Bride…
Piya: You are rejecting me…I am rejecting them both…
Panchi; Stop it! I will kill you first!
Pia: Don’t kill my lover! (Misha throws flying kisses at Pia. Panchi says, ‘Oh shut up and that’s not your line, okay’ Misha and Panchi fights) Shut up! Stop all these! I don’t want to get married to any Romeo… Please get me down from here…
Misha: No…Juli don’t say like that. I love you…I love you…I love you Julie (shakes the balcony prop and continues doing so) I will die without you Julie…I will never leave you and go… (There is a thud sound and every one on stage closes their eyes. They open to see Misha and Piya getting up from the ground. Panchi closes her eyes with both hands and cries) At least now say yes… (Pia goes from the stage) She left me…
Panchi: Cut it! (The curtain closes and the audience claps. Misha peeps through the curtain and sees that the audience is giving them a standing ovation. Misha goes to a Panchi who is sitting and crying and tells her that the crowd liked their play and gave a standing ovation. Panchi and others are surprised.

The curtain rises again and Ms Protima comes to the stage.
Protima: Excellent Performance! So natural! Big hand to the director Panchi Dobriyal! Welcome to our cast! (Everyone comes to stage following Panchi) Who wrote the show?
Panchi: It was a team effort…creativity does not come from just one person!
Protima: And now…the results! Second place goes to the Ramayana (Angad comes and takes the Trophy) and the first place goes to the Committee of Romeo and Juliet! (Panchi receives the Trophy and everyone jumps in happiness.

Pia sees 14 miss calls in her cell phone and calls back. The call was from Hospital and she tells that she would reach fast. Piya reaches Hospital.
Pia: Doctor, Maya…
Doctor: She is alright now. But if we would have been little late even for a second then…
Pia: But she was supposed to go to her uncle’s place…and this all suddenly?
Doctor: She tried to commit suicide…She cut her wrist! Once she regains consciousness you have to talk to her. She needs a friend. (The Doctor goes from there)
Pia walks to Maya’s room. She hears Maya talking with someone.
Maya: What Proof have you come to take away from me? I wish I had proof how bad a person you are…what have you done with me? I thought that this was enough for you that I love you so much… (Pia thinks, ‘I will accumulate proof. Talk Abhay! Today I will go with proof!’ Pia records a video as Maya continues talking. But the face of the man is not visible. She could only see the long Coat with a design and a ring on the finger. Suddenly the nurse comes near Pia and gives her a chit and tells her to get medicines. Piya looks at the room again to find that the Guy has gone. She thinks, ‘Your face is not in this video…but I have captured your clothes and ring. The day I see you with his clothes and ring your truth will come in front of me Abhay Raichand!’ She looks at Maya sleeping and says, ‘Maya, you are not alone! I would get you justice! From today I will keep a watchful eye on Abhay. One wrong move and… Abhay Raichaind you will get caught fast!’

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