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10th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 42) Piya spends the night in Abhay’s Bed in his arms

Episode 42 starts with Piya asking Abhay about the girl in his life. Abhay tells Pia that he gave his life for his girlfriend.
Piya: What?
Abhay: I mean I can give my life for her…You go and sleep. We need to get up early morning and solve a lot of things.
Piya: Abhay…I will go and sleep in the Guest room. You can sleep here…
Abhay: No…you sleep here… (Piya thinks of Abhay seizing the photo from her hand and telling that he could give up his life for his girlfriend. She also remembers him telling that they both are in a situation and she should not make the mistake of considering it as a relationship. Pia recalls Abhay saving her several times and tears flow from her eyes. Abhay too remembers their fist dance and Pia telling that she can never hate him. Piya wipes her tears and turn to look at Abhay who is sleeping with his back on her. Piya thinks, ‘Who is this girl whom Abhay loves so much? Why am I feeling so jealous towards her?’ Abhay closes his eyes. Piya kneels behind him and tries to take the photo which Abhay had kept under his pillow. Abhay turns and pulls Pia on top of him. They look at each other.

Scene moves to Haseena looking up the stairs as she senses human presence in the House. She climbs the stairs. Haseena stands in from of Abhay’s room trying to catch the human scent. In the room Abhay suddenly get up pulling Pia along with him. He throws the mattress underneath the bed and carries Piya to his bed. He puts her on his Bed and covers her fully with the blanket and gets into the bed next to her with only his head and part of the body visible outside the blanket. Haseena opens the door and enters the room.
Haseena: Abhay, Is everything Okay?
Abhay: Yeah…Everything is alright! (Haseena looks around and finds everything in the room in place)
Haseena: I heard some sound…
Abhay: Really? I did not hear anything.
Haseena: My mistake! (Haseena turns and goes away after closing the room. Haseena thinks, ‘Abhay brought that girl to the House. Her smell is in this entire House. You are a fool Abhay. What do you think? Chand won’t be able to smell it…You have gone too much ahead and now I would not be able to save you from Chand’)

Scene moves to Danish in Pia’s room. He thinks, ‘What is that you know Pia because of which I had to come back here. What new proof do you have about my relationship with Maya? Have you hidden the proof somewhere here? He starts checking in the room. He lifts the mattress and Misha calls from behind. Danish turns at looks at her and recalls her overhearing his conversation with Pia.
Danish: Misha…What are you doing here?
Misha: What are you doing here? And what are you searching?
Danish: Misha, I wanted to talk to you regarding yesterday night…
Misha: Oh my God Danish please…please tell me that I did not do something with you…I mean seriously…don’t take any matter of yesterday night seriously…I don’t know what all problems I created in drunken state. I am still trying to fix it. Dude…I agreed to get married to some random Guy. Can you imagine? Danish I am really sorry…ehh…wait a minute …I am not sorry…In fact you should be sorry…you could have stopped me…instead you were getting engaged to my stupid sister…
Danish: I am sorry! If I knew I would not have done it…
Misha: By the way, I came to pick up Maya’s things…but what are you doing in this girl’s hostel?
Danish: I also came to pick up Maya’s things.
Misha: How efficient we both are, right? By the way, it is not Maya’s bed…but Pia’s.
Danish: What? Sorry!
Misha: By the way where is Pia from morning onwards?

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Misha enters Maya’s room with a tray in hand. Maya is sitting in the bed reading something. Misha places the tray having bread and juice in front of Maya. Misha asks Maya why she send Danish to pick up her things when she told Misha to pick things for her from the Hostel. Maya feels worried about Pia. Misha tells Maya that he might have gone to the Hostel to impress Panchi. Arnab enters the room. He asks Misha to choose jewelry for her. Misha tells that now that Panchi’s engagement is over nobody can make her wear the jewelry. Arnab tells her that he is asking her to choose jewelry for her engagement. Arnab tells her that it is the jewelry which has come from the groom’s side for her and that they are in a hurry to get their son married to her. Arnab tells that now that she has said yes to the proposal they cannot say no as it is the question of status and name of both the families. Misha is worried hearing this. Arnab give sthe jewelry boxes in Misha’s hand telling that it is a matter of happiness to have both the girl’s marriages together. Arnab comes out laughing thinking of the joke he is playing on her. Inside the room Misha thinks, ‘Misha, you have to think of something big otherwise you will become a decoration piece in Menon’s house’. She dials Trackers number and calls her for help.

Scene moves to Raichand House, Abhay’s Bedroom. Piya is sleeping in Abhay's arms. Abhay cannot help but think how similar Piya is with Maithili. He thinks, ‘Piya, you are just like her. You both are becoming one in my mind. How is it possible? ‘He remembers him in bed with Maithili and their conversation. Maithili is in his arms and she is hugging him.
Maithili: Every morning of my life I want to start with you…When will this all end Abhay? When will we tell about our love to all Abhay? I don’t want to be separated from you. (Abhay kisses on her forehead)
Abhay: Nobody can separate us Maithili… nobody…I am only yours…only yours…forever…
Maithili: And after that…
Abhay: Yeah…and after that…I love you so much Maithili…more than my life…
Maithili: More than life?
Abhay: Yeah…If you want try me…I can give my life for you…
Maithili: Sometimes all these feel like a dream…I am scared that if I open my eyes this dream would vanish…
Abhay: Open your eyes, Maithili. Open your eyes Maithili…Your dream is true…I will not go anywhere…I will be with you…just with you…I am only yours…and will always stay yours…always…(He moves his head towards her. Piya opens her eyes and sees that she is in Abhay’s arms and Abhay’s face is closer to hers. She gets up suddenly and Abhay opens his eyes too.
Pia: Abhay! I am sorry… I am really sorry!
Abhay: Sorry? for what?
Pia: We…like this… (She gets out of the bed and Abhay follows her)
Abhay: You don’t need to say sorry. We were just sleeping. Come…I will drop you at the Hostel.
Piya: But if your Parents see?
Abhay: No one will see…Come with me.
Chand and Haseena watch Abhay holding Piya’s hand and walking from the House.
Chand: You were right! This girl will make him mad. How silly of him to think that we would not know. Because of this girl we are going to have a lot of problems.
Haseena: But what will you do Chand?
Chand: Now I need to stop Piya Jaiswal. Enough is enough!

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Misha stops Piya.
Misha: Piya, What the hell is happening? Last night where did you vanish?
Piya: Actually in Hostel…I was tired so I slept early (Misha thinks why Pia is lying to her. Piya turns to go)
Misha: Pia wait…I met Kabir…He told me that you are acting all strange. Dude…you are my friend and he has feelings too…Please do not force me to take any one person’s side… Piya, you are not interested in Kabir, right? If that is the case tell him. (Pia walks off) Hey Pia, you are doing all this because of Abhay, right? I don’t believe you babes…I mean you know what he did… He is a bloody criminal. And what magic has he done to you. You use to hate him, right? How did you change this much?
Piya: Because I know the truth!
Misha: Truth? What truth?
Piya: Misha, I don’t want to tell anything without proof. I had put false blame on Abhay. And next time I will tell the truth to everyone only with full proof.
Misha: Wait! You are telling me that it is not Abhay but someone else? (Piya nods) Sh**! Do we know him? (Bell rings)
Piya: I think we need to go to class. We are getting late…
Misha: Fine Babes! But I am telling you…I need to know what is going on…
Scene moves to the Class Room. Ms Protima Dasgupta and students are in the class. The Principal comes in and the students get up and wish him.
Principal: Good morning! Mount College students have always been ahead of other college students…in studies and in extracurricular activities. Our College has a name and fame which was spoiled because of one student. We have found that a student of this College spend an entire night at a Guy’s room. The Boy’s Parents would now identify the girl and after that we would take strict action. The Raichand’s enter the room. Episode ends.

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