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29th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 58) Abhay rescues Tracker and Piya from the Forest

Abhay and Pia romantic moments at the Forest
Episode 58 starts with the wolves surrounding Abhay and Piya. Tracker is still inside the sack. Piya is scared and holds on to Abhay from behind. Abhay makes her tightly hold on to him and goes on a defensive mode Vampire faced with blue eyes and making faces and sound which scares the wolves away. Piya is even more scared seeing this. Piya thinks, ‘ Who are you Abhay? What are you? Who are you?’ Piya runs away from there. Abhay comes to his normal form and turns and call Piya. But she does not stop.

At the forest the Group calls for Piya and Tracker. Misha tells Kabir that if Pia had gone to the jungle alone because of their fight she would kill him and throw his body to wolves. Kabir tells Misha that he did not tell anything to Piya. The group hears scary sounds in the jungle. Misha tells that she won’t go anywhere without finding Pia. The group resumes the search. Kabir thinks, ‘Where are you Pia? Are you upset? Are you hurt?’ Kabir shouts Pia’s name.

At the jungle Abhay is walking carrying Tracker in his arms. Tracker opens her eyes. She thinks, ‘Abhay! He kidnapped me. OMG…that old lady was telling the truth…because of her herbs Abhay became crazy for me…Ruhi, Congrats baby!’
Abhay: Are you alright?
Ruhi: Yeah, I am alright…Why did you kidnap me…I would have come just like that…
Abhay: I did not kidnap you…
Ruhi: Wow! So you saved me? (Ruhi puts both hands around Abhay’s neck) My hero! (Abhay puts Ruhi down. Ruhi cribs and Abhay lifts her cave man style and walks. Tracker sings some funny song)

Scene moves to the Camp Site. The Group has stopped searching for Tracker and Piya and are back to the Camp. They are sitting near the fire when Abhay comes there carrying Tracker. The students are happy to see Tracker. Panchi thanks Abhay and tells him that now they have to find Piya. Abhay is worried hearing it.

At the Jungle Piya is running. She recalls their encounter with wolves. Pia hears some scary sounds in the jungle and resumes running. Suddenly wolves appear in front of her and she shouts for help. Two hooded figures in black covered from head to toe who were behind her walks past her. Piya is scared seeing them. They scare the wolves with fire. Piya thinks, ‘Who are they…seeing whom the wolves are getting scared? Are they human? Where am I trapped?’ The wolves vanish and the hooded figures walk towards Pia. Before they could reach Pia, Abhay comes in between them. Abhay stares at them with Vampire blue eyes.
Abhay: Let’s go…Come with me! (Abhay takes her along with him from there. Abhay and Pia comes near two big rocks. Abhay sits on one rock and makes Pia sit on the other)
Pia: Abhay!
Abhay: That’s okay Piya… You are alright! Everything is fine.
Piya: Abhay this all I… (Abhay keeps his finger on Pia’s lips)
Abhay: Sshhh…No Pia! Not today… (Abhay thinks, ‘I spend the whole night saving Tracker but when I heard that you are in danger I was never so scared in my life as I got scared for you today Piya. If something would have happened to you I…’ Piya thinks, ‘Abhay, Once again you…but what I saw that…What strange story is this Abhay? Once again…I and you are together. I don’t want this to change…you, me and this time…we stay here forever…with each other…’ Abhay who was looking at Pia closes his eyes and thinks, ‘I have to move…Abhay…gather your courage…leave Pia…get up from here…you know that you are becoming a danger for Piya. Open your eyes Abhay…open your eyes…and leave Pia’ Abhay opens his eyes and gets up. He moves his hand and touches Pia’s forehead. He then gently tucks her hair and withdraws his hand.
Abhay: Don’t look at me like that Piya. Come on…we have to go! (Abhay turns to walk)
Pia: Abhay, Can’t we stay here for some more time? (Abhay’s looks at Pia) I feel safe…here…with you…
Abhay: No! Let’s go! Let’s go from here. (He holds her hand and helps her to get up from the rock)

Scene moves to Piya sitting at the Camp site with Panchi, Tracker and Misha. Panchi insists that Pia eat something but she refuses. Misha asks Piya about the wolves. Abhay looks at Piya from a distance and Piya looks back at him. They recall the romantic moments at Abhay’s bedroom and their first dance. Piya looks at him with dreamy eyes and Abhay walks from there.
Abhay is confronted by Kabir and Angad.
Kabir: How did you find Pia? Where did you find her? Is she unconscious?
Abhay: In the jungle.
Kabir: Jungle? Is she hurt?
Abhay: She is fine…
Kabir: You know what Abhay? I was thinking that I would say thanks to you. You saved Tracker’s life and Pia’s too…but when I look at your face, thanks do not come out of my mouth.
Abhay: I didn’t ask for it!
Kabir: Damn right you didn’t… You know what? You are so arrogant that it does not matter whose life you saved…You are still a jerk man…
Angad: Hey Dude, Come on let’s go! (Kabir and Angad goes)
Abhay: Thank you!

Piya is shivering and Misha is holding her. Misha asks Pia if the wolves frightened her that much. Pia tells that it is not the wolves she got scared of but she says that she got scared of something or someone who was there. Piya describes the 2 people with hood and Abhay cuts her.
Abhay: Hallucination…It’s called trauma…When humans get shocked their minds start making stories… It’s good that you saw 2 people…Otherwise you would have been talking about aliens. Go…get some sleep!
Misha: Piya…I think you need to sleep. Come with me! (Misha takes Piya to tent)
Scene moves to Panchi, Kabir and Angad.
Panchi: Kabir, Is it not strange that wolves were in the jungle…then who kidnapped Tracker? And who were the 2 masked people Pia saw? What were they doing in the jungle…?

At the jungle the 2 hooded figures are walking. Abhay runs and comes to them. Haseena and Chand remove their hoods and come to human form.
Abhay: What was the necessity to come here? I told you that I would be fine…
Haseena: How are you going to be fine Abhay? They have come to know that we have come to stay here. They have seen you and recognized you. You have given those wolves our address.
Chand: Are you out of your mind? Because of that girl you are losing control over yourself.
Abhay: I am not losing control. I am in control.
Chand: You are going to come with us…right now!
Abhay: No! I am not going anywhere… (Abhay turns and walks off)

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