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25th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 55) Abhay insults Pia after hearing her confession of feelings for him

Abhay insults Piya after hearing her confession of love
Episode 55 starts with Danish’s Mother coming to the Police Station along with lawyer to get him on Bail. The Inspector tells them that he has already been granted bail. Danish’s mother asks him who got Danish out of bail and the Inspector replies that Mr Raichand’s son got him out on bail the previous night. Danish’s Mom is worried thinking why Danish has still not come home if he has got bail.
Scene moves to the Bus stopping before the river. Abhay gets alerted remembering his Mom saying that they cannot go to the other side of the river and that they would recognize him by smell. Panchi informs the students that they have a flat tire and there is no spare. She informs the students that they would camp there for the night. Students get down from the bus and Abhay gets out last. He remembers Haseena warning him and tells in mind, ‘Sorry Mom, I was helpless…I had to come…I had to come’ He looks around. Someone calls out to Abhay and ask him to come. Abhay thinks, ‘Nothing will happen, everything looks alright’

Scene moves to the Camp sight. The students have set up the tents and now sitting around the fire. They decide to play the game of truth or Dare. The first victim Tracker opts for Truth. Misha asks her who the hottest Boy in college is and tracker tells that it is Abhay. Abhay turns his face to the other side. Piya wonders what happened to Abhay. In the next spin of the bottle Kabir becomes the victim. Kabir opts for truth and he is asked what is going in his heart. Kabir replies, ‘Piya…Piya and only Pia’
Kabir: Piya, from the time I have seen you…I am in love with you. Guys, I knew that love is blind but now I came to know that love is stupid. Okay Pia, seriously, I did not trust you. When you needed me I was not there for you. I am so sorry for that. Will I get your love back? (Piya keeps silence. T is annoyed by the PDA and display of emotions. Kabir spins the bottle again. The bottle points to Abhay who is standing. A girl asks Abhay truth or dare. Abhay says truth then changes it. Abhay is asked to kiss a girl. Abhay passes Pia and go and kneels beside T. He kisses T on the cheek and T hugs him. Piya watches it and is not happy.

Scene moves to Piya stopping Abhay who is walking.
Piya: Abhay, I want to talk to you.
Abhay: Not interested! (He walks away.T’s friends come there asking where Abhay was and tells him that they were looking for him. When Abhay is about to go with them Panchi stops them and tells them that nobody would go out of the camp site and that they all have to stay together. Abhay tells her that he can take care of himself. Piya interferes and tells, ‘Abhay, you cannot talk to Panchi like this’ Abhay turns and looks at Piya.
Piya: She is appointed by college authorities. So you better listen to her and respect her.
Abhay: Just a minute. Who are you? This is between me and Panchi. Oh yeah…You are Pia Jaiswal who finds it necessary to interfere in everyone’s life. Don’t interfere in my plans. Take your helpless looks and I am lost attitude somewhere else, get that?
Pia: Abhay, How rudely you are talking. Can’t you talk properly? I had enough from you…Now no more! I wish I was dead. I hate you Abhay, I hate you! (Pia goes from there and Panchi follows her. Abhay thinks, ‘what is this you are telling Pia…don’t do anything stupid’ Abhay refuses to go with the girls and walk away from there)

Inside the tent Misha is sitting and drinking. She asks T’s friend where T is and her friend replies that T is correcting her makeup.

T is inside the bus doing makeup to impress Abhay. She suddenly sees a hand with blood on the window. She screams for help and tries to get down but the door gets locked. T is terrified seeing a beast outside and hides under the seat. Outside the bus, Misha who is wearing the beast’s mask on face laughs. Tracker comes there calling for Misha. When she sees Misha with the mask she tries to run away. Misha takes the mask out and calls Tracker. Tracker asks what she is doing there and Misha replies that she did a makeover for T who was doing make up inside the Bus. The girls laugh. Tracker asks Misha how much she drank and takes Misha from there.
Scene moves to Tracker coming out of the first tent. Piya comes and asks Tracker for Misha. Tracker tells that Misha is drunk and sleeping in the tent. Piya gets into the second tent which is unlit and sits by the lantern.
Piya: Misha, I know that you are sleeping. But if I don’t tell what is in my heart to someone I will go mad. I am dying Misha. I don’t know what is happening between me and Abhay. What is in him that he can hurt me so much…why do I allow him to break my heart again and again Misha? I fight with him so that I can talk to him. I am normal with everyone but when it comes to him I become so irrational Misha. I don’t know what is it that I am not able to stay away from him… When he treats me badly tears flow from my eyes. When he talks nicely to me, my heart starts beating Misha… Misha, what is happening? Am I…Am I falling in love Misha? But I should hate Abhay, Misha… But why Misha…why can’t I hate him? Why am I not able to hate? Misha why…why do I love him so much? Tell me Misha…why do I love him so much? Why Misha? (Pia raises the flame of the lantern and is shocked to see Abhay sitting there) Abhay! (Abhay gets up from where he was sitting and Pia gets up too. Abhay goes closer to her.

Outside the tent Kabir sees the shadows of Abhay and Piya together in embrace and kissing and goes from there.

Inside the tent Abhay and Piya are standing closer.
Abhay: I think I should leave you alone for some time. I mean it is very embarrassing for you, is it not? Throwing yourself on some boy like this is not easy. There is no difference between you and any other girl. Throwing yourself at me? In fact if you change your voice a little you are like T or Tracker. Or like any girl who run after me…You are highly mistaken Ms Piya Jaiswal…that you took my pity as love. Till now I have always shown pity on you thinking that you are helpless…alone…and orphan…Like Maya you are someone who always land into problems. And you…you thought of that pity as love? Don’t worry Pia, when you sit and think alone you would understand how silly you are…how much misunderstandings you have…in fact the mistake is mine! I helped you a little too much. I am sorry Ms Pia Jaiswal I am sorry. I am extremely sorry! (Abhay goes from the tent and Piya stands there crying)

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