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28th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 57) Tracker gets kidnapped

Abhay and Pia surrounded by Wolves
Episode 57 starts with Ruhi wandering out of the Camp Site. She recalls the Old lady telling to go to jungle alone to a specific tree there and apply a paste of the tree leaves along with cow dung to get a dream prince. Ruhi thinks that more than T she is in need of true love and assures herself that she can do it.
Piya bumps into the Old lady.
Piya: I am sorry Auntie (Misha takes her wig and reveals herself. Piya is surprised and asks what she did. Misha tells that she did the marriage of Tracker with a Sherpa and applied cow dung on T’s face. Misha goes to the bus to change her costume)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Three of Madhu’s Club friends are sitting and chatting with her. They talk about Danish-Panchi relationship. They talk about the consequences of giving freedom to girls. They gossip about how someone had to get their daughter married fast as she was pregnant. One lady tells her that once a relationship is broken it is difficult to get a good one after that. Madhu feels bad that people are pointing fingers at Panchi and thinks of what would happen if people come to know about Pia. She decides that she would not allow such a thing to happen.

Scene moves to the Camp Site. Misha sees T’s friends and go and chat with them. T’s friend tells her that T is in the tent applying her special beauty creams. Misha asks why she has gone and done what the old lady said. The girls inform that T overheard the conversation between Misha and Piya and knows that the Old lady was Misha in disguise. T’s friends tell Misha to watch out. Misha tells them that T won’t always get a chance to overhear her plans so she should watch out instead.
Misha comes out from there and Panchi catch hold of her. Panchi tells Misha that because of her Tracker has gone to the jungle alone. Angad takes Misha’s side and tell Panchi that it is because of the Old lady Tracker has done that so that she gets some Guy for herself. Angad is shocked when Panchi reveals that the Old lady was Misha in disguise. Panchi tells that they will all go together and look for Tracker.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Haseena is calling Abhay on phone.
Hasina: Come on Abhay, Pick up the Phone!
Chand: Stop! We should have stopped him then. And now he has gone to such a jungle where we cannot go. There he is surrounded by wolves. He is trapped! If he has to save himself he has to expose his identity. To protect himself he has to expose us and that is not a good sign Hasina.
Haseena: Do something Chand…Just d something!
Chand: yeah…

The students are in a group and searching for Tracker in the Forest by shouting her name. Kabir tells Panchi that they would divide into 3 groups headed by Kabir, Panchi and Misha and search. Pia gets into Panchi’s group while Angad goes with Misha.

Misha and Angad are searching for Tracker. When Misha sees that Angad is not calling out for Tracker , Misha asks him to shout Tracker’s name. Angad asks Misha if really she was the Old lady. Misha speaks in the Old lady’s tone. Angad is embarresed.
Misha: Have you gone mad?
Angad: No, why?
Misha: Dude! How could you even think about it… that I and you…yuck!
Angad: But Misha…
Misha : Even if my brain was fully out and if I wa sdeaf, blind or mute …then also no! I and you… you have lost it! And what happened to you? Why you are hitting on your friends? Your neighbours daughters are dead? Go for them!
Angad: Misha, I don’t love them. I love…
Misha: Shh please…Don’t use such bad words in front of me…I mean what is wrong with you. Have you become a loser? Is this what I taught you? (Hits on Angad’s head lightly) Come on let us look for Tracker! (Misha and Angad shouts for Tracker)
At the Forest, Tracker is walking. Tracker is thinking, ‘Where is that magic tree? Green leaves…brown trunk…’ She then sees a tree and is convinced that it is the tree the old lady mentioned. Tracker runs to the tree. She goes near the tree and says, ‘Long live Gypsy Mother. Long live Gypsy mother!’. She then plucks some leaves of the tree. Someone watches Tracker. He covers his face and goes near Tracker. He puts the sack he was carrying over Trackers head. Tracker cries for help.

Kabir’s Group is calling out Trackers name. Kabir spots Abhay standing underneath a tree. Abhay has his eyes closed. Kabir says, ‘Surprising! He can only roam around at College as dude…coward! Let’s go!’ Kabir’s Group goes away from there.

Scene moves to the stranger carrying Ruhi over the shoulder tied in a sack. Ruhi is crying. Panchi’s group is calling out Tracker’s name and searching for her. Piya who was walking last hears Tracker’s cries and wanders away from the group following the voice. Panchi looks around and sees that Piya is not with them. Panchi’s group calls out for Pia and Tracker and all the Groups come near the tree where Abhay is standing with his eyes closed. Panchi asks the other Group if they have seen Pia. Abhay gets alerted hearing that Pia is lost. Abhay rushes from there. He runs through the jungle. He stops in between and tries to sense Piya and then runs again.

Kabir notices that Abhay is not underneath the tree and says, ‘He was standing here now’. The group shouts Pia and Tracker’s name.

The kidnapper stands under a tree with the sack on his shoulder. Abhay is sitting on one of the branches of the tree. Abhay jumps from the tree and stands in front of the hooded and masked stranger. The stranger puts the sack down and Abhay fights with him. Pia comes there then and sees them fighting. Abhay hits the guy badly. The stranger takes a knife out and charges at Abhay but Abhay makes him to drop the knife. Abhay holds the guy’s hand with one hand and tries to lift the mask with the other but the stranger manages to escape.

At the Dobriyal House, Arnab notices Madhu is gloomy and asks her what the reason is. Madhu informs that people are gossiping about Panchi. Madhu tells him that she is worried about their daughter’s future. Just then Arnab gets a call and he attends it. The person on the other side informs Arnab Dobriyal that he is Mr Jethani, the lawyer of Suganth Jaiswal. He tells Arnab that he wanted to get a time from Arnab for reading Suganth’s will. Arnab is shocked. Madhu asks him what the matter is and Arnab tells him it is a phone regarding some office matter. Arnab tells Jethani to call him at Office the next day.

Abhay sits near the sack and unties it. Piya also comes near him.
Piya: Tracker…How is she Abhay? (While Abhay is trying to get Tracker out of the sack Piya hears a sound and she is shocked seeing wolves standing at a distance. Abhay gets up too. Both of then looks around and find them surrounded by wolves. Piya is scared and she goes behind Abhay. Abhay makes Piya hold on to him tightly from the back and comes to his Vampire form with blue eyes but no fangs. He makes some sounds.

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