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23rd December 2010 Written Update (Episode 53) Maithili’s Ghost tells Piya that Abhay is her Destiny

Danish, Abhay and Arnab at the Police Station
Episode 53 starts with the girls (Misha, Pia, Ruhi and Panchi ) calling on the spirits for answering their Questions. Tracker is excited and saying maybe some old ghost would introduce her to his handsome son. Misha tells that maybe he might decide to call his son to him instead. Misha asks Piya if she wants to talk to any boy ghost. Pia tells her that she want to talk to a girl Ghost called Maithili. Misha asks Piya who Maithili is but she does not reply. Misha tells that Tracker can try first as she has already tried all the guys who are alive in the city and only the dead ones remain now. They switch off the lights and burn the candles. Misha, Pia, Ruhi and Panchi keep the hand on the coin and Misha calls the spirits.

Scene moves to Madhu giving tea to Arnab who is sitting in their bedroom. Arnab tells her that Piya has done so much for them despite of their bad treatment. Madhu tells Arnab that Piya is the daughter of Suganth. Arnab is shocked and asks Madhu how she knows. Madhu tells him that she saw their pictures in Pia’s book and Pia also had told her. Arnab tells Madhu that he is going to bring Pia from the Hostel. Madhu tells him not to as it would affect the lives of their daughter and would result in a scandal. The phone bell rings and Madhu wakes up realizing that it was a dream and not reality. Arnab attends the phone call. Arnab attends the call. He tells Madhu that someone has arranged bail for Danish and that he has to go to the Police Station. Arnab goes from there.

At Misha’s room the coin under the girl’s finger move and Tracker asks the Ghost what his name is and the Coin moves on the alphabets ‘Venkitesh’. Piya tells that it sound like he is a South Indian Ghost. Tracker asks the Ghost to tell the name of the Guy with whom she would fall in love in this life. The coin moves to A and then B and Tracker tell that she knew that it would be Abhay. But the coin further moves to C,D,E and F and Misha, Panchi and Piya laughs. Misha tells Tracker, ‘Not Abhay you idiot. All Boys…any boys’ Misha tells tracker that there was no need to ask Venky she could have said that. Misha then asks the ghost, ‘So Venky dude, which joker is written in my fate?’ Panchi tells that no one would dare to spend his life with Misha. The Ghost answers, ‘Pintoo’. Panchi and Pia laugh. Tracker makes fun of Misha. Panchi then tells that it is her turn to ask. She asks the Ghost if Danish would be punished and gets the reply as ‘Yes’. Pia tells that she would now ask the Question.
Piya: Maithili, are you here? Can you hear our voice? (Suddenly there is a lightening and the candles go off. Misha tells that it is an indication that Maithili is here and asks Tracker to close the windows. Misha lights the candle again and tells Piya to ask the Question) Maithili, are you here? Can you hear my voice? Do you know Abhay? (Suddenly there is a Thunder sound and the girls lift their fingers from the coin. But the coin starts moving on its own asking ‘who is he to you?’ Pia asks, ‘Who are you talking about?’ The coin moves again and Misha runs and fetches a notebook and starts scribbling which reads, ‘Abhay is your destiny’ the girls are shocked.

Scene moves to Kabir’s House. Kabir’s father comes and switch on the light.
Mr Rathore: You are sitting in the darkness? Are you thinking of Danish? I can understand…But don’t blame yourself. Who could have thought that a son of this family would turn out to be like that? I brought him up with my own hands. But maybe we could not understand part of his life. Now Kabir, you only have to take care of your uncle and aunt. God knows how they may be feeling now. They must be very heart broken. In this age if a son turn out to be like that…
Kabir: Dad, I am not worried for Danish dad. He got what he deserved.
Mr Rathore: Then what is the problem?
Kabir: Pia, dad. I behaved so badly with her believing whatever Danish said. I even told her that she is a loose character and god…I was so horrid to her. Because of whatever Brother did with Maya she also got into problem. Dad, she was asking justice for someone else and for that she did not bother about her own reputation. She was almost thrown out of the College. Dad…this is the girl…and I lost her. And I am sure that Pia would not take me back.
Mr Rathore: Why are you thinking like that?
Kabir: I know it Dad. I and Piya were in a relationship and I did not trust her. I was a bad boyfriend Dad. When she needed me I was not even there for her.
Mr Rathore: And then be there for her now! Yes, Go and ask sorry to her.
Kabir: Pia will not forgive me Dad!
Mr Rathore: She will! Now you told that Piya has a big heart and that she is a very nice girl. Go and ask sorry to her. I am sure she has it in her to forgive you.

Scene moves to the Police station. Danish is signing a paper. Arnab comes there.
Arnab: I want to know what Danish Singh is doing outside the jail.
Inspector: Sir, He has got bail.
Arnab: Who got him bail? (Abhay walks in)
Abhay: Me! (Abhay comes in front of Arnab)
Arnab: You? Knowing that what he did? What is wrong with you?
Abhay: I did not give Danish’s bail…but my Dad did. He is an employee of our Company. And I am here because Dad sent me…
Arnab: I know what your Dad wants to achieve by supporting Danish. I know exactly what he is getting at. This is not business rivalry…it is personal. And I will definitely give an answer to this…
Abhay: Oh really? So you will give us an answer? (Arnab smiles)
Arnab: What do you think…That Mr Raichand can do anything because of his money power? The Dobriyal family name is there for a long time…our reach is much bigger than him…It is not very easy to fight us and be in this city. (Abhay turns to say something but Danish stops him but catching his hand)
Danish: Abhay, let’s go!
Arnab: Danish what you did with Panchi…what you did with us…I will not forget that very easily. You spoiled Maya’s life. You hurt Panchi so much. You caused problems for Piya…I will not forget anything! What is shocking is that even after doing all this you are standing in front of me like this. You are looking at my eyes and talking. I will never forgive you!
Danish: And I don’t want to ask you sorry also.
Abhay: Danish, let’s go! (Abhay turns and walks. Danish follows him)

Scene moves to Misha’s room.
Panchi confronts Misha. Misha admits that she and Ruhi were playing a prank by using magnets for calling the spirits. Piya gets angry and asks Misha even after knowing how complicated Abhay is why did she write that Abhay is her Destiny. Misha confesses that the coin was moving on its own, when Maithali's spirit was called. The girls are shocked to realize that Maithili might have answered herself. (Episode ends)

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