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24th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 54) Piya forgives Kabir but tells him that she cannot be his Girlfriend

Haseena warns Abahy against going for the College Trip
Episode 54 starts with Kabir entering the Dobriyal House and calling out for Misha. Misha comes down from the stairs. Kabir asks her if Pia is there and Misha replies that Piya is in the house but she may not want to talk to him. Misha goes and sits by the fire side in the hall and Kabir also sits across her on the arm of a chair. Kabir tells Misha that Piya has forgiven everyone and at least permit him to say sorry to Pia.
Misha: Kabir , You were her Boyfriend and relationships are based on trust. If you loved her, where did the love go? Where did the trust go? It vanished on hearing someone saying something?
Kabir: Mish, someone? Danish was my Brother! Who would have thought that he would do something like that? Even my heart was not permitting me to believe. Tou tell me Mish…is that my fault?
Misha: I know Kabir, I know! But I don’t think talking to Pia would be that easy. (Kabir lowers his head. He then sees Piya coming down the stairs)
Kabir: Piya…(Piya reaches the hall and Kabir gets up from where he was sitting and walks toward Pia) Piya, I am sorry! I know it is difficult but will you be able to forgive me?
Pia: It’s okay Kabir, I am not angry with you. (Kabir looks at Misha and then back to Pia)
Kabir: Wow! That’s great…That means…
Pia: So…
Kabir: I mean you…me…
Pia: Kabir, I have forgiven you. But I can’t have relationship with you…I am sorry! Kabir, the basis of any relationship is trust…and when that is not there what relationship…what love…
Kabir: I know Piya, But…you know what Danish did that time…
Piya: I know, he blinded you all. But Kabir you…you should have trusted me. Didn't you even listen to your heart once? You did not think of supporting me? You could have at least thought once that the girl whom you love would ever do something like that. No Kabir, all you had to do was trust me.
Kabir: I am sorry Piya. I know I hurt you. But whatever happened then I am really sorry. (Piya goes and sits on a sofa)
Piya: It’s okay Kabir, I already told you that we can still be friends. And don’t keep more hopes than that.
Kabir: Friends?
Pia: Yeah…(Kabir goes and sit next to her on a chair) Just friends.
Kabir: And you know Piya I don’t deserve even that, Thank you! I will be friend…but I will wait…to win your trust…
Misha: Kabir, will you be able to do that?
Kabir: Yes Misha, If that is the way to keep Pia in life…I will do it! Fine Pia…Let’s take it your way! I will be your friend. I will stay your friend always. But this time I promise I will not break your trust. (Misha sits next to Kabir on the Sofa)
Misha: Great! So all is cool, right? (Pia smiles) Peace?
Pia: Peace!

Scene moves to Abhay driving the car with Danish next to him.
Danish: Thanks Abhay, for getting me out of there. But I can’t believe that Piya ruined my life. For many years I have been trying to be part of the Dobriyal family. They were the more powerful family in Dehradun before the arrival of Raichands. But that Piya ended everything for me in a minute. I should have killed her. I should have killed that *. (Abhay is angry) I got opportunity in the Hostel but she escaped. Anyway thanks to you and your dad that you people are doing this much for me. I owe you dude! Thanks again! But Piya would have to pay a price for this…(Abhay controls his temper) I will not leave her! She does not know what I can do.(Abhay stops the Car)
Abhay: Get off the Car…
Danish: What?
Abhay: There is some problem in the Car. Let’s get out and see…
Danish: Okay (He gets out of the car and opens the Car bonnet (Abhay gets out of the car and goes towards Danish who is looking inside with his head underneath the bonnet. He is angry)
Abhay: Check near the battery! (Abhay recalls Danish telling that he should have killed Piya. Abhay shuts the bonnet with force) You will teach Piya a lesson? Remember this Danish…If you even touch Piya you will have to answer me. I am Piya’s shadow! If you even lift your eyes and look at Piya you cannot imagine what the consequences would be.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Abhay enters the house. Haseena and Chand are on the hall.
Chand: Where is Danish?
Abhay: He did not come.
Chand: Did not come?
Abhay: I got him bail but I think he wants to spend some time alone. He said that so much has happened with him that he needs some time off. Maybe he does not wish to face anyone, so I also did not force him.
Chand: If he needs time then it is alright. But if Danish does not come there would be problem in office.
Haseena: What sort of Problem?
Chand: Danish was working in a new outstation project. If he does not come to Office, I am afraid Abhay you will have to be there.
Abhay: You know that I have to attend the college. There is a trip organized by our college for 2 days to visit some Museum. (Haseena gets up from the chair)
Haseena: Museum? Which museum?
Abhay: Some Pritviraj Museum.
Haseena: Abhay, You cannot go to that Museum. No way!
Abhay: Mom you know I…
Haseena: That Museum is on the other side of the river. We won’t be able to even keep our feet there. You cannot go there…they will smell and find you…
Abhay: Mom, you are worrying for no reason. I will be fine…I will handle them. Don’t worry! (Abhay goes from the hall. Haseena and Chand look at each other)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House, Misha’s room. Misha and Piya are packing for their College trip. Panchi is sitting on the bed and crying. Panchi gets emotional thinking of her relationship with Danish. Piya handles Panchi nicely and motivates her to forget and throw Danish out of her life. Madhu sees this and is touched by Pia’s help.

Scene moves to the College campus where the students are getting into the College Bus parked in the campus. Misha is on top of the bus helping with the baggage. Misha throws T’s bag down. Piya is about to get into the bus when she sees Abhay who comes and stands behind T. Abhay compliments T and Piya gets into the bus and takes the side seat in one of the front seats in the bus. Abhay comes inside the bus. He looks at Piya and then goes and sits on the last row in the Bus. Outside the Bus Kabir catch hold of Misha and asks for her support to impress Piya. Kabir gets into the Bus and sits next to Pia and tries to flirt with her. Pia tells him that his cheesy lines would not work on her and Abhay watches them. Kabir asks Pia what the S she is wearing stands for and Pia tells him that it stands for the first alphabet in her mother’s name. Kabir tells Piya that he has something for her and gives her a P Alphabet pendant telling that she can now wear the P next to her Mom. Piya accepts the gift telling that it is nice and thank Kabir.

T gets into the Bus and is happy to see Abhay sitting alone in the last seat. Misha and Panchi enter the bus. Panchi informs the students about the Camping rules, ‘Nobody goes anywhere alone. And everyone would listen to me because I am the Boss and the boss is always right’ the students jointly say, ‘Yes teacher’. Panchi instructs the Driver to start the Bus. The students sing and have fun in the Bus. Pia senses Abhay looking at her and she looks back at him. T gets up from her seat and goes and sits next to Abhay hugging him.

It is night time and the Bus is supposed to cross the river. But the Bus stops suddenly. Abhay gets alert and remembers Haseena saying that they would smell and recognize Abhay.

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