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21st December 2010 Written Update (Episode 51) Maya exposes Danish in front of Panchi

Piya and Maya dances at Danish's Bachelor’s Party
Episode 51 starts with Abhay sensing Piya as one of the girls in the Belly dancers dress and pulling her towards him.
Abhay: What’s wrong with you Piya? (Abhay removes the cloth covering her face. Piya turns her face away) what happened? Are you feeling shame? Where you are going in these clothes you won’t feel shame. Why are you wearing this shit?
Pia: This is not your Business, okay?
Abhay: Oh! You are defending yourself in these clothes? In this dirty party! in between so many males! You are worse than T Pia… You are worse! I never even thought that you would stoop this low… (Pia slaps him)
Piya: How dare you Abhay?
Abhay: Maithili… (Piya turns and walks away)

Scene moves to the Bachelor’s party. Kabir makes the announcement, ‘Excuse me everybody! I have an announcement to make. Tonight is the last day of my Brother Danish’s life as a Bachelor. And I promise you all that this night would be a night to remember. To my brother, my friend…this one is for you’ Piya and Maya comes to the room with their face covered with only eyes visible and wearing belly dancers costume and dance in front of the guys.

After the performance is over when Pia is going a drunkard comes and misbehaves with her. Abhay then comes there and saves Piya from the Guy. Kabir comes there and takes Piya to one side of the room. Danish comes there and catches the guy saying that the girls have come there only to dance and asks how he dared to touch the girl. The guy tells Danish that Abhay hit him. Danish tells the Guy that if he had not Danish would himself have broken his face. After seeing Danish’s behavior with the Guy, kabir asks Piya if it is possible for Danish to do such a thing with Maya. He tells Pia that he cannot see his Brother fall in his eyes. Kabir gets a call from Misha and he informs them that they would be there in 5 minutes.
Scene moves to Panchi and Misha. Misha tells that they need to catch Danish red handed. Misha informs Panchi that Danish is going to get a private lap dance session and Panchi is shocked to hear it. Misha guides Panchi to the place.

Scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal in House sitting on a sofa and looking into the picture of the childhood photo of his 3 children. He then gets a call from Misha. She tells Arnab that she and Panchi are at Danish’s Party and asks him to come back there immediately.

Scene moves to Danish’s Party where Kabir tells her that everything is set and asks Pia if she is ready. She nods her head and Kabir goes from there. Piya asks Maya if she is ready. Maya tells Piya that she is ready and that she is doing it for Panchi. She goes from there. Piya sees Abhay and stops him.
Pia: Abhay, Thank you very much!
Abhay: No problem!
Piya: Why did you do this? Why did you fight for me again?
Abhay: You ask too many questions (He goes from there)

Scene moves to Kabir convincing Danish for the special lap dance session. Danish reluctantly agrees and goes from there. Danish enters the room where Maya is standing with her back on him. Misha also comes there and calls Panchi near her. Maya turns to Danish and removes the covering from her face. Danish is shocked to find that Maya was one of the belly dancers. Panchi is also shocked to see Maya there. Danish goes and closes the door. Danish asks what she is doing there and she replies that she has come to expose him. Maya tells Danish that Panchi cannot marry him and that she does not deserve someone like him. Danish without knowing that Panchi is watching him unknowingly blurts out about his affair with Maya and her pregnancy and tells that it is not his problem. He threatens Maya that he would tell everything to her Parents. Maya tells him that she has already told her parents and that they have forgiven her. She tells him that all that happened because of Panchi who had told her that never to underestimate Parent’s love and that they have the strength to forgive and bear all the wrong doings of the children. Danish is shocked to hear this. Maya tells him that Panchi has treated her like a sister and she would not allow anything wrong to happen to her. Danish raises his hand to hit Maya. Just then Misha and Panchi enter the room. Danish is shocked to see them and move towards Panchi. Panchi walks to him and slaps him twice.

Scene moves to Arnab getting out of his Car. He sees Danish’s parents there and asks him why they are there. Arnab’s father tells him that Kabir called them and asked them to come immediately. The three of them walk towards the Party room.

At the room Panchi asks Danish how he could do that to her. She tells him that instead of taking responsibility for his mistake he opted to hide it and played such a dirty game. Panchi tells him that what he did to Maya not even a monster would do. Danish tries to keep his hand on Panchi’s shoulder and Misha pushes him away. Misha tells him that he had gone to Pia’s room to kill her and that he dropped Pia’s phone in water and asks if it is a lie. Misha tells that Technology helped her in finding the truth and she got the phone repaired and saw everything. Misha asks her how he could give 6th November cheque to Maya when she got admitted in the Hospital on 1st December. Piya comes to the room followed by Arnab, Danish’s parents and Kabir. Danish looks at Pia with anger.
Danish: This is all your game, is it not? What did you get doing all this? You were behind me… Tell me Pia…what did you get by doing all this?
Pia: You are disgusting Danish! First you hurt Maya…then you killed her baby…and now you are giving explanations?
Danish’s Mothers: Danish, tell that this is not truth. My son can’t be like this!
Danish: Kabir, You are my Brother… listen to me
Kabir: One more word Danish…I swear I will kill you with my own hands. You are not my Brother. I don’t have any brother! (Kabir makes a call)
Danish: What are you doing?
Kabir: I am calling the Police… (Kabir goes out of the room)
Danish: Kabir…
Arnab: For this many years we thought of you as one of our own. We kept our home and family open for you. To see this day…? Pia tried to tell the truth and we opted to believe you and not her. On you… We behaved rudely with her because of you…You played such a big game…
Danish’s Father: Enough! Enough Danish and no more…You killed as…you killed your Parent’s alive… You cannot be my blood Danish! You are no one to us! No one! Let’s go! (Danish’s Parents go from there. Danish looks at Pia in anger)
Danish: You ruined my life Piya… (Danish sees the knife in the fruit tray. He grabs the knife fast and moves towards Piya) I will not leave you… (Abhay comes in between Piya and Danish and holds on to the knife. Abhay throws the knife away and looks at his hand which is bleeding. (Kabir comes there with the Inspector and the Police take Danish away. Kabir also follows him. Abhay also walks away from there followed by Maya. Arnab and Misha stands by Panchi supporting her. Pia thinks of how Abhay saved her from being stabbed by Danish and the blood on Abhay’s hand. Arnab looks at Piya. Pia thinks, ‘Abhay is hurt…Where did he go?’

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