Wednesday, November 24, 2010

24th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 28) Abhay lets Kabir win in the Boxing match because of Piya

Episode starts with Kabir sitting at Pia’s beads stall. Angad comes near him and provokes Kabir to fight against his enemy number one Abhay Raichand in the boxing match. Kabir is happy to know that no one else has come to fight against Abhay. Angad tells him to go easy on Abhay as he is a fresher and Kabir is a 2 years State Level Boxing Champion. Kabir tells him that everything is fair in love and war. Kabir asks Angad to take care of the stall and goes from there.

Students are talking about Abhay and Kabir Boxing match. Piya hears about it too. T tells her friends, ‘See Abhay, Kabir told this and that to me and Abhay challenged him for a match. Boys! Don’t know when they will stop fighting for T’ Piya comes near Kabir and asks him what he is doing. Kabir replies, ‘Charity babes…College spirit!’ The fight between Kabir and Abhay begins. . Abhay punches Kabir several times and Kabir falls on the ground bleeding. Kabir tries to defend and punch but could not keep up with Abhay and loses in the first round to Abhay. In the next round Kabir is again punched by Abhay several times and Kabir is on the verge of losing. But suddenly Abhay stops beating Kabir when Piya gestures him not to. Kabir takes the opportunity and punches Abhay and he falls on the ground. Misha is surprised to hear Piya saying Abhay’s name on seeing him falling instead of rejoicing for Kabir who wins the match. Piya goes from there.
Kabir asks about Pia to Misha. Misha tells him that she does not know. Kabir tells her that since she is sentimental she could not bear seeing her boyfriend being beaten up and might have gone from there. Piya is walking in the campus looking around and remembering Kabir hitting Abhay.

Abhay is taking a shower. He remembers Piya gesturing him not to punch Kabir and being hit by Kabir. He thinks, ‘I lost today because of my emotions. She is not Maithili. Still she played with my emotions. Why does it matter to me when she comes near me? ‘ (He remembers Piya falling into his arms while dancing with Kabir and his imagining her as Maithili for some time. Pia calls for Abhay, ‘Abhay where are you? Abhay!’ She walks into the Boys locker room. She asks a Guy if he has seen Abhay. The Guy tells him that Abhay is taking a Shower. Abhay comes out wearing a towel on his waist and a towel around his neck. He sees Pia sitting on a bench.)
Piya: Abhay! Abhay… (She goes near him) Are you hurt? (He goes closer to her and she asks him again if he is hurt)
Abhay: What difference does it make to you? You need to celebrate… is it not? You also wanted your boyfriend to win the match…is it not?
Piya: No!
Abhay: No?
Piya: I mean …when I saw you punching him I did not want anyone to get hurt…
Abhay: Mission accomplished! He is okay! No hurt…no lose…
Piya: But you might have got hurt…Kabir punched you…I was worried… (Abhay smiles)
Abhay: You feel that your sissy Boyfriend hit me? I allowed him to win! Otherwise he would have been in hospital this time.
Piya: Really? Why did you allow him to win? You could have let him go to hospital. Why did you let him win Abhay? Tell me…
Abhay: Get out! This is boy’s locker room. Go from here…
Piya: No! We will talk…now and here
Abhay: What I wanted to tell…I have told you outside. Go away from here. Leave me alone!
Pia: I will! But first tell me why you lost a winning match? You wanted to hit Kabir…then why did you let him win Abhay? (Abhay just stares at her)I am asking you something.
Abhay: And I don’t think I need to answer…especially you. I don’t have anything to do with you. (Abhay tells in mind, ‘Hate me Piya…hate me…despise me…but don’t look at me the way you are looking at me now’
Piya: Don’t make any difference to you? But because of me you lost the match?
Abhay: You think that I did this for you?
Piya: I know it (Abhay holds her arm with his hand forcefully and tells her, ‘get one thing clear…I will never do anything for you…understand?’ He holds on her other arm too and shakes her, ‘Look at me…do you understand?’ The power goes off and Piya looks at Abhay and his expression changes for a minute. Then they hear Misha calling out for Piya. Abhay tightens his grip on Piya’s arms and tells her, ‘You belong to those losers…so get back to reality and get lost!’ The power comes and Pia looks around. Abhay is nowhere to be seen.

Misha comes inside and tells her that she does not want to see Pia or Kabir hurt and asks her why she is running behind Abhay. Piya tells her that she is not running behind Abhay.
Misha : That’s why after the match instead of giving your Boyfriend victory hug you came here to talk to that loser. Come on Piya! Wake up and tell me what is happening!
Piya: I don’t know Misha! Oh God…I wish I knew!
Misha: Babes…You really need to clear your head. You know that Guy is trouble. He is no good for you!
Pia: I know Misha…I know very well…but!
Misha: But? What do you not understand? He always keeps insulting you…He tells you to keep away from him…At least now understand babes
Piya: I don’t know Misha
Misha: Pia…I don’t give anyone lecture… I am allergic to it…But you deserve better than that loser…Life has given a sweet and cool Guy like Kabir gift wrapped to you…So please…keep him safely or let him go! What are you thinking this much? Snap out of it… (Snaps her fingers)Go and talk to him … he is looking for you! Anyway, I have a lot of work to do…
Piya: Work?
Misha: Yeah…my stall… Now come on go okay? (Misha goes off. Pia remembers her confrontation with Abhay at the locker room and his harsh words)

Scene moves to Misha at the Campus. She sees a big line of people standing and is happy thinking how popular she is to get such a crowd in her stall. But she soon finds that the crowd is for T’s Kissing stall waiting for her to kiss them. Ms Dasgupta comes there then and scolds Tanushree. Principal comes there and asks Ms Dasgupta what the problem is. Ms Dasgupta complaints to the Principal about T. But the Principal tells her that it is a student thing and they should not interfere. T tells the Principal that her stall has earned Rs 5200 where as Misha’s stall has not even earned a Rupee and occupies so much space. Ms Dasgupta and Principal go from there. Misha is angry and tells, ‘T Darling!you earn more money…lots of money…but Babe..You will have to work for it!’ Misha whispers something into Trackers ears and Ruhi goes from there laughing.

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