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1st December 2010 Written Update (Episode 34) Danish and Panchi’s Engagement Party

Episode 34 starts with Panchi and Madhu trying to choose Jewelry to wear for the engagement Party. Misha who is sitting and eating chips tells Panchi to wear both necklaces. She tells Madhu to make Panchi wear all the jewelry in the house so that no one notices that they are giving their ugly daughter away. Madhu tells her that she knows how much Misha would miss Panchi once she is gone. Both the girls feel sad. Madhu tells Panchi that when she was born her mother dreams about her wedding but now she feels bad that Panchi grew so fast and would be gone soon.
Misha: Let her go Mama. I will never show you the day because I will not get married at all…
Madhu: Really? Does that mean that you would stay all life with us? Oh God! When would we get freedom from her? What did I do God? What wrong have I done? (Misha thinks that her mother is serious and become dull. She gets up from the cot and sits down facing away. Panchi hugs Madhu) Why Misha? Only you can joke in this house? (Misha realizes her mother was joking and her expression changes)
Misha: Ouch! Today I tasted my own medicine and it was bitter Mama…

Scene moves to Abhay sitting at talking with T at the Raichand House.
T: You are not going there…like seriously serious? They invited you there and you are not going?
Abhay: I have no interest in those people.
T: Nor am I! But maybe you do not know one thing…
Abhay: why?

Scene moves to Piya getting ready for the Party. She is wearing a beautiful pendant necklace with her Indian dress. She thinks, ‘Tonight everyone will know your truth. What you did with Maya I have the video. But tonight on this spy cam you will confess everything to me. One time they see you in the jacket everything would become clear. Whether Maya wishes or not, but you will pay!’ Pia receives a call from Misha. Piya tells her that she is getting ready and would be there soon. She inquires if the Raichands would come. Misha tells her that they have not invited but probably Danish might have as Abhay’s father is his Boss. Piya thinks, ‘Abhay, you have to come today because nothing would come in between me and my plan’

Scene moves to Piya who makes a call to the Raichand House. A servant picks up the phone and she asks for Abhay. Abhay who was sitting and talking with T comes on line and Piya talks to him as T. But Abhay recognizes her.
Piya: Today you are going for the engagement Party, aren’t you?
Abhay: Actually I was not supposed to go there, But if you are coming… Actually I don’t want to go there and be with Pia and her loser friends.
Piya: Yeah…I mean…I will meet you there!
Abhay: That sounds great Baby! Just you protect me from that desperate Pia. That despo Piya does not have your class. How classy you are and she is an idiot! T, I am praising you Baby…and you are silent?
Piya: Ahh…of course!
Abhay: Then alright! Meet you in the evening! (Pia puts the phone down. Abhay also puts the phone and then dials the received call number on the Phone display from his mobile phone. The voice from the other end says, ‘Mount College Hostel’. Abhay cuts the call and thinks, ‘What game are you playing now Pia Jaiswal?’ He goes back and sits on the sofa.
T: Who where you talking to?
Abhay: Nobody! You were telling something…that I should be going there…why?
T: I think you should go! Because you would not believe what I saw! I saw Kabir proposing to Pia…I saw him bending on the knees and giving ring…I think we should go there as a couple.
Abhay: Okay, we will go there! I will pick you up at 8’o’clock.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House where Madhu is hugging Panchi from behind and both crying. Misha is sitting on the cot and watching.
Misha: See loser! You made Momma also cry
Panchi: Mishu…how will I stay without you? You know when you were small you used to sleep on my lap… (Misha gets up from the bed)
Misha: Oh my God! You are getting engaged… not dying…chill man! If you really want to cry then do it on the day you are sent away after marriage. I promise I will also do the acting of crying. (Arnab comes in and hugs Panchi. Misha scolds Panchi for making their father cry too. Madhu tells Arnab that she is missing Siddharth. Misha tells that London is not that far that he cannot come for his sister’s engagement. Arnab tells that Siddharth’s exams are going on.
Misha: That is what you think. It is just that he does not love Panchi and that’s why he is not coming.
Panchi: Just shut your mouth!
Misha: Shut up you! You are not a member of this house anymore. (Madhu looks at the clock and realizes that they are getting late and asks the girls to get ready. Panchi goes from there. Misha tries to open her cupboard but finds it locked. Madhu tells her that she has locked it and hidden the key. She tells Misha the dress she is supposed to wear is on the dressing table and asks her to get ready in 20 minutes.

Guests start arriving at the Engagement Party. Panchi comes down the stairs and goes to her parents. She then sees Danish and goes to him. Arnab asks Madhu where Misha is. He then sees Piya who looks gorgeous in her dress. Madhu calls Piya and asks her to go and see where Misha is. Piya goes to Misha’s room and knocks and asks Misha to come out. Piya is surprised to see Misha wearing the traditional Indian dress and compliments her. Misha wears sneakers telling that at least she would wear something normal so that she does not feel that she is inside someone else’s body. Madhu and Arnab are happy to see Misha while she looks at them in anger. Misha shows them the sneakers and then go away from there. The Dobrial’s notice the Raichands entering the Party and is not happy seeing them. Danish runs to them and greets them. Madhu tells them that she has not invited them and since they are Danish’s guests they should behave nicely with them. Danish tells the Raichands that he will introduce them to his Mom Dad. Madhu goes to them and greets them and invites them to come in. Danish introduces his and Kabir’s Parents to the Raichands. Raichands praise Danish in front of them. T makes an entry then to the party holding on to Abhay’s arm. T is dressed up in a beautiful blue sari and Abhay is in a black designer sherwani. At the door Abhay removes T’s hand from his arm and walks inside. Guys are complimenting on how beautiful Misha looks. Tracker feels bad and thinks that everyone has someone like Danish for Panchi, Kabir for Piya and Abhay for T and wonders if she would have to stay single all life. She then sees Abhay standing alone and goes to him and tries to flirt with him. T comes there and fights with Tracker. She insults Tracker and Misha comes to Ruhi’s defense.
Abhay: Cat fight
Misha: Don’t get scratches on your face in this cat fight… come let’s fight!
Abhay: I don’t fight with kids (He goes away. Madhu comes and catch hold of Misha’s ear but Misha fools her and runs away from there.)

Piya is in the room where jackets are hung. She asks the Guy how he can identify which jacket belongs to whom. He tells that people come and pick their own jackets. Piya checks the rack and find that the wing designed coat is there. She thinks, ‘Abhay has to come somehow here to take his coat’
Misha asks the DJ to play some nice music and people dance. Piya goes and offs the central heating system. She then comes back to the room. Hasina tells Abhay to be careful and behave well. Abhay tells where he is telling anything and goes from there. The guy standing near the jacket remarks it has suddenly become a little too cold. Piya tells the guy good dance is going on and asks him to go for a while telling that she will manage till then. The Guy thanks her and goes. Pia sees Abhay coming into the room to get the coat.

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