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11th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 43) Raichand’s identify Piya as the girl who spend the night with Abhay

Episode 43 starts with Ms Dasgupta entering the classroom in bad mood. She informs the students that the Principal wants to talk to them. Principal comes to the class and students wish him. He tells that a student of the College has spoiled the name of the College by spending a night with a Boy and the Parents of the Guy have come to identify the girl. The Raichand’s enter the class room.
Principal: Mr Raichand, Is that girl here? (Chand Raichand shows Pia to the Principal using his eyes) Pia Jaiswal? (Everybody is taken aback when the Raichand's identify the girl to be Piya) Pia jaiswal… (Pia stands up. Misha thinks, ‘Now I know where you were last night’) you are expelled from this College… Please leave the College! (Pia walks out of the class room. The Raichand’s, Ms Dasgupta and the Principal also go from there.
Kabir: I told you…
Misha: I don’t believe this! It is impossible…Surely there is some explanation…
Kabir: There is an explanation. Pia only knows to use people. We were only fools. Danish had told me. He warned me but I got lost in her innocent eyes. And you know when I asked her phone she was all crap. And trust me…if that phone would not have got ruined I would have known the truth earlier itself. I feel so fool…so stupid to fall in love with…

Scene moves to Pia walking through the College corridor. Three Guys who are standing together talking insults Pia.
1st Guy: Once out of the orphanage these Girls look for boys so that they can trap someone.
2nd Guy: She feels good to fool Guys
1st Guy: Piya… (Piya stops walking) one second. I am sorry to insult you in front of others. But I know it is hard Baby (Abhay is walking towards Pia) you know what? My Parents are out of town…If you want to come to my place…you know what I mean… (Abhay walks past Piya and catch hold of 2 Guys and hits their heads together. He then turns and looks at her. Piya runs away from there. As she runs off Abhays pulls her behind a pillar)
Piya: Enough Abhay! Everything is over…I am sorry…I am really sorry! (Abhay holds on her arms)
Abhay: What are you telling sorry for? When you have not done anything why are you saying sorry? It is People’s work to talk…
Piya: Abhay, I am not like you. I don’t want people to hate me. What people say…what they think…it matters to me…Maybe you like to be villain…but I want a normal life…To escape Danish I came to your house and I created more problems for me… (She moves away)
Abhay: Really? So you are more bothered about your reputation than your life…I know why Danish came there
Piya: So you could have let him hurt me…kill me…this all drama would not have happened…I would not have been embarrassed…In College everyone is talking about us. My friends they hate me… And my dream to study in this College is gone just like that…
Abhay: I started all this…and I will also end this!
Pia: No Abhay! You won’t do anything. Stop it now…enough! Your girlfriend would not like it that you are doing so much for me. Abhay how much ever you deny there is something between us. It is there. It is happening Abhay! Maybe you don’t realize but…But I…
Abhay: What?
Piya: I am going Abhay! You wanted me to go…from your life…from this college…leave Dehradun? So be it… (Piya turns and walks away. Abhay thinks, ‘I wanted you to go away from me…but not like this…I only was protecting you. You don’t know Piya…but it is better for you to stay away from me…nothing can happen between us Pia…nothing! I need to save you from myself…I need to feel happy that you are going but then why am I not happy? Why?’

Scene moves to Tracker with the Menon’s. Tracker tells that she loves Misha and shows a tattoo with Misha’s name on her hand. The Menon’s are shocked. Tracker goes from there.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. The servant comes and informs Panchi that Mr and Mrs Menon has come. Panchi greets the Menon’s and asks them to sit. Panchi informs that her Parents are not there. The Menon’s informs Panchi that they are leaving to Delhi immediately. Panchi asks if everything is alright. They tell her that nothing is alright which is why they are leaving. Panchi then gets a call from Tracker. She tells tracker that she will talk to her a little later as Misha’s in law’s are there.
Lady: Look dear…I know that you people are young…you people are very modern…but this all does not happen with us…we are little conservative…but it is okay…however we are …we are fine!
Panchi: Sorry! I did not understand. What are you saying? What happened?
Lady: That girl whose phone you attended…
Panchi: Tracker? She and Misha are together from childhood. Nobody can separate them. Don’t mind Auntie…they are like that… And from the time Piya has come…now all the three are together… (The Menon’s look at each other in shock) They are rocking together!
Lady: All the three?
Panchi: Yeah…they 3 are always together…
Lady: Misha and Tracker love each other…
Panchi: I don’t understand. Who loves whom?
Lady: Tracker and Misha love each other. (The lady narrates about Tracker coming to them and showing the tattoo. They then leave from there. As they go… Panchi laughs)

Scene moves to Mount College. Piya and the Raichand’s are in the Principal’s room. The Principal keeps a paper and pen in front of Piya and asks her to sign.
Principal: I hope you know that your Hostel seat is canceled…
Piya: But where will I stay Sir?
Principal: You should have thought of it before breaking Hostel rules. You are out of the hostel night long and go and stay at a guy’s room? What do you think you would escape? There are no rules for you?
Piya: Sir, Please allow me to explain…
Principal: What will you explain? You will explain that these people are telling lies? Ms Piya Jaiswal…these people have seen you with their own eyes. Should I believe in them or you? In this College every day I hear excuses from students. I know that you are experts in breaking rules. But this sort of shameless act…I am sorry! I don’t want to hear anything else. You can go now!

Arnab Dobriyal opens the door to the Principal room and enters.
Arnab: Not so fast! Principal Sir, I want to know that how Piya can be expelled from the college without any proof. Who gave you think Authority?
Principal: Mr Dobriyal, I am the Principal of this College and knows very well how to deal with the students in this College.
Arnab: Is that right? Then you should also know that you cannot take all decisions of college alone… If you felt that this matter was serious why did you not put the matter in front of the Parent body? Did you not feel it necessary to have a hearing before giving judgment?
Principal: We have enough proof against her…
Arnab: Not Proof…but blame… Is it because you feel that Pia is alone and not able to defend so you can put any blame on her? If you are having that false notion…I suggest you remove it…because she is a part of Dobriyal family. And I do not let any member of my family to suffer. So be very, very careful! Did you even ask this girl if she was there at all?
Principal: We know that she was there…then what is the point in asking?
Arnab: Truth! Truth for God sake! Or in this institution there is no value for truth? Everything can be bought… like a few people I know in this College…
Principal: Mr Dobriyal! (Principal gets up)
Arnab: Oh…you felt bad? (Arnab goes and stands beside Pia) What do you think…nobody in this city know how you became Principal? Everyone knows…to give admission for Abhay Raichand you where made a puppet and given this chair. Everyone knows that you work for the Raichand’s and not for the College. Pia is my daughter…yes! She is my daughter (Keeps a hand on her shoulder) She is no different from Panchi and Misha. Her family would stand for her. Os before putting any blame on her think twice. If you know your job well you would know your students well and understand them. I can tell you…Pia did not spend the night at Abhay Raichand’s house. And do you know how I know this matter? Because… I understand good and bad. I can tell with full faith that Pia would not do such a thing. (Chand claps)
Chand: fantastic Mr Dobriyal! You speak very well but you talk too much. May I say something now?
Arnab: Of course Mr Raichand! If you speak good and right you also get the opportunity. But before that also ask that Guy with whom allegedly Pia spend the night… I thought so… You just heard one side and decided that pia should be removed from College. My point is if Piya is at fault…someone else is also at fault… Am I right, Mr Raichand? Ecause the rules are same for every one… One more thing you are missing… A few days ago Piya had put blame on Abhay because of which he was called to the Police Station…And I am sure Mr Raichand is taking revenge on Pia for that. In fact, Abhay is out only, why don’t we ask him? Call him! (The Principal rings the bell and a Peon comes in. Principal instructs him to send Abhay inside. Abhay comes inside. They look at each other and recall their time at his Bedroom)
Principal: Abhay, Piya was in your house yesterday night?
Abhay: Of course not Principal! She was not with me…
Arnab: Well, everything is clear now… the truth has come to light. Now we don’t have to stay here…Piya…take your things and come with me… (Danish overhears the conversation. Piya and Arnab goes out of the Principal’s room)

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