Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 33) Danish Singh Rathore proposes to Panchi Dobriyal

Episode 33 starts with Piya trying to enter Maya’s room but the nurse stops her telling that Maya needs rest. Piya gets out of the Hospital and sees Abhay putting his jacket to his car back seat. She thinks, ‘I need to see the jacket and ring closely’. She goes and stands in front of Abhay.
Abhay: Yes?
Pia: Yes? This casually you are saying yes? Because eof you how many problems we had in the play, do you know? And you did not have any thought of your Play?
Abhay: I had work which was important more than the Play!
Pia: I am seeing your important work. (Pia looks at his hand, but sees that he has kept it in his pocket)
Abhay: Great! (He gets into the Car)
Pia: Abhay, I know everything!
Abhay: Good! Good for you…congratulations! (He drives away leaving Pia in the snow. Pia says, ‘How long will you hide, Abhay Raichand? The day I will see you in the coat and ring I will expose you in front of everyone!’
Panchi is looking at the snow fall outside the window when Danish comes in. She tells him that she is happy with their normal relationship and does not need any excitement. She also tells that the entire Maya episode is worrying her and wants to do something about that. She asks Danish where he went and he tells her that he had gone to office as he is only a small servant. He asks her will she be able to adjust with his life and she replies that she loves him. Danish then tells her that then let them make their relationship official… and proposes to her. Panchi accepts. Arnab and Madhu come to the room and congratulate them. They decide to throw an engagement Party to celebrate.

Scene moves to Piya who comes to her room and sits on her bed. She looks at Maya’s picture and tells, ‘Maya, when this will become alright?’ She closes her eyes and falls asleep. She is awakened by someone’s voice calling her ‘Pia’. She opens her eyes and asks, ‘Who is it?’ Again someone calls, ‘Pia…’ Piya goes to the window and opens it. She sees Abhay standing down with snow falling on him.
Abhay: Pia come near me…Come to me Piya… (She runs from the room and comes in front of him in a second. He touches her cheeks and then pulls her close hugging her) Enough Piya… I can’t hate you anymore…I can’t stay without you…I have lived without you for long…but now…Now I do not fear myself and from telling you I love you Piya…I love you! Tell me Pia that you love me too! Please tell me Pia…If you reject me I will not live (Pia closes his mouth with her hand)
Pia: I love you Abhay! (They look at each other. Seeing that Piya is feeling cold Abhay removes his Jacket and gives to Piya. Piya looks at the jacket and realizes that it is the same jacket she has recorded at the hospital)
Pia opens her eyes to find that she was dreaming. She says, ‘Abhay Raichand, just get out of my head!’ She then receives a call from Misha who informs her that Danish proposed to Panchi and that they are having a party at home the next day. She thinks of her dream again and tells, ‘What happened Pia…Come to your senses!’
Scene moves to Mount College campus. Misha and Tracker see T and her friends at the Canteen and inform them of Panchi and Danish engagement Party. Misha makes fun of T on the basis of T’s performance as sweeper in the Play.

Scene moves to Piya at a Clothes Store. She is searching in the jacket rack. Then a store assistant comes near and asks her if he can help her.
Piya: Yeah! Actually I was looking for a jacket…but it is not there. I had seen it with my friend. It is a woolen jacket with a wings design…like this (she shows the video)
Shop Guy: Oh Yes! But this jacket is made on Order
Piya: Actually I would like to Order this one. But I want to see the jacket before ordering it. Can you tell me before this who ordered?
Shop Guy: Yes, Please come! We made 3 such jackets, 2 for tourists and one for a local of Dehradun whose name is Chand Raichand.
Piya thinks, ‘I got the proof Abhay that your Dad got the jacket made for you. Now let me catch you once wearing the jacket and that is it!’

Scene moves to Danish and Chand at Office. Chand congratulates Danish showing the Party invite card and tells that Panchi and he would look good together. Chand initially refuses to attend the Party but when Danish forces agree to go.

Scene moves to Piya coming out of a Building. She thinks, ‘Abhay, At the Party my eyes would be on you!’ As she walks out suddenly a car comes and stops in front of her. Danish and Kabir comes out of the Car and tells that they need her help. They go to a Jewelry Shop to choose ring for Panchi and likes the same ring. Danish goes to the counter to pay while Piya and Kabir get outside the shop. Kabir playfully goes on his knees and proposes to Pia. T who passes by in her Car sees it and decides to go for the Party.

Scene moves to Raichand House where Haseena receives a call from Chand. She tells Abhay that Danish and Panchi is getting engaged and Chand wants them to go with him for the Party. Abhay refuses to go for the party. The door bell rings and Haseena opens the door. T comes inside.

Scene moves to Kabir, Danish and Piya in the Car. Kabir asks about Maya and Pia says she does not want to talk about it. Kabir drops Piya at the Hostel. She says thanks and goes from there. Seeing the heavy snow fall Kabir calls out to her telling to take his jacket with her which is the same jacket Piya had recorded in the video but Pia had gone already. When he puts the jacket back a ring falls to the ground which is the same ruby ring on the video too. Kabir picks up the ring with a smile and wipes it and puts it back to the coat pocket. Episode ends.

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