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5th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 91) Abhay tells Piya they cannot be One

Episode 91 starts with students getting into the mount college class room and Misha and tracker fighting with each other regarding Shaurya. Tracker sides with T so that she can get closer to Shaurya who assures her that she would definitely get Shaurya and Misha would get a heart break. In the classroom Piya turns and looks for Abhay and Misha tells her that he is not there. Piya notices Misha in last days dress and asks her if she has not taken a bath. Misha tells her that she did not and tells her that she had gone to Shaurya’s house to meet him where she found tracker also who was going gaga over him. Misha tells that she would never be able to compete with Tracker as Misha is tomboyish and tracker is girly. Piya tells her that under confidence does not suit Misha and that it is evident that Shaurya likes her from the way he comes and talks to her and tries to come closes to her. Misha is happy that her feelings are not one sided.
Scene moves on to Ms Protima noticing Misha and Piya talking and laughing and tells them that if the discussion of love life has ended she would like to see their assignments. Misha fakes a cough but Ms Protima punishes her by giving minus 2 in her finals. The teacher asks for Piya’s assignment and asks her what happened to the assignment she was doing on the supernatural and interesting vampire topic. Just then Abhay enters the class and sits on a bench. Piya notices Abhay’s presence and tells Madam that she was doing the research on Vampires and realized that Vampires do not exist and they are just fictitious characters created for the sake of creating fear in the mind of people and hence dropped the subject. Ms Protima asks her if she had chosen an alternate topic for doing research. Piya tells her that she has decided to do research on love – on such love stories that never finished and in which there is no hope of it getting finished… which are dark and have a lot of difficulties… Ms Protima remarks ‘interesting’ and Abhay gets up from the bench and leaves the class.

Scene moves to the Tea Stall where Abhay is entering. Piya comes in front of him and asks him what happened to him and why is he avoiding her. She asks her does he not feel that after what happened that he owes her an explanation.
Abhay: Now what Question you need an answer to Piya?
Piya : I need an answer Abhay. Even after knowing everything why did you love me Abhay? Why did you force me to love you?
Abhay: I forced you? I forced you Piya? I…?
Piya : Of course…Abhay! You definitely told me to keep away from you and hate you. But Abhay… You saved my life. You always stood by my side. Abhay in your eyes I have always seen only love for me. Then now could I go away from you? Please close your eyes and ask if I have loved you, have you not loved me? (Abhay remembers some of their intimate moments together.)
Piya : It’s the truth… No Abhay? That you have always pulled me towards you.
Abhay’s expression softens and he says in mind, ‘How can I keep away from you Piya…? I do not have that much strength.
Piya : The truth is that we are bound together. Whenever I needed you were there., Is it not Abhay? … Knowing that we never can be together. But then why were you there Abhay? Why were you there always for me? Now it’s too late Abhay. (Piya keeps her hand on Abhay’s arms.) Because you know that you also love me as much as I love you.
Abhay looks at Piya with a painfully in love expression then he recalls how she got frightened by him when she saw his Vampire avatar and called for help and he pins her against a tree.
Abhay: Pia… Listen to what I say carefully. I am a Vampire. Vampire – blood sucking beast.My heart stopped beating 200 years ago and I have no heart to give to you. How can this relationship between a human and a living dead happen? How will I love you when all I know is to drink blood and kill people… How Piya..? Open your eyes and look at my face…Look at me … Look at the monster in me. Look at me… who I am …look
Pia looks at him and says in mind, ‘ I am looking at you Abhay. And my heart says only one thing that this face belongs to me… made for me… and I cannot live without this face.’
Abhay: The nature has made us as different. And it is the truth and no one can change it. You and me never can be one. Never!
Tears flow from Pia’s eyes and Abhay walks from there. She tells in mind, ‘Maybe you are telling the truth Abhay…maybe we are not made to be together. We need to forget this relationship.But Abhay… There would always be a place for you in my heart.Because of this love for you I would not ask you any question or ask for an answer. I would not expect anything from you Abhay…except friendship. This love story has ended. Finished!’ She walks from there. The scene shows Abhiya walking in different directions and the Tea stall guy who sits by the fire noticing them going. He says, ‘Both are going away from each other. They have decided that their destination is not the same. But was meeting or loving each other was in their fate? This is the play of fate and it is already written. When fate has written ‘unite’ how can ‘separation’ be in our hand? Fate would show its colors and then again the story of love would be written again.

Scene move son to next morning Arnab Dobriyal driving the car with Misha on his side. He asks her that if he is his servant and why she did not go in her bike. Misha tells that the tire is punctured. Arnab says that get it repaired. Misha replies that she does not have the money. Arnab asks her what happened to the money he gave her. She tells that she needs it for other things like new clothes. Arnab teases her telling that since when she started wearing new clothes when it is her habit to wear old and torn clothes and asks her if she is doing that all for a boy.Misha notices Piya and asks Arnab to stop the car. Misha shouts at Piya and tells that she want Piya to accompany to the Mall for shopping. When Piya comes and sits in the car Misha orders Arnab to drive the car as they do not have much time.
The scene moves on to T and Tracker standing near a car. T is disappointed that the sale would be over if they get late. T assures tracker that she is an elite customer and the sale would not start without her. T notices a car coming and signals for lift. She is happy when the car stops and the window glass slides down showing Abhay on the driving seat. T is happy and calls Abhay ‘her knight in shining Armour’. She tells him that her car broke down and asks him if he would give her a lift to the mall. Abhay tells okay but stops T from opening the front passenger seat and sitting there. He signals her to sit on the back.
T : If I sit on the back you would look like a Driver.
Abhay: You need a lift… and I am giving. Don’t worry about me. Sit on the back or come walking.
T : Okay, hot chauffeur.
T and Tracker sit on the back and Abhay drives off.

The scene moves to Arnab, Misha and Piya on car. Arnab stops the car and tells that the Mall is near and to walk from there. Misha tells Piya that she is always thrown to the dustbin while birdie is given special treatment. Arnab says that birdie has to be given special treatment as she is a girl. Misha asks for money and when Arnab takes out his wallet she seizes it and takes all the money out of it except a Rs 100 telling that it is his Pocket Money. Arnab tells to keep that also but Misha tells him that if the Traffic Police catches him she would not want his to be in an embarrassing situation and gets out of the car. Arnab looks into the car and sees the mess Misha had created by being in the car for 20 minutes. He proceeds to clean it when the phone rings. Arnab tells that he is reaching office and tells the caller that he has the figures with him and would check and tell him. Arnab turns to the back seat and takes the file from there and notice a note book along with the file.

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