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14th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 45) Abhay stops Arnab Dobriyal from slapping Pia

Abhay stops Arnab Dobriyal from hitting Piya
Episode 45 starts with Chand walking down the stairs. Haseena is sitting on a Sofa in the hall.
Chand: What did he say?
Haseena: He said he would go.
Chand: He did not argue?
Haseena : No!
Chand: I don’t believe him. He must be up to something.
Haseena: Chand…You told me that you wanted him to stay away for few days…it is done! He will go! (Chand thinks, ‘Piya Jaiswal…it’s time to deal with you’)

Scene moves to Piya at Dobriyal House looking out of the window. She recalls her telephonic conversation with the Warden regarding cheque for Maya from Danish. Piya inquires about the cheque to the servant Ramsingh. He tells her that coffee had fallen on it and it was kept for drying. He gets the envelope and give sit to Pia. Pia opens the cover and sees Danish’s cheque of 2 Lakhs in the name of Maya. She thinks, ‘Danish…now want excuse would you make? Where will you hide? You don’t even know Maya… And 2 lakhs Rupees cheque on an unknown person name. Now no one can save you’

Piya tells Misha about Danish and shows the Cheque. Misha is shocked to hear about it. Arnab , Danish and Panchi comes to the Hall. Misha asks if they heard what Pia said and Arnab tells her that they heard what she said.
Arnab: I can’t believe that someone whom I trusted so much could do this.
Piya: Please believe me…Why would I say that for anybody? Danish is telling you all lies.
Arnab: Lies? Really…then you tell me what the truth is…
Piya: Maya met Danish 1 year back. Then the affair between the 2 of them started. Maya took a transfer to here. She was not aware of Panchi. When Maya came to know about Panchi she told him to take a decision. Then danish started torturing her. He threatened her and one day he hurt her so much that he almost killed her. (Kabir comes in)
Kabir: What happened? Why this silence…
Arnab: Nothing… Piya is telling us all a Story. Tell me Pia…
Pia: When I came to know the truth I confronted Maya. But she was not ready to take a stand. Then I captured the conversation of 2 of them on my phone.
Arnab: The same phone which is dropped into water…
Piya: Yes…When I tried to talk about all of these danish came to my Hostel to kill me…
Arnab: In Hostel?
Piya: Danish wanted to silence me forever! And that time Abhay saved my life…
Kabir: Hey Pia…Just shut up okay, what nonsense are you talking? Do you know whom you are talking about? It’s Danish!
Piya: The same Danish who made Maya pregnant…The same Danish who is responsible for her plight…the same Danish who tried to kill me…and this is the same Danish who tried to purchase Maya…
Arnab: By giving 2 lakh Rupees cheque? I am unable to believe… Pia said exactly the same way as Danish told…
Pia: What? Kabir, you know that I will not do such a thing…why will I do such a thing?
Danish: Because I rejected you…and you could not take it. You also threatened me Piya that if I don’t leave Panchi you would tell such a story that Panchi would leave me.
Pia: What? You are such a liar Danish…
Arnab: What lies? You are the one who are telling lies. How many more lies would you tell?
Pia: So Danish…why did you give that cheque to Maya?
Arnab: Because he wanted to help her.
Pia: Then why didn't you tell anyone?
Danish: Because in our houses we don’t have the habit of helping someone and then making announcements. (Pia thinks, ‘He has told everyone lie…I have to make them believe me…’. Danish thinks, ‘It was good that I heard Pia’s talk over phone and immediately called Maya’s uncle and told him a twisted story’ He recalls putting Maya in taxi and asking her to go. He then recalls talking to Dobriyal family and tells them that Pia is after him from the first day onwards and even talked to his parents. He also tells them that Pia was refusing to give her phone to Kabir because she did not want him to see Abhay’s messages. He thinks, ‘I trapped everyone with my words! Pia Jaiswal, No one will believe you!’
Kabir: Enough Piya! How many persons would you fool… What did we think of you and what you turned out to be… I was not enough for you? Abhay was not enough for you? That you wanted someone who was already committed! Panchi and Misha always treated you like a sister. And what did you do with them? I will forget you…because I understood that you never loved me…But these people… These people thought of you as a family member. They gave you place in this house. And this uncle…he gave you love more than that of a daughter…He fought with the entire world for you. And what did you do Piya?
Piya: Just stop it! Please stop it! Why don’t you people understand? I am telling the truth…Danish is lying! Now all this Maya only would solve. I will call her. Maya…
Panchi: Enough Piya! How many more lies would you tell? Maya has gone to her uncle’s place. Danish left her at taxi stand. She is gone!
Piya: Wow Danish! Very good… You played a good game…You played your cards very well. How easily you told lies. I feel you don’t know the difference between truth and lies…In your engagement day you told me that you are marrying Panchi because she is from the Dobriyal family. Because she is well connected…because she has status…and girls like Maya are just for time pass. Panchi is marriage material because of which you are marrying her. Danish, How many more girls are there like Maya? How many girl’s life would you spoil. How many girls you made pregnant and left like Maya? Tell me Danish! (Arnab raises his hand to hit Pia)
Arnab: Stop it Pia! (Abhay stops Arnab by catching his hand. Every one is shocked. Abhay leaves Arnab’s hand)
Abhay: Come, Piya! We are going from here…now! (He holds Pia’s hand and walks out of the room)

Scene moves to Abhay and Pia walking in the moonlight.
Pia: Abhay, I don’t know what is written in my destiny. After my Momma died I only wished that I get everyone’s love. But maybe I was expecting too much. Oh God! Why did I come here and what I would do now…
Abhay: Now you come with me to my house.
Piya: No Abhay! You have already done so much for me. Your Parents are very angry and I don’t want them to be more angry. I will go to the Hostel. Warden has belief in me. She told me that I can come anytime. Abhay, you were supposed to go out of town…then…
Abhay: No…I will go tomorrow! (Abhay thinks, ‘I had gone Piya but maybe there is something between us. You were in trouble…and I got pulled to you…’)
Scene moves to Pia and Abhay in front of Mount College Girl’s Hostel.
Abhay: Bye Pia! Goodnight! (Pia turns and walks to the Hostel. Abhay thinks, ‘I need to protect you Pia. You are in great trouble..’

Scene moves to Piya sitting on her bed at her Hostel Room crying looking at her mother’s photo. Piya says, ‘Momma you saw what Papa did…He believed such things about his own daughter Momma. When you send me here I thought it is my fate to stay near Papa. But Momma here also I got only hatred…only hatred…And that Danish ended everything for me…he spoiled everything Moma! He put me down in front of everyone Momma…How easily Papa believed…how easily he started hating me…(she comes near the window with the photograph) everyone removed me out of their life Momma…everyone! So how am I special Momma? Where is that love which is written in my fate?’ Pia looks down from the window and sees Abhay standing down in the snow near the Hostel gate looking upwards at her. Pia recalls the incidents which happens after she tells Danish’s truth to his Parents. She remembers how Abhay saved her from Danish at the Hostel room, from getting expelled from college and from Arnab hitting her.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Piya is walking and Kabir stops her. Tracker comes there and Kabir tells Tracker to give the Black Diary in which she has information of all hot Guys to Piya so that she gets a list of available Guys and not hit on other’s Boyfriends. Tracker excuses herself from there.
Piya: Kabir, this was your love? Did you even ask me once what the truth is? Why I did what I did… You knew me then what happened?
Kabir: Oh! So you are the hurt Party…ehh? This words does not look good from your mouth Pia…
Piya: So you would hear anyone’s words against me?
Kabir: Anyone? He is my Brother! And you even with him…? Disgusting Pia! And why should I believe you? I saw with my own eyes how you were behaving with Abhay. You spend more time with him than me…And now Danish! You know what Pia…You should not have come here. What have you done after coming here? From the time you came you only created problems for others. (Misha comes there and hold on Kabir’s arm)
Misha: Come on Kabir, let’s go!
Piya: Misha…
Misha: Don’t take my name! You used my friendship. You took advantage of my family’s goodness… And why? Because you needed all the Boy’s attention? This is what you wanted Pia? That all Guys run around you…otherwise you would spoil their reputation. Disgusting! I wish I never met you. Today I am not feeling bad that I am losing a friend…because you were never a friend. (Misha goes off with Kabir. Pia thinks, ‘I lost everything…I lost everything…’)
Abhay: Piya…(Abhay comes and stands behind her) Forget everything! When the truth comes to light everything would fall into its place.
Piya: This fast everyone lost their belief in me. (She tells in mind, ‘I have become all alone’)
Abhay: No Piya, you are not alone… (He comes in front of her and place his hands on her arms) I am with you! (The scene ends with Abhay-Pia eye lock)

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