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6th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 38) Abhay rescues Piya from Danish Singh

Episode 38 starts with Piya showing the video clip which she had taken in the Hospital to Danish. Danish is shocked but he composes himself fast and turns to Pia.
Danish: So…Piya Jaiswal…you know everything? What are you going to do? Are you… (Danish sees Panchi and stops midway)
Panchi: What are you two discussing here alone? Don’t tell me it is another surprise Danish…Gosh… You are too much! (Panchi goes to Danish and puts her hand on his arm) Piya…beware of him! He would trap you too. Don’t go by his innocent face…he is too smart. I am telling you… (To Danish) Baby! Let’s go down…People are going… we need to see them off.
Danish: Panchi you go! I was planning some surprise with Pia and you just walked in. I’ll come in a bit…
Panchi: Okay! Come soon okay!
Danish: Yeah! What happened? You did not tell Panchi about your proof… It is not that easy, right? Firstly, whatever proof you have is not enough to point fingers at me. And secondly…will you be able to tell Panchi? Tell me! Have you ever thought how Panchi would feel? She would be broken… Will Piya be able to break Panchi’s heart?
Piya: And Maya…What you did to her that…? What did I do with Maya? I am an attractive Guy! Best student of College…I had everything…Girls like Maya used to roam around me… And even Maya knew that I only was passing time with her…I mean…In this modern time how can someone be so careless? She wants to sleep with me but do not want to take the responsibility. Come on Piya… wake up! This is not that time where the girl’s Dad would come and keep the gun on my head and say to get married to his girl. I am not going to marry someone like Maya. She was pregnant…now she is not…simple! Problem solved! By the way Piya…for the record…I am only Maya’s child’s father. What can you do? Piya…I am about to start a new life… Maya for me is bloody over…So you better… (Danish stops mid way when he sees Misha. Misha has a shocked look on her face and suddenly she faints. Danish moves forward to catch her but before that Abhay moves in and supports Misha)
Abhay: Don’t touch her!
Danish: Really? Now you will tell me how I will treat my wife’s sister? Who are you to talk in my house matters?
Abhay: She is no one to you. And as long as I am here this house will not be yours!
Piya: He knows everything! Abhay…let’s go…Let’s take Misha to her room… (Abhay lifts Misha in his arms and carries her leaving a stunned Danish alone)

Arnab’s Associate comes to Arnab and Madhu and tells that Misha has agreed has agreed for the alliance and they would send the shakun the next day. Madhu and Arnab are shocked to hear the news. Once the couple is gone Madhu asks Arnab if today is their lucky day. Arnab tells her that Misha did a joke with the couple and Madhu goes from there to confront Misha.

Scene moves to Danish who is looking worried. Kabir sees him and runs to him.
Kabir: Hey Bro… what’s happening yaar?
Danish: Kabir come with me…
Kabir: What happened? Did you talk to Pia? Did she say anything?
Danish: Kabir listen! I don’t understand how to tell you… Pia is with someone else… she is fooling you…
Kabir: No…Piya can’t do like that…she is so…
Danish: Innocent? Truthful? No Kabir… The truth is that she likes Abhay. She is only playing with you…
Kabir: But Danish…why she will do that?
Danish: Why? For back up Kabir! This is what you don’t understand… Abhay is rich… but you are Kabir Singh Rathod… Your family has name and position… And she is a very smart girl… She will not commit to anyone till she gets a big fish… This poor…orphan…scholarship student… all this is just a cover… I know such girls very well. They are looking for a way… a way to get out of their poverty…and Pia’s way is you… When I wa stalking to her about you, she was contantly messaging to that bloody Abhay…
Kabir: No…I don’t believe you…
Danish: Kabir, I am your Brother. Don’t you trust your Brother? Then go and check her mobile. See how many messages are there from Abhay…

At Misha’s room Abhay put Misha on the cot. He covers her with a Blanket and leaves from there. Panchi comes in and she is angry at Misha. She tells Pia not to take Misha’s side. Panchi tries to wake Misha up but she does not wake up. Panchi goes from there telling that she would be back in a minute. Piya calls Misha. Misha in her unconscious state tells, ‘Danish…he cannot do like this with Panchi…I will kill him…I swear I will kill him…’ Misha becomes unconscious again. Kabir comes to the room.
Kabir: Piya… give me your phone for a minute…
Piya: My Phone…why?
Kabir: Just like that! Are you hiding something from me?
Piya: Not at all …but what are you going to do with my phone?
Kabir: Amazing Piya…This much guilty conscious… I am only asking for the phone… Come on…I am your Boyfriend…I have at least that much right…
Piya: What will I hide? What kind of behavior is this?
Kabir: No Pia… what is your behavior? I know everything…just give me the phone, okay?
Piya: What are you telling me? (Kabir seizes the phone from Piya and Danish comes there in that very instant. Panchi also come to the room with a bucket of water at the same time)
Danish: Kabir, what is this? Again you are fighting… Give the phone to Piya… (Danish takes the phone and drops it to the bucket of water Panchi is carrying) Sorry Kabir…Piya…I am so sorry! I will get you a new phone…
Panchi: You see to it that you get her a new one…
Danish: Of course…I will definitely do that! (Kabir and Danish go from there. Panchi remove the phone from water and gives to Piya and tells her that she would make sure that Danish gets her a new phone. Piya finds that the phone is not working. In the meanwhile Panchi informs Madhu about Misha.

Danish stops Piya when he sees her in the Garden.
Danish: Hi Piya! I wanted to tell you sorry because your last proof also drowned in water.
Piya: What a horrible man you are Danish! I didn’t believe it is really you...
Danish: It’s me Pia… And you need to understand this? What do you think? I don’t love Panchi? Piya…she is my life…I love her a lot…the other girls would keep coming in or going out of my life… and may be that would be happening in future too…But I have understood one thing…All these girls are time pass for me…but Panchi she is here to stay… She is the prettiest girl I know… You know what? She is the perfect girl…a marriage material…Once I get married to her I will get a status in life…And you know what Pia…I worked really hard…From 4 years I am staying with her and her family… and you know why? So that her Parents feel that I am a perfect son… It was not easy…but I did it… But how will you know this Piya…Because who are you? An orphan who does not have anyone at all? No one and nothing to lose… And you know what… This is my family…my status…and my life… And it between that you or no other girl can come… No way! Or if someone tries…I will not leave that person. And if you ever try I promise you that you will regret.
Piya: Are you threatening me Danish?
Danish: No Pia…I am trying to make you understand. You have come to their lives recently but I am a part of their life. What do you think? You will go and tell them everything and they would become against me? You will go and tell them that I am the father of May’s baby…Pia…its ridiculous! No one will believe…
Piya: You are so wrong Danish! I will gather proof against you and I will prove that you are wrong!
Danish: Really Piya?
Piya: Really Danish! I will show everyone your horrible face…
Danish: If you do so Piya (Danish comes behind her and presses Piya’s neck with his hand) it will be very bad for you. You will not do anything like that… you know why? (Suddenly Abhay comes there and lifts Danish up the ground by his neck using just his hand and Piya’s moves away from Danish)
Piya: Abhay!
Abhay: Never ever touch Piya…
Danish: Leave me…!
Abhay: Appologize to her! Say sorry!
Danish: Sorry… sorry…
Piya: Abhay just leave him… (Piya holds Abhay’s arm and Abhay loosens the grip and Danish falls on the ground. Abhay catches Pia’s hand and walk out of there)
Abhay: You will never talk to him…never! I will take care of him
Piya: Abhay, it is all over! Everything is over Abhay!
Abhay: What is over?
Piya: Abhay my phone… In which I had his and Maya’s clipping…in which they were talking to each other… he threw it in water… It’s all gone…I have no proof! Oh God… (She keeps her hand on her neck and remembers about her pendant) Abhay, my pendant… it had a camera on it…where did I drop it… (She thinks) I know where it is…Come on… (Piya holds Abhay’s hand) come with me… (She searches on the ground where Danish had confronted her and find that the pendant has got damaged. She tells Abhay that now there is no proof and that they should go to Maya. Abhay and Pia leaves from Dobriyal House to the Hospital. At the Hospital Piya talks to Maya about Danish and tells that all the proof is destroyed. But suddenly she remembers that there is one proof left which cannot be destroyed, Misha who had overheard Piya’s conversation with Danish. Episode ends)

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