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8th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 40) Piya informs Danish’s Parents about his relationship with Maya

Episode 40 starts with Panchi and Piya in conversation at the Dobriyal House Kitchen. Panchi tells that once Maya becomes a little better they should encourage her to seek help with Panchi’s NGO. Panchi tells Pia that she has called her friend Noor who is a councilor to get the name of the guy who is responsible for Maya’s plight from her own mouth. The servant then comes and informs that a lady has come to meet Panchi. Panchi and Pia welcomes Noor who informs Piya that she also was in a similar relationship like Maya and Panchi had help her. She tells Piya that she has come to share her story with Maya and to tell her that the person who abuses her does not love her and not tolerate the sufferings. Noor adds that she would help Maya come out of her problem and would talk with her till she tells the name of the Guy who is responsible for her plight. Danish hears the conversation and gets tensed up. Piya looks at Danish with a smile.

Scene moves to Mount College where Misha is sitting at the Canteen looking into a Photograph of her in the newspaper with the caption wedding bells. She is angry that the newspaper people published the photo of her in lehenga standing along with her parents, Danish and Panchi. Tracker comes there and runs off seeing Misha. Misha follows her and tells her that the previous day she was so drunk that she does not remember everything and asks her to tell how she offended Ruhi. Ruhi tells Misha that Panchi has Danish and Piya also have a boyfriend and that she had thought that it would be her turn next. But Misha beat her to it by agreeing to get married. Misha is shocked to hear it and scolds Tracker. Angad also comes there and makes fun of Misha telling that Pintu would come for his bride. Misha tells that it seems that she got drunk and created some problem which needs to be fixed. She pulls Angad with her and tells that he is coming with her.

At the Dobriyal House Danish, Panchi and Pia are waiting. Panchi tells Danish that Noor would definitely get the name of the Guy from Maya. Noor comes out and tells that Maya told her everything. Piya is shocked when Noor tells everyone that Maya put the blame on Abhay Raichand. Danish is tensed but when he hears Abhay’s name being taken he tells that he knew it. Panchi tells that she would not spare Abhay and run a campaign against him. Piya is worried thinking why she put the blame on Abhay and now because of her he has landed into problem.

Scene moves to Piya walking towards Abhay. The snow is falling and Abhay is waiting for her by standing outside the car.
Abhay: Why did you call me here?
Piya: Abhay, everything has gone wrong.
Abhay: Tell me clearly. What did Maya say after seeing the photo?
Piya: The photo was torn and thrown away.
Abhay: Danish?
Piya: No…Maya… And Danish…he threatened me…and Maya took your name…she told that you are her baby’s father.
Abhay: Danish threatened you? I will kill that…
Pia: Abhay, I am telling you that Maya took your name and you are bothered about Danish threatening? What Maya told…what about it?
Abhay: It’s okay Piya!
Piya: It is not okay Abhay! Why should you take the blame of someone on your head? Are you crazy?
Abhay: Look Piya…Danish knows that you know the truth…so he would try to hurt you… (Piya holds on Abhays arms with her hands)
Pia: Abhay focus! Do you know what you are going to do? In College everybody is going to hate you…and it would not end there…it would spread in the whole city and then…You want that?
Abhay: I already have that Pia…I also want everyone to hate me…its okay for me…
Piya: It is not okay for me Abhay! I would never let that happen with you. Do you know why? Because I do not hate you! I can never hate you. (They look at each other and suddenly Abhay turns away from her)
Abhay: No…This is not your problem and you would not interfere in this!
Piya: No way! I wanted justice and this is not justice…Danish should get his punishment and not some innocent…so this is my problem. (Abhay turns to her)
Abhay: Get in the Car. This time you are in danger from Danish…and I will protect you from Danish…I will not let him even come close to you…

Scene moves to Mount College where Panchi and some students are talking about Abhay. Pia and Abhay walks into the College Campus.
Panchi: Get lost Abhay Raichand! You cannot enter this college. We don’t need anyone like you.
Abhay: I am not interested in coming to college. I only came here to drop Piya. (Abhay turns to Pia) Pia…you will stay in the College Campus. You will not get out of the Campus. I will wait for you outside the Campus. (Abhay is about to walk away but Pia holds his hand)
Pia: Abhay! (Panchi looks at Abhay and Pia holding hands)
Panchi: Pia…Are you mad?
Piya: Panchi…what you are thinking is wrong! Abhay did not hurt Maya…
Panchi: This many days you were fighting against him and you made us believe that it is him. And now you…what is this? What did he tell you that now you have changed? What do you wish? Like Maya you also want to be in the same plight…? Piya… (Panchi looks at their hands still held together) leave him…
Piya: No Panchi, May gave false testimony against him. But I know that he is not the one…
Panchi: This you would not decide…the Police would decide…
Piya: What? You called the Police?
Panchi: Of course! There they are… (Piya turns and sees the Police walking towards them) Inspector, Finally Maya has told us who is responsible for her plight! Abhay Raichand…
Inspector: One minute Madam…We have to inquire personally into the matter. One time earlier also there was a false accusation against Mr Raichand…and in one minute Maya changed her statement! This time we would not do such a mistake…We need to fully inquire about this…
T: Inspector…I want to give testimony…I had a relationship with this Guy…and he used to abuse me also…just like Maya…
Panchi: You saw Inspector? Now will you tell that both this girls are lying?
Piya: No, Inspector…I know that I only reported against Abhay first…But now I am telling you that Abhay did nothing…he is innocent!
Inspector: Now you also are telling something else? How do you know?
Piya: Because…Sir, when that Guy hurt Maya that time I was with Abhay at the Boy’s locker room.
T: You despo!
Inspector: And what were you doing there Mr Abhay?
Pia: Sir, It does not make a difference to you. I am telling you that Abhay did not do anything to Maya…
Abhay: Inspector, if this questioning is over, can I go?
Panchi: Of course not! Inspector Sir, Please arrest him!
Inspector: No, Madam! We cannot arrest him…
Panchi: What? Abhay’s parents along with hotels and schools bought the Police also?
Inspector: Enough Madam! You are interfering in our work…understood? (The Inspector and constable go from there. Abhay keeps his hand on Pia’s arm)
Abhay: Pia…you will not go outside college campus! (Abhay walks off from the Campus)
Panchi: You know what Piya? I need to feel angry at you but I am feeling bad. I am feeling pity on you. You also fell for his sweet talk. One day you will regret Piya!
Piya: No Panchi…I will not regret!
Panchi: It is sad Pia that you only were talking about justice and now you are taking his side…and his Parents did not leave any stone unturned to save him. If today instead of Abhay if it would have been Danish would Inspector have been this liberal? And what his Parents would have hidden his mistakes? They would have taken him to jail directly. That is justice!

Scene moves to Abhay leaning against the driver side of his Car and T talking to him.
T: If you wish I also can give testimony…I can tell people that Maya put false accusation on you…because she is jealous…because we are a couple…Now you have to decide…
Abhay: It is decided! You and I can never be a couple! Never!
T: What? (Points finger at him) Nobody has ever dumped T. You can’t do this to me. Now go and tell everyone that we are a couple…that’s it… (Piya overhears their conversation)
Abhay: What was between us was a business arrangement…and nothing else! Now that has ended! So stop this stupidity of yours and yes…I would rather go to the jail than be saved by your testimony! Understand? (T walks off. She sees Piya standing in front of the Car and stops)
T: You know what? You both are losers and you both deserve each other! (T walks off and Abhay shouts, ‘Thank you T!’ and comes near Pia and scolds her for putting her reputation at risk)
Abhay: Piya, What is wrong with you? What was the necessity for you to do all this? You did not even think for a minute what would happen to your reputation… They did not have any proof against me…nothing would have happened to me…
Piya: What is your arrangement with T?
Abhay: That is not your problem. We are talking about you… What was the necessity for you to do all that?
Piya: It was necessary Abhay! I cannot see such Drama happening in front of me. And I told you I will not allow an innocent person to be punished…
Abhay: Enough Pia…
Pia: Why enough Abhay? Why you want to become a villain in front of everyone?
Abhay: Because I will always stay a Villain
Piya: Not for me Abhay! Not for me… (They have an eyelock)
Abhay: I am scared of you…
Piya: Of me…
Abhay: yeah…of you…of your eyes…I am scared of the way you look at me…I am scared of what you did today…Don’t you see Piya? I need to stay away from you…I cannot stay near you…Why then Piya you again and again come closer to me…why can’t you stay away from me…why?
Piya: I can’t stay away from you Abhay…You cannot control my feelings…even I cannot control that… (Abhay breaks the eye lock and turns his back on her telling, ‘Damn it’) I am going Abhay!
Abhay: Where?
Piya: I want to prove what the truth is. I know what to do. (Abhay turns to her)
Abhay: What do you know?
Piya: Panchi unknowingly showed me the way!

Scene moves to Piya in front of Danish’s house. She turns and looks and sees Abhay coming and stopping the car a little away from the house. She rings the door bell. Piya looks at Abhay for assurance and Abhay closes his eyes for a moment and then opens it as if signaling her, ‘I am here…go ahead’. Danish’s mother comes and opens the door. She invites Pia in when she tells that she wants to talk to her. Pia informs Danish’s Parents about his relationship with Maya. Danish’s Parents are heartbroken hearing about it . Piya tells that it is the dark truth of their son and hopes that they would take the side of the truth.

Scene moves towards Piya walking towards Abhay who is waiting for her outside his car.
Pia: Abhay, I broke Danish’s Parents heart…I put their son down in front of their eyes…
Abhay: You told them everything about Danish? No Pia…You have hurt danish’s most important relationship. Now he will react! Now you are no longer safe! He will come behind you… (Episode ends)

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