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16th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 47) Panchi asks Piya to stay away from Misha and Dobriyal Family

Episode 47 starts with an unconscious Misha being brought home by Kabir and some other students. Students tell Arnab and Panchi that the East Wing of the College crashed and how they rescued Misha who was there because of Piya. Kabir tells them that the Doctor has already checked Misha and she is fine and only unconscious. The students go from there but as Pia was about to go Panchi stops her and thank her for helping Misha. Panchi tells Pia to stay away from Misha and her house.

Scene moves to the damaged locker room where the experts are checking the damage. A lot of students are standing around. T’s friend tells T how lucky Misha is to be rescued by a hero. T tells her that Misha might be making up stories. T’s friend tells her that Misha was unconscious and she saw a cool guy coming and lifting Misha in his arms. Another girl tells that it might be Abhay because he even predicted the earth quake. Pia hears all this. T tells the students that it is not Abhay Raichand and if it was him he would have taken the credit for saving Misha. T asks the students who is such an idiot to save someone’s life by risking his life and not take the credit of it. Piya recalls Abhay saving her from falling from the mountain, balcony and from being hit by the truck. Piya thinks, ‘Abhay, you saved Misha? You only can do this…save someone’s life and not take the credit of it!’
Scene moves to Danish and Panchi talking to Doctor. The Doctor tells them that Misha is fine and for safety purpose he has put her into a medically induced coma as she has neck and spinal injuries. The Doctor goes from there. Panchi gets emotional because of Misha’s plight and Danish consoles her. Panchi tells Danish that it is because of Pia Misha could be saved and she has done a favor to them. Danish tells Panchi that she is being emotional and that they should keep Pia away from their family. Danish asks Panchi to promise him that she would stay away from Pia at least till their marriage and Panchi agrees.

Scene moves to Pia in the damaged locker room. She looks around. She gets Abhay’s pen from the ground. She thinks, ‘Abhay Raichand, You only saved Misha…’
Scene moves to Piya talking to the Administration Madam that she wants the Camera footage of the East wing which collapsed so that the journalism students could know how the area collapsed and to take some photo prints from it to use in the magazine. The Madam asks the Peon to give Pia the CC TV footage of the Locker Area. The Guy gives the footage and the madam tells her to return it once her work is over. Pia goes from there after thanking the madam.

Scene moves to Abhay walking through the College corridor. Some students approach him and ask him to sign a petition. Abhay checks for his pen in the pocket and finds it missing. He realizes that he might have dropped it in the locker room while saving Misha. The girl gives pen and Abhay signs the petition. Abhay tells the Peon that he lost something very important in the locker room and if he has seen it. The Peon tells Abhay that Piya Madam might know as she has taken the CCTV footage for the locker room to watch. Abhay goes to Pia who is sitting in the library with a laptop in front of her. Abhay keeps his hand on the Computer screen.
Abhay: What are you doing?
Piya: I am seeing who the Hero is who saved Misha.
Abhay: Why?
Piya: Because I want to know!
Abhay: Why?
Piya: Why not?
Abhay: Can’t you respect anyone’s privacy?
Piya: What is the question of privacy here? I want to know who saved my friend. And I am seeing. What is the harm?
Abhay: If he wanted to tell, he would have told already and become hero in front of everyone. Obviously he did not want that to happen. Why do you want to interfere? Just forget it! (Abhay closes the laptop)
Piya: Why? But why you don’t want me to see?
Abhay: Just…Do not wish!
Piya: Okay, I will go and return this to Office.
Abhay: Give it to me…I will return it! (Pia looks at him) You don’t trust me? (Piya gives the CD to Abhay) Me too! (Keeps his hand on her shoulder) Don’t break this trust! (Abhay goes from there)

Scene moves to Raichand House. Abhay enters his house. Haseena gets angry at Abhay for saving Misha Dobriyal by breaking the wall. Haseena scolds him telling that in order to stay in the city they have to stay like normal human beings. Abhay tells her that Misha would have died if he would not have saved her. Haseena reminds him that it is not his work to save people and that he is a monster. Abhay asks Haseena not to worry as no one knows that he saved Misha. Haseena hopes that Abhay’s goodness does not put them into problem.

Scene moves to next day at Mount College. T and her friends are at the College Campus. T’s friend asks why the Guy who saved Misha is not coming in front of everyone and tells that if it would have been she who saved Misha, she would have announced to the entire world. They go and sit in the college canteen. T tells the girls that she has an idea to get the stardom in the College and asks them to do as she says. T tells them that they have to tell everyone that it is T who saved Misha Dobriyal and their gang would become famous. Tracker overhears the conversation. Tracker confronts T but she insults Tracker. T makes a call to a news Channel.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Abhay and Haseena are sitting and watching the news. The news reporter announces that they have got details of the hero who saved the girl at Mount College and that a girl at the College has informed them that she would tell the name of the person at 8 in the night.
Haseena: Are you sure Abhay that no one would come to know about this? You are going to fix this! And I am warning you that this should not come in the news. And whatever you do…you will do like a normal human. Nobody should know anything about your powers and strength. Is that clear? (Abhay switches off the TV. He is angry thinking that it is Piya who leaked the news of his saving Misha. He thinks, ‘Piya…I told you not to break my trust. You have done a big mistake Piya. Now I will fix this. I will not allow you to do this’ Episode ends.

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