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1st March 2011 Written Update (Episode 111) Abhay Kidnaps Piya from Mount College Hostel

Episode 111 starts with Misha talking to Shaurya by sitting in her room at the Dobriyal House. Shaurya tells Misha that he is going for a Launch Party and asks her if she would like to go with him. Misha says okay and that she would meet him in the evening. Shaurya asks her to bring Shankar along with her. Misha agrees. Once the conversation is over, Misha goes near the mirror and looks at herself. She says, ‘Shaurya, today I will tell you my true feelings. And I really, really hope that you would tell your true feelings about me too’. Misha applies makeup and dresses in a short beautiful dress and says, ‘Shaurya, here I come’. Misha is very happy.

Scene moves to Shaurya and Shankar entering the Restaurant. Shaurya waves to Misha and beckons her. She goes to them and says, ‘Hi Shaurya’ and then hugs him. She looks at Shankar and says, ‘Hey! What’s up?’ and Shankar responds, ‘Hi Misha!’ Shaurya pulls a chair for Misha to sit and she sits down saying ‘Thank you to him’ The Guys sits on either side of Misha.
Shaurya: Guys, Today we have come here to get to know each other well. You know… get along…
Misha: Totally! (Looking at Shaurya) You know…I am friendly with everyone (Looks at Shankar) unless someone shows too much interest on me.
Shankar: So Misha tell me, what are your interests?
Misha: Oh my God Shankar! How many questions do you ask? You need to have a Question mark on your face.
Shaurya: That’s why he is a Teacher. Understand small, small things yaar. Let me call for the drinks…Excuse me! (Calls for Waiter) Now let’s start a new topic! Okay? And the topic would be… How do you know when you are in Love…(Misha looks at Shaurya says in mind, ‘When I look at you I feel in love’ Shaurya looks at Shankar and thinks, ‘ When you gets lost looking at someone' and Shankar thinks looking at Misha , ‘When you like everything about someone’
Shankar: I think love is a gravitation pull
Misha: I think love is for lallu’s
Shaurya: I think Love is at first sight. (All of them look at their object of interests and smiles. Suddenly Shaurya withdraws looking from Shankar and tells him. ‘Okay Shankar, Let’s do one thing let’s get a drink for Misha because the waiter is taking so much of time, Okay?’ The Guys get up and Shaurya touches Misha’s cheek and says, ‘I will be back’ He says to Shankar, ‘Come’ and both the Guys go from there. Misha is happy. At the Bar counter Shankar tells Shaurya, ‘Can I tell you something Shaurya, I have fallen in love’ Shaurya thinks, ‘Me too! I knew that you also liked me’
Shaurya: So…who is the lucky person?
Shankar: Now I can’t tell friend! You know how it is… I need some courage and I am okay. I know you will give me this courage. I could really use a friend. You will become my friend (hits on Shaurya’s shoulder) and help me reach my love.
Shaurya: Yeah! Well of course. So…I am all yours.
Shankar: Thanks Buddy! (Saurya and Shankar hug each other. Shaurya’s expressions are a treat to watch. After that they turn to the Bar counter and Shaurya picks up the drinks. Suddenly Shankar’s phone rings and he says, ’Wait …I am getting a call’ and signals Shaurya to go. Shaurya goes to the table with the drinks. Shaurya gives the drink to Misha and occupies his chair with another drink in hand.
Shaurya: Cheers! (They drink from their glasses) Misha… I am very happy!
Misha: Me too!
Shaurya: And you know what? This Guy Shankar is a very nice Guy… And he just told me that he is in love with someone.
Misha: Oh my God! With whom…with me?
Shaurya: No,no,no,no,no!(Shaurya touches his collar) someone else…
Misha: (relieved and smiles) Ah…Thank God! So you are happy that Shankar does not like me?
Shaurya: Yeah! I am very happy that he does not like you at all!
Misha: What difference does that make to you?
Shaurya: (Looks at Misha with a lover boy expression) I will tell you why it makes a difference to me. (Misha looks at him lovingly and ‘tu hae mera’ music plays on the background. Misha says in mind, ‘I love Shaurya, Shaurya thinks in mind, ‘I love Shankar’ and Shankar says in mind, ‘I love Misha’)

Scene moves to Siddharth’s Office.
Siddharth: You should not have come here. Unnecessarily you would get trapped between things.
Hasina: You are my son Siddharth. I worry about you.
Siddharth: Oh! Come on Mother…Do not bring 200 years old things or emotions in between. All that is over! We are Vampires. We do not have feelings!
Haseena: Siddharth!
Siddharth: What? I was just stating the facts! Why…He send you…Daddy dearest… What do you people think…You making me understand or he threatening me would make me go from here? No mother, get real! Come on Mother…get real! And what is it? What is it that you are hiding from me? You are not going to say…
Haseena: You are wrong Siddharth! I came here to meet you.Chand does not even know about it. But yes, If he gets to know then …Siddharth(Haseena touches him and Siddharth moves away)
Siddharth: No…No…No…Mother… (Goes and sits on his chair) all this touchy…feelings…son…father…all this does not suit you. What happened to you all? From when you started being emotional? Our family was never like that.
Hasina: You are wrong Siddharth! Our family was always like that and is. We still remember that! (Siddharth turns something on his hands using his fingers) You have become too bitter!
Siddharth: And you all know the reason…
Haseena: I can’t help you!
Siddharth: (Gets up from his chair) But you can Mother! Tell Abhay whatever he is trying to hide will only make me hungrier. He knows me very well. He knows how much I love the forbidden truth. (Siddharth and Hasina Raichand stares at each other)

Scene moves to Panchi. Her mobile rings and she picks up the call. Someone informs her that Pia had an accident and asks her to come to the Hostel. Panchi tells that she is coming to the Hostel immediately.

Scene moves to Misha driving the Car. Misha is happy. She says, ‘What an evening!(smiles) Shaurya now I am sure that you too like me.And pretty soon I am going to tell you that how much I love you and you would say …Misha, I love you too! (Laughs) I just can’t wait. I will talk tomorrow itself.’Misha’s mobile rings and she attends the call. The call was from Panchi and Misha tells her that she is coming home.

Scene moves to Panchi entering Siddharth’s Cabin.
Panchi: Sir! (Panchi notices Mrs Raichand and says, ‘Hello Mrs Raichand!’Haseena smiles and says, ‘I am just leaving’ She goes off) Sir…There is an emergency! My friend Pia…She has met with an Accident. I have to rush!
Siddharth: Oh! That’s terrible news! She was coming here only…How sad!
Panchi: Yeah, Sir!
Siddharth: Let’s go! Come, I will also come with you!(walks towards the door)
Panchi: But Sir…You?
Siddharth: She was coming here only, right? I feel kind of responsible…Plus it is Just being polite…we will pick up flowers for her on the way…Come on (He leaves something on the table. Panchi picks it up and asks, ‘Sir, what is this?’Siddharth comes back fast and grabs it from her hand and says, ‘Don’t ever touch this!’ He leaves it on the table again and says, ‘Let’s go!’Panchi looks at it.)

Scene moves to Mount College Hostel. Piya is sleeping on her bed. The Doctor tells Arnab Dobriyal that there is nothing to fear and that he has given her painkillers. The Doctor tells that there are only some minor scratches and she would be alright. Arnab sits at the head of the cot and fondly keeps his hand on Piya’s hair. He says in mind, “Piyali, I did the mistake and you are the one who is suffering. I could not give you a father’s love. You deserved so much… a family…love and attention of the family…protection…security…but you did not get anything! In this world and alone, how much you would have suffered. But daughter, I cannot see you alone like this! My babygirl! I cannot see you like that!’ A Police Inspector and 2 Constables enter the room just then.
Inspector: Mr Dobriyal?
Arnab: Yes, Inspector!
Inspector: We made some inquiries. And we think the attack on her is related to the attack which happened 2 days ago.
Arnab: (Looks at Piya) meaning?
Inspector: You might have heard that 2 days ago a girl was attacked by an animal in the jungle. And according to the report it is not an animal but a human attack. (Arnab is shocked) We are scared that if the attacker would make this attacks a habit. So we need to be careful!
Arnab: Right Inspector! Thank you (The Police Guys go off from the room. Arnab remembers seeing Abhay hitting Piya and driving away on his Car)

Scene moves to Abhay at the Mount College Girl’s Hostel Corridor walking towards Piya’s room. He stops suddenly and sees Arnab in front of him. They look at each other.
Arnab: What are you doing here?
Abhay: I came to see Pia. Is she alright?
Arnab: Is she alright??? Is that supposed to be a joke? Abhay, I saw you at Riche Road. The Accident on Piya was caused by your car. And instead of helping her, you went away from there. And you have come here to show false compassion?
Abhay: Listen Mr Dobrial! You are mistaken!
Arnab: False? You mean to say whatever I saw was false? No Abhay!
Abhay: Listen Mr Dobriyal…
Arnab: No…no…no…no… You listen to me! You are not going to go near her. I will tell her the truth. I would tell her that the accident was caused by your Car. You are responsible for her condition. She is already very troubled. I don’t want her to be troubled more…Is that clear? (Abhay looks at Arnab and then walks back)

Arnab goes back to the room and Abhay goes to his Car. Abhay opens the Car door and sits at the Driver’s Seat. He looks upwards to Pia’s room window and sees Mr Dobriyal standing there. Abhay thinks, ‘You are right! Tell her to hate me…Stay away from me…And that I can only cause her hurt. This is what I want…that Pia stays away from me…I will handle my pain’ (Arnab goes away from the window and Abhay drive s off from there. Just then Siddharth’s Car enters the premises. Siddharth’s mobile rings and he picks up the call from Panchi. He tells her that he has reached the Hostel and asks her if he should go in. He tells her that he would meet her Dad as well and tells her that he would inform them that Panchi is coming with fruits. Siddharth gets out of the Car with a Bouquet of Roses in hand and walks towards the Hostel. He walks through the corridor and stops in front of a room. He looks at the rose Bouquet and says, ‘Now…Piya Jaiswal… Let me see what is in you that Abhay is hiding you from me. Siddharth opens the door and enters the room. He finds the room and bed empty. He looks at Piya’s Bed and closes his eyes. He opens it and looks at the window. He goes to the window and looks through the open window and says, ‘One up! Little Brother…You were here…And where did you take Pia? What is in that girl that you are not letting me go near her? Oh! You shouldn’t have done this Abhay! Because now the thought of this girl has become an Obsession for me!’ Arnab and Panchi are coming into the room.
Arnab: She is hurt…but the Doctor said that she would be alright soon!
Panchi: Mama has sent her some fruits! (Arnab and Panchi see Pia’s empty bed)
Arnab: Where has Pia gone? She was here some time back! She should not go anywhere in this condition. Where has she gone? (Panchi sees Siddharth at the window)
Panchi: Siddharth? (She walks to him and meets him half way followed by her father Arnab Dobriyal) Don’t know where Pia is.
Siddharth: She is not here. (Siddharth gives the Bouquet in hand to Panchi)

Scene moves to Abhay carrying Piya and walking through the Jungle. He thinks, ‘Piya, I am wandering around hiding you from Siddharth. Don’t know till when I will be successful in this. Forgive me Piya! I know I am giving you trouble. But you…You don’t know Siddharth! He is very dangerous. And now he is behind you! (Abhay Places Piya on the ground and removes the hair covering her face fondly) I don’t know how long I can hide you. But till I have the courage I will not let him come near you’. He then screams. ‘Yaa….’(Scene ends)

Precap: Abhay healing Piya's wounds by touching them.

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