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27th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 56) Panchi informs students that wolves are being spotted near the Forest Area

Kabir insults Abhay
Episode 56 starts with Abhay getting out of the tent. He remembers Pia telling that she is falling in love with him and that she is unable to stay away from him. Abhay is angry. He runs like wind through the forest and then stops. Then he shouts, ‘Yaaaaaaaa’. He hits one tree after the other with his bare hands and both falls down. He then kneels to the grounds and says, ‘Why Pia why?’ He shouts, ‘Why?’

At the tent Pia is crying, ‘Why Abhay…why?’

Kabir comes to the tent Misha is sleeping and wakes her up telling that he want to talk something to her. Misha tells that she doesn’t want to hear him talking of Pia anymore. Kabir tells Misha that he heard Piya telling Abhay that she is in love with him. Kabir tells Misha that they have to stop it. Misha tells that Piya is a grownup girl and can take care of herself. Kabir reasons with Misha telling that it is a wrong decision and would put Pia into trouble. Kabir tells that Abhay is a dangerous guy and at the end Pia would be hurt. Kabir tells Misha that they should keep an eye on Pia so that if Abhay breaks her heart they would be there for her.

Some students are outside near the camp fire. Angad and Tracker are talking regarding some film they want to see. Suddenly and old lady comes there and tracker is scared to see her. Panchi also comes there.
Old Lady: What are you doing here? Go away from here. This place is very dangerous. For ages no one has come here. Go away, Go away!
Panchi: Who are you? Are you lost? Can I help you?
Old Lady: I am no one child. This entire world is my home. I am Ramtha Jogi. But here someone is calling me. Here I am seeing something.
Panchi: What?
Old Lady: That in between you there is a girl whose name her parents kept something else but everyone calls her something else.
Tracker: Me…! My name is Ruhi but these people call me Tracker. Isn’t it funny?
Old Lady: There is a message for you.
Ruhi: What is that?
Old Lady: You have not left any guy in the city and every guy left you. I came to tell you that in this city your tricks won’t work. For you a man would come from Distance Mountains. (Ruhi is happy and takes blessings from the Old lady. T and friends also come there) Is there anyone who want to ask anything from me?
Angad: Me…
Old Lady: tell me Child
Angad: I love a girl. She is my very good friend. But till now I could not tell her that I love her.
Old Lady: What is her name? Till now why did you not tell? (Angad goes near the Old lady and whispers ‘Misha Dobriyal’ in her ears.) This cannot happen… (The old lady slaps Angad) How dare you? To confess your love to Misha means calling for your own death. Stay away from her, stay away! (The Old lady sees T and calls her near. Tanushree tells that she is not interested. The Old lady tells her that her name is T) Tanushree Ambolker?
T: How did you know?
Old Lady: You are this city’s most beautiful girl.
T: Yes.
Old Lady: Not only Dehradun but of this whole area…
T: Tell me more
Old Lady: Do sit ups! (T does sit-ups while the Old Woman Meditates) You did not get your dream Prince so far because in this city every guy is scared of you and nobody is of your level. (The old lady throws something in blue cloth telling that is her grandmother’s home remedy and asks T to go to jungle alone with a bowl in hand to a specific tree. The lady tells T that she has to sit underneath the tree and make a paste of the tree leaves with cow dung and apply on the face. She tells T that whoever sees T first would become hers and she his…happily ever after!
T: My first love…Thank you! (Panchi looks at the Old lady and the Old lady goes from there. Panchi then gets a call and she attends it)

Scene moves to Danish’s mother coming to Raichand House and inquiring about Danish. She tells Chand and Haseena that Danish has not reached home after being bailed from the Police Station. Chand tells her to give Danish sometime and tells her that he might be preparing himself to face everyone. Danish’s mother request Chand to inform her if they get any news of Danish. She goes from there. Haseena asks Chand if Abhay might have done something to Danish. Chand tells her that Abhay won’t do such a big mistake. Chand and Haseena see the news on Television that there are some strange incidents happening in the jungle across the river. The reporter tells that people have been vanishing and wolves have being seen in the area. Chand and Haseena look at each other. Haseena tells Chand that the wolves are there for Abhay.

Scene moves to the Camp Site. Panchi calls everyone and tells them about the call from Principal. She tells the students that some wolves have been seen in the jungle and ask them to be together. Abhay looks around. He is alert as he knows that the wolves are coming for him. The students are sitting around the fire.
Abhay: There is no use of lighting the fire in middle and sitting around. We can be attacked from behind. Sit in the middle at light fire at 4 sides. Then we will be safe.
Kabir: Keep your expertise with you. We are staying here from childhood and know this area better than you. These wolves are here for ages and won’t do anything to us.
Abhay: Just listen to what I am saying
Kabir: You listen to me. I don’t want to hear to any coward. See your face…because of fear you are sweating. And if you are so scared… hide yourself behind any girl. Don’t give your knowledge to us. Abhay goes out of the camp site and turns to look at Kabir. He tells, ‘You are not understanding Kabir. Before today they never attacked you. But today they are coming…for someone. They are coming for me’.

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