Monday, January 31, 2011

31st January 2011 Written Update (Episode 86) Piya puts her into danger to find Abhay’s Truth

Episode 86 starts with Abhay and Piya hug and Abhay silencing her by keeping his finger on her lips. Abhay keeps his hand on her shoulder and tells her, ‘You need rest. Nothing will happen to you. I am here… I won’t go anywhere’. Abhay then lifts Pia in his arms and walks towards her bed. He puts her on the bed’. Piya says his name. Abhay tells her, ‘Enough Piya, You need rest’. Piya lays down on the bed and Abhay places his hand on her eyes and makes her sleep. He then covers her with a blanket and off the light. He walks in the room for some time and then goes and sits in a chair. After some time Pia wakes up and sees Abhay sitting and sleeping on the chair. She gets up and says to herself, ‘How much you would do for me Abhay? You saved my life… You supported me in every step of mine… And today you are here…near me… But I wish there is no distance between us… No wall of the past…For our future… I need to understand your past. I need to understand you… Understand the true you… You are hiding the truth Abhay? You feel that I cannot handle the truth? But Abhay, our love is strong. I can handle the truth…Believe me. I don’t need any protection. What I need to know I would find out. Even if it means that I have to put you into any situation. I will put myself in danger and you would come to save me. I know that you would come and this time I would definitely get the answer to my Questions’. Piya gets up to leave the room. Abhay opens his eyes and notice that Pia has covered him. He sees that the door is open and sees that Pia is not in the bed or room. He calls out for her and looks for her. He remembers Piya’s accident and tells to himself, ‘This time I would not allow to even get a scratch in your body… I would not let anything happen to you Pia even if I have to go to any extent for that’.

Scene moves to Piya walking in the forest at night with a bunch of reference papers related to Maithali in her hands. Piya recalls the story of Maithali’s love with Abhayender and that she was being burnt in the middle of the forest by the King and reaches the same place. Scene moves to Misha and panchi in Misha’s room. Panchi tells that her faith in God has increased after seeing how Piya recovered and tells Misha that there is some angel guarding Piya. Misha tells Panchi that is okay but who is that caused the accident and if she sees him she would kill him. Misha’s Phone rings and she is happy to see the call. When Panchi questions Misha ask her to go and picks up Shaurya’s call. When Panchi tries to overhear Misha moves from there. Misha replies that Piya is alright when Shaurya asks about Piya. Panchi wonders what happened to Misha and why she is behaving in a girly manner. Panchi wonders whose phone it could be that Misha is blushing so much.

Scene moves to Hasina entering Abhay’s bedroom and finding his bed empty. Chand tells her that he might be where ever Piya is. Chand and Hasina reach Piya’s room and finds the room empty. Chand tells Hasina that Abhay was in the room. Chand closes his eyes and sees Abhay running like wind in the jungle and informs Hasina that he is in the jungle looking for Pia. Chand tells her that before Abhay finds Pia and blurt out his truth they have to stop him. Chand says that years ago Abhay gave his life for one girl and he feels that Abhay is going to do the same thing again and that he would not let it happen. Chand says that he has given Abhay his life not to be wasted. Chand tells Hasina to look for Piya and that he would end this problem this time forever. Hasina tells Chand that he is right and they should do it as Abhay has already left them for her.

Scene moves to Chand and Hasina in the jungle.
Chand: Same place…same us…same Abhay. You remember? This is the same place where Abhayender’s life ended and Abhay’s started.
Haseena: This is the same place where he lost his Maithali forever.

Scene moves to Abhay in the jungle calling out for Piya. Abhay closes his eyes and tries to find where Piya is. He is shocked to see Piya standing in front of the place where Maithili was burned. He runs shouting Piya to stop and not go there. Piya enters the place. She does a mind talk, ‘I know this place you lost your love… But I have come here to find the truth of my love. I know this is the truth separating us. And I do not want anything to come in between us Abhay’. Abhay is running to save Piya calling out to her. The scene ends.

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