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2nd June 2011 Written Update (Episode 188) Pia defends Abhay in front of Misha and Panchi

Dobriyal Sisters at the Jungle - Misha, Panchi and Pia
Episode 188 starts with Piya thinking how ice can form in the middle of the forest in the hot weather. She then hears the sound of someone’s footsteps. She tells loudly, ‘Abhay, Is that you? I have come Abhay!’ Suddenly someone places a hand on her shoulder from the back and Pia turns to find Panchi and Misha standing there. Piya gets up from the ground.
Misha: Are you completely crazy? How many times we have to tell you that this jungle is dangerous? Don’t you understand? What is wrong with you dude?
Pia: I wanted to know something. I was searching for some one.
Misha: Why? Standing in the middle of the jungle you ask me why…Pia, you tell me. Why you want to search that person who ruined your life? Who does not deserve you…why?
Panchi: Misha is telling right. What is wrong with you? Abhay ruined you life…Trust us!
Misha: No…no…no Panchi no…Pia does not understand rational and normal things. I mean we have to keep her tied up. Abhay Raichand ruined her life…but she came to see him in the middle of the night to the jungle. If Abhay cared about you why did he call you here? All the CafĂ©’s are closed or what? Was there no human place to go? I mean just think about it…why here? Unless he has something to hide
Pia: One minute…How did you know that he called me here?
Misha: I checked your com
Pia: What? Misha Dobriyal… You barged into my locker and removed my computer?
Misha: And that God for that…otherwise you would have been lying here whole night…
Pia: Listen Misha…This is my personal life and you do not need to interfere in it…
Misha: Can you please use your brains? Did you check your Friends page? No interests…no hobbies…no photographs…no other friends except for you… He created this page just to connect with you. And you…like a fool came here in the middle of the night…
Pia: Maybe he knows that my both sisters are dictative type…because of that he called me here for little privacy… Otherwise Misha…don’t you think that if you would have told me everything about Abhay I did not have to come here? I mean whenever I ask about Abhay everyone reacts as if it is a sin…
Misha: We are only trying to protect you. And if you have a problem with that… too bad!
Panchi: Misha, enough! And Pia you think… There is no one nearby…someone would have lied to you… We would go home and talk in leisure. And no one would tell Mom and Dad anything. There are already worried so much. Fine?
Misha: Fine…
Pia: Fine…
Panchi: Good! Let’s go! (The Dobriyal sisters walk out of the Jungle.
Chand tells Haseena that Abhay is gone
Haseena Raichand comes to Abhay’s resting place. She touches on the ground beneath which Abhay is frozen and talks to him, 'Abhay, today one year is complete after you have been trapped here. Only 2 people have come here to meet you...Pia and me...Till now I doubted in Pia's love...but today I am convinced that she does not remember anything. But your love pulled her here. Abhay, Can this love bring you out of the spell? Chand always tells that heart is the weakness of human and not a vampire. But I have seen how Pia's love and heart had changed the monster in you...I will wait for you Abhay even if I have to wait for hundreds of years...' Haseena senses someone's presence and says, 'Someone is here...' She gets up and thinks, 'Why has he come here?' Haseena looks around and runs from there. Some one with a tattoo in hand watches her.

Haseena comes to the Road. A Car comes there and stops. Chand gets down from the Car.
Hasina: Chand...
Chand: Hasina... Where did you go?
Haseena: I...
Chand: No! You listen to me...I told you Abhay is gone... Why do you come here?
Haseena: Abhay has not gone anywhere. He is only trapped here...that's it!
Chand: Yes! He is frozen! Maithili has frozen him and she only can bring him out of that condition...and she would not do that...
Haseena: No Chand No... Today one year is complete...I just can't accept the fact that Abhay...I do not know Chand but I feel he can come back...Abhay can come back!
Chand: Haseena...There is no miracle worker here... Here no miracle can happen.Abhay is gone...
Haseena: No!
Chand: That is the truth! Now let's go! (Chand and Haseena walks towards the Car. Suddenly they hear an noise and looks towards the jungle. The Raichand's get into the Car and goes from there)

Next day morning at the Dobriyal House. Arnab is sitting at the table having breakfast. Madhu tells, 'Hot hot Paratta...come everyone!' Panchi comes an occupies a chair. Arnab compliments Madhu. Misha comes near the table and Madhu says, 'My Champion has come. She would eat 4-5 just like that'. Misha picks an apple from the table and tells that she is not hungry. Piya comes and she also refuses to eat telling that it is too oily. Misha goes from there and Piya runs behind her. Arnab notices that Panchi is not eating and asks her why. Panchi gets up from the chair telling that she is also not hungry and goes from there. Arnab tells Madhu that he would eat her Paratta and asks her to sit with him.

Misha is walking fast and Pia catches up with her.
Pia: Misha, listen to me
Misha: I am going to the College. You also can go alone... You do not need can go anywhere alone, right?
Pia: Misha, Please don't be like this. I am really sorry okay? I know that I should not have gone there alone. But I was curious as to why Abhay send me that friend request...and with everyone trying to keep me from my past I felt that I would get the answers to my Questions and some peace of mind i know I was wrong. I am really sorry!
Misha: It is okay silly girl. But you know it's enough...Stay away from Abhay...he is bad news! Trust me...before your memory loss you had come to know that he is a loser... After what he did to you in this city no one wanted to associate with him. So may be he is trying to clear his name by getting you into his side. But that's not going to happen...He is just an ass@#$%!
Pia: Okay, Understood loud and clear, alright? Now please take me to College...
Misha: Okay, Fine! I will start the bike (Misha goes out. Piya thinks, 'If Abhay was this bad, who is coming to my dreams? Whose face do I see? Whose eyes was that? It cannot be Abhay because when I look into that eyes I feel a relief...a comfort... which cannot happen by looking at that Abhay...But then...whose eyes is that?')
Jay and Pia get punished for Quarreling
Pia chatting up with Ruhi
At the Mount College Campus the Coach is talking to students, 'Any one else to sign up? Is anyone's signature pending? Girls...come and sign!' Misha throws a ball at Kabir and he catches it. Misha tells him, 'Not bad dude!'Kabir throws the ball and Pia catches it. She then throws the ball away and Jay catches it.
Jay: Oho...Take it easy girl...take it easy!
Pia: Why? You got scared?
Jay: Yeah...Now If your face is so scary I can't do anything
Pia: Really? Instead of standing in the court and playing you are talking. You are scared you loser!
Jay: Yeah? Bring it on then... (Jay throws the ball at Pia. She catches it and throws back)
Coach: What's happening there? (Jay catches the ball)
Jay: Listen...
Pia: Why? You are scared of a little girl?
Coach: Stop it! Khurana and Dobriyal...What is happening here? And Khurana ...You come here. 9Jay goes near Pia and Coach) Hey Guys...some one go and get a rope for me...
Pia: Sir...Sir...He does not know to talk to girls
Jay: Who is the girl here? She is a cheater... a bi#$% (Misha comes there)
Coach: Khurana, Don't try to finish this sentence... And if you don't know to behave properly with each other then you both can leave the team and go. (A guy comes with rope)And Dobriyal, learn to stay in control. And Khurana...learn to respect girls. Otherwise you both can leave the teams and go..
Jay: Sorry Coach!
Piya: Sorry Coach!
Coach: Put your hands ahead...Come closer!
Pia: What?
Jay: What? (Coach takes both their hands and tie together with a rope)
Coach: You both have to learn to be together. Till evening 6 'o'clock the rope will stay tied like this...If the rope is opened before 6'o'clock I will rusticate both of you.(T and her Bimbo's are happy seeing Pia getting punished. The Coach asks everyone to disburse. The students and coach goes from there. Pia and Jay are angry and frustrated.)

Jay and Piya stays together here and there in the College Campus tolerating each other. They spend some time sitting on the Canteen and then talking to friends. Jay sees a friend and hugs him pulling Pia along with him. After talking to the Guy Pia and Jay walks through the college campus. Jay suddenly slips and fells making Piya fell down too. Pia gets up and drags Jay to sit down on the bench near by and check her knees. Jay watches Pia as she applies oilment on the knees. The oilment fells down. Pia notices Jay looking at her and Jay bends and picks the oilment and gives it to Pia. Pia takes him to the locker room and opens her cupboard. She makes him hold the cupboard door while she corrects her make up. When Jay opens his cupboard Pia sprays a deo and Jay makes her apply on his clothes also. After that they sit on the wall together. Students look at them with smiles. It's 6'o'clock and both of them gets down from the wall and go looking for the Coach to get the rope untied.

Angad and Ruhi are walking together. Angad asks why Ruhi is walking slowly and tells that it is getting late for the class. He then sees the scrap book Ruhi is carrying and asks her that why she is not understanding that the college students make fun of her. Ruhi seizes the scrap book back and walks from there telling that he has forgotten their anniversary. Angad catches up with Ruhi and inquires which anniversary she is mentioning. She tells him that it's a year after Angad has gifted the sweater she is wearing and that he did not even notice it. Angad tells her that he has become older and matured now and Ruhi is still childish. He asks her why she is wearing heels when she is having trouble walking. Ruhi tells him that she still has fashion sense. She tells him that the dress she is wearing is in fashion at Paris. She tells that she wore it to give Pia company. Ruhi and Angad has a fight and Ruhi calls him, 'Fashionably challenged dude' and Angad calls her 'a fashion victim'. Tracker asks Angad to go and tells him that he does not deserve her. Angad goes from there telling, 'I am going...Be happy with your fashion sense...Okay?'

At the College Campus the Coach unties the rope on Pia and Jay's hands.
Coach: SO you people learned your lesson or not? We will do the exercise tomorrow also. Two three days when you stay tied up together you would learn to stay together.
Pia: No Sir, Please listen to me...He is such a nice Guy. I realized it now that how wrong I was thinking about him. He is such a good guy...full of team spirit and all...
Jay: Sir, I have not seen a more sweet and sensible girl than Pia in my life...How easily she made me a friend and I thought wrong of her. Now my eyes are opened and I will not fight with her hereafter.
Pia: And Sir Jay... He took full care of me...Right? (She pushes Jay and He pushes her back)
Jay: I know...How sweet you sweet
Coach: You two loafers think that I will believe you? I will be watching you. See you tomorrow evening at the ground...(The Coach goes from there)
Piya: Loser!
Jay: Bimbo! (Both go in opposite directions)

Pia is walking through the Corridor. She comes to the Canteen and sees Tracker sitting on a chair and crying. Tracker is tearing some papers. Piya goes and sits next to her and asks why she is crying. She tells her that she had a fight with Angad and tells that in anged she tore all the cards she made with her own hands. Pia consoles her and tells her that she would fix everything for her.

Panchi is talking to some one. She says, 'yeah baby... I do okay! How much you like me...' Piya eneters the room and goes and sits next to Panchi.
Pia: Who is that? (Panchi signals to keep quiet and gets up) Who are you talking with? (Panchi cuts the Phone and scolds Pia and ask her to get out of there. She puts her mobile on the Cot and pushes Pia out of the door. The Phone rings again and Piya grabs the phone before Panchi could reach it. Piya looks at the Caller ID and tells Panchi, 'I was thinking that you are talking to some hot and handsome Guy ...But what is this...Neelima?' Pia drops the phone back to the bed and goes from there after gifting Panchi a lipstick which she got for her. Panchi says, 'What do you think Pia? Am I am raw player... I don't save any Guy's name in his real name...Neel becomes Neelima...hey,I need to call him back!' Panchi dials his number.)

Pia comes to her room and sits on her cot. She says, 'How funny Tracker easily she gets upset... Now I need to set everything right with her love life. Let's get started!' Piya starts her work with the scrap book. She sees a picture of herself and comments,'Oh my God...such an old picture and how old fashioned I look'. Piya joins Kabir's picture and keeps it aside. She then sees T's picture where her name is mentioned as Tanushree Ambolker. She then sees half of Abhay's picture where his eyes are visible. She remembers the eyes. (Episode ends)

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