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20th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 50) Misha and Piya join hands to expose Danish

Abhay asks Piya to stay away from him
Episode 50 starts with Abhay telling Piya that he does not have a heart and if she comes near him he would break her heart also. He keeps her hand on his heart.
Abhay: You saw? I don’t have a heart! Forget me Piya… Forget me! You don’t know who I am. If you come near me you would burn. Make this story end here (Abhay turns and goes from there. Misha comes there calling for Piya)
Misha: Superb acting man! Everybody feels that we are not friends. (Misha notices that Piya is looking dull) Hey, what’s wrong?
Piya: I was thinking…That day what happened with you?
Misha: I also do not remember anything well. One minute I was fine and the next minute everything started shaking. It was so scary and I was not able to see anything well. The smoke…the dust…I could not even breathe…I just saw a shadowed figure…He broke the wall…saved me…and brought me out. That’s all I know… (Misha gets a call and she attends it. She tells Pia that Danish and Panchi are waiting for her and that they would talk later. Pia thinks, ‘Who are you Abhay Raichand? What are you hiding from me? Who is that girl in the picture? I need to know your truth. I need to know the truth Abhay!’

At the Mount College Campus Danish makes a call to Maya. Her uncle informs him that she's missing from home after they had an argument. This worries Danish.

Abhay is walking on the College Campus and T comes and clings to his arm.
T: Hi baby! Please clear my confusion. If we go to the Masquerade Party at 8’o’clock and then to the Mehra’s Party there would be enough time to change? I was thinking that in the fancy dress party you can dress up like Dracula and I can be you sexy hot victim. How hot we would look! (Abhay removes her hand from his arm and faces T)
Abhay: What is this you are saying?
T: New year’s Party Baby! We have to attend 5 parties and by the way we will be the busiest couple.
Abhay: Since when? I think I have told you…You and me…we are not going to happen…so take it easy! (Abhay walks from there. T says, ‘Oh Abhay! What happens to you? Some time you are super hot and sometimes fully cool… T, I think Abhay likes to play with you. I love…I like…So hot!’)

Misha comes out of the classroom. Kabir stops her and asks about the fight in the class. When Misha tells that Pia threw ink at her Kabir tells her not to give Pia any importance. Kabir tells that it is better to keep a distance from girls like her and that she is just rubbish. He continues telling bad things about Pia and asks Misha to stay away from Pia. Piya who was in the classroom hears everything.
Scene moves to Piya entering the Library. She sees Abhay there and they look at each other. Abhay goes and sits on a chair. Piya asks the librarian if she can use the computer to do some research. Piya sits in front of the computer. Abhay and Piya look at each other. Piya thinks, ‘Let’s see what power has fast reflexes…what power can break walls…God! I am being stupid…’ She types on Google search ‘Abhay Raichand’ and the screen becomes blank. She looks and sees the power plug fallen on ground and Abhay walking away. She takes the bag and follows him. Piya pulls Abhay by hand by standing near a pillar.
Pia: How dare you?
Abhay: Excuse me!
Pia: You only removed the plug from my computer, right? What the hell do you think is going on?
Abhay: Whatever, you again started making stories?
Pia: really? What do you think? By removing the plug from a silly computer you can stop me from finding the truth?
Abhay: Go…Go find the truth1 Do whatever you feel.
Piya: Abhay, Someone is there to whom I am very closer…
Abhay: When will you stop interfering in other people’s lives? Stop interfering in my life!
Piya: Everything will not work the way you want. When I wish I will come near if I don’t wish I won’t, okay? (Abhay catches Piya on her arms)
Abhay: I will teach you to stay away…
Piya: Really? Then teach me… Come on! (Abhy pulls Piya closer and she closes her eyes. He then leaves her and walks away. Misha goes near Piya and Abhay overhears their conversation regarding Danish’s Bachelor party and Misha’s plan.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Danish invites Chand Raichand for the Bachelor’s party. Abhay too comes there and apologizes to Danish for misunderstanding him. Danish invites Abhay also for the Party.
Scene moves to Danish’s Bachelor party. Lots of Guys are there. Arnab asks Danish where the glamor is. Danish tells him that Kabir is bringing the glamour. Chand comes to the venue and Danish welcomes him. Kabir sees Misha and Piya getting into a room together and follows them.

In the room, Piya is happy to see Maya. Maya apologizes to Pia and tells her that she did wrong with Pia. Maya tells them that Danish had threatened her that he would tell everything to her Mom-dad if she tells anyone anything. Maya tells them that while she was at her uncle’s place she realized she did wrong with Pia and also remembered Panchi’s words that Parents have the strength to bear and forgive the mistakes of their children. Maya tells them that she told her Parents everything and finally they forgave her. Maya apologizes to Pia again for causing her bad name and troubles. Maya tells that she needs to ask for forgiveness to Abhay also. Misha is shocked to hear this. Maya tells,’What all I said against him and all was lie…and he never said anything. You know what? He is my angel!’ Misha asks how come the demon is angel for Maya. Piya tells Misha that Maya is telling the truth and that Abhay is a nice guy. She adds that he has got a big heart. Misha tells them that now they need to work on their plan to expose Danish. Maya tells them that she is ready and not scared anymore. She asks Misha if she has a plan. Misha opens her bag and gives black belly dancers costumes for Maya and Pia. Kabir barges into the room and is surprised to see the 3 girls together. He demands to know what is going on. Misha tells everything to Kabir and he is shocked. Kabir gets a phone call from Danish and Pia stops Kabir from telling him anything. Kabir also teams up with the girls in their plan to expose Danish.
Scene moves to Misha talking to Panchi regarding gatecrashing for Danish’s bachelor party. Panchi initially refuses but when she tells Panchi about belly dancers coming to Danish's bachelor party and that Danish Panchi agrees to go with Misha.

Scene moves to Abhay standing outside in the snow. Piya and Maya dressed as Belly dancers pass him. Abhay senses Piya dressed up as the dancer and stops her by holding her hand. He pulls her close to him and asks, ‘What’s wrong with you?’

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