Friday, February 4, 2011

4th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 90) Misha and Tracker declares War for Shaurya

Episode 90 starts with Dobriyal Mansion 2 in the morning and Panchi sleeping and her mobile rings. Panchi sheepishly picks it up and says hello and Siddharth who was on the line says, ‘hello love… Please come here. See I am stuck up at Hill view Road… Please come quickly.’ Panchi says, ‘But sir..? It’s 2 in the morning’ and Siddharth tells her, ‘Don’t argue… Come here fast. In fact you should have been here 5 minutes back. Hurry up!’ and puts the phone down. Panchi wonders why he called and maybe there is an emergency. The scene moves on to Panchi driving the car and reaching the said spot. She stops the car and wonders where her useless Boss is. Siddharth comes and sits in the car with a lipstick mark on his cheek. He tells her that his car was not starting and asks her if she did not have another car as his legs is not fitting into the car. Panchi tells him that she is his PR Manager and not his driver and her working hours are from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. Siddharth tells her that relationships with married women are risky and there is no longer trust in marriages. He tells her that the Husband says that he is out of town and then suddenly reaches home which is cheating and asks her what she thinks. He tells her that he is glad that Panchi is there and tell her that they need to do something to reduce the risk factor in the affairs. He tells her, ‘You are a girl… I am sure that you would have some single friends…’ and smiles at her. Panchi wonders what sort of a man he is and that if he is also going to make her his Dating Guru. Siddharth tells, ‘never mind’ and asks Panchi if she bought his brown diary with her. He asks her to fix appointment with the 3 AM girl. Panchi replies that it is not her job. Siddharth tells, ‘Hats off to your attention span. Now look… Listen to me properly. You are my Public Relations manager which means you would manage all my relations. Got that? These new girls… teaching them the whole life would be gone.’ Panchi thinks that by taking up the job she has taken up trouble on her head. Siddharth tells her that he does not have all night and asks her to go. Panchi starts the car and drives.

The scene moves on to outside Mount College Hostel and Misha drives in on her bike. She notices Abhay sitting on his car outside the Hostel. She goes to the hostel with a smirk on her face. The scene moves on to Piya inside her room and Misha coming in and standing in front of her.
Piya: What are you doing here this early in the morning? Is everything okay?
Misha : No friend. This cannot stay in my stomach anymore …If I don’t tell you I would explode.
Piya asks Misha to tell her what the matter is. Misha after some initial hesitation tells her that she thinks that she is in love with Shaurya. He tells her that she sees Saurya day and night everywhere and even in the bathroom. She tells that if she does not hear him she becomes mad, if she does not meet him she gets tensed and when her phone rings she thinks that it is him. Piya asks Misha if it is true and Misha says it’s true and adds that her love is not like an epic love story and Shaurya does not wait outside whole night in his car like Piya’s love Abhay. Piya is surprised to hear that. Misha tells her that she noticed Abhay the previous night sitting inside his car outside the Hostel which means he was there the whole night. Piya runs outside to the entrance of the Hostel and Abhay notices her through the car mirror and drives off. She calls out for him and then tells in mind, ‘Abhay… how long you would stay away from me. We are in the same city. We study at the same college. If not today tomorrow you have to talk to me’.

Scene moves to Mount College where Piya enters Pricipals room and thank him for giving her time. She tells him that she took the decision in a hurry and that she realized that the scholarship is very important to her and that she does not want it to go waste. Principal says that he is glad with her decision to stay and asks her to go to the class. Piya looks for Abhay in the college campus but does not find him. He also does not attend the class. She calls him on his mobile but he does not pick it up. Piya thinks, ‘Why are you not picking up my phone Abhay. I need to talk to you. Abhay where are you. I want to meet you. I want to talk to you. Okay, if you cannot come to me I would come to you.’

Scene moves to Panchi sitting on her chair and taking out a photo frame and a photo from her bag and keeps it on the desk. The photo is a group photo of Abhay, Panchi,Misha, Kabir, Tracker and Piya. Panchi takes out a nail polish and opens it when a lady with flowers walks to the reception asking for Siddharth. The Receptionist tells the lady that he is not in and if it is urgent she can talk to Siddharth’s PR Panchi Mam. The lady goes to Panchi and tells her to give the message to her Boss that he just can go to hell and never show his face to her in life. The lady says that she is not like the others girls and hits the desk and the nail police spills on to the photo. The lady tells that nobody can ditch Mallika Shroff and throws the flowers at Panchi telling that she like Orchids and not Daisies. She tells her to deliver the flowers to whom it was intended and says bloody Samika. Panchi realizes that she made a mistake by delivering the flowers to Mallika which was for Siddharth’s 4’o’clock girlfriend. Panchi is frustrated thinking what sort of job she has taken up. She then notices the nail paint spill which covered Piya’s face.

Scene moves to Misha dress up in an Anarkali suit getting ready to go out. Madhu and Arnab tease her. Scene moves on to Misha outside Shaurya talking to herself that she has come to tell her feelings to him. She rings the bell of Shaurya’s house and an old guy informs her that he is not there. Misha is disappointed that she needs to borrow clothes from Panchi and come again the next day. Scene moves on to Piya walking thinking of Abhay’s parting words before leaving Dehradun and thinking of him as to why he was always there for her like a shadow and allowed her to developed feelings of love when he knew that they could never be one. Scene moves to Piya pressing the bell of Raichand House and Haseena opening the door. Haseena is shocked to see Piya as she had thought that Piya died in the fire. Piya asks for Abhay and Haseena says that he is not in the house and closes the door on her face. Scene moves on to Haseena wondering how Piya is alive when there was no way she could have escaped from the fire. She calls Chand and tells him that Piya is back.

Misha is walking and talking out her earrings thinking that she has to borrow some costume from Panchi the next day when she notices Tracker who also had come to meet Shaurya. Misha tries to hide but Tracker catches her and they have an argument with each other regarding Shaurya. Misha ask her to back off as her life is not a taxi and love is happening for the first time. The girls declare war to get Shaurya and walk in opposite directions.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion where Chand and Haseena are talking. They tell the only way Abhay could have saved Piya from the fire was only by transforming himself as a Vampire. When Abhay comes in they ask him about it. Instead of replying Abhay asks them if they ignited the fire. Chandeena says no. Abhay tells them that if they would have caused hurt to Pia even accidentally nobody could have been able to save them from him. The scene ends.

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