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7th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 39) Maya asks Piya to stay away from her problems and not to interfere

Episode 39 starts with T standing out of Dobriyal House while the show is falling and Guests are going out . T says, ‘Where did Abhay go? Stupid! It is so cold!’ Tracker comes near Tanushree.
Tracker: You? Whom are you waiting for?
T: For Abhay….
Tracker: For your Boyfriend? Where has he gone?
T: He is busy on phone…
Tracker: For one hour? (Ruhi laughs)
T: Shut up! What is it with you?
Tracker: I have no problem. But I saw Abhay going out of the party with Pia… I have confusion…he is your Boyfriend or …
T: Oh shut up! I only told Abhay to drop that charity case…at her place. Otherwise that poor thing would freeze in the cold…understand? Now get lost! (Tracker goes off) Where are you Abhay…Damn it…Fool! If he was not hot I would have murdered him! (T is walking by the side of the road) Oh my God this Abhay Raichand…He is such a loser and I am never going to see him again…What do I do now? God this Abhay…I am going to kill him (Tanushree sees a Car coming and waves for lift) Stop…stop…lift! (The car stops and she sees Ruhi on the Driver’s seat. Ruhi offers T a lift which she accepts after some hesitation. Ruhi makes fun of her and also tricks her into pushing the car from behind)

Scene moves to Maya with Doctor and Nurse. Doctor gives Maya the discharge papers and tells her that she still is not alright and needs rest and care. Maya tells that she is going to her Uncle’s House. As she was about to walk Maya suddenly feels giddy and the Doctor and Nurse helps her back to the bed. The Doctor asks the Nurse if Maya has any emergency contact number. The nurse tries to call Piya but finds her Mobile switched off. The Doctor asks if there is any other number.
Scene moves to Dobriyal House where Guys are entering with Baskets in their hand. Arnab asks them to keep them on the table. Panchi comes and sits near her Dad and asks what is that all. A servant tells her that it is the shagun. Panchi tells Arnab that Danish should not have sent all that. Arnab tells that it is now only that her engagement happened and it is a ritual from the groom’s side and not a big deal. Arnab asks Panchi to look at her presents and enjoy. The servant corrects Arnab by telling him that the shakun is not for Panchi but for Misha. He tells that the gifts have come from Mr Menon’s residence and it is for Misha Dobriyal for their son Pintu.
Panchi: Who is Pintu?
Arnab: You know what? I am going to kill this girl. Misha… (He does from the room in a hurry and Panchi follows him)
At the Hospital Maya regains consciousness. She then sees Danish who looks at her with a smile.

Scene moves to Piya at the Hospital Reception. She tells the nurse at the reception that she wants to meet Maya. The nurse informs Pia that Maya has been discharged and was taken from there by one Mr. Danish Singh. Piya makes a call from the Hospital to Abhay. Abhay who is driving the car picks up the call.
Piya: Abhay, there is a problem. That Danish took away Maya from the Hospital to some where…
Abhay: What? Okay Pia…Just relax. Listen to what I say carefully. Go to Dobriyal House and wake up Misha and tell her that she has to tell Panchi and the Dobriyals the truth. And…I will look for Danish…okay? Now go!
Piya: Okay.

Scene moves to Abhay pressing the door bell of Danish’s House. Danish’s mother comes and opens the door. When Abhay asks about Danish she tells that Danish is not in. Abhay tells her that he wanted an important file that is in danish’s hand. Danish’s Mom tells Abhay to go to his room and check on his own. Abhay goes to Danish’s room and searches there. Abhay finds a photo of Maya nd Danish together.

Scene moves to Piya entering Dobriyal House. Panchi sees her and asks from where she is coming. Pia tells her that she had gone to the Hospital to meet Maya. Panchi tells her that Maya is taking rest upstairs. Panchi tells that when the Hospital people could not contact Pia they called Panchi and she along with Danish bought Maya to the House so that she can take rest. Piya asks Panchi about Misha. Panchi sarcastically tells, ‘Mrs Menon? wife of Pintu’. Piya gets confused. Panchi tells Pia that Misha is in her room and tells her to go and meet Misha there.
Scene moves to Misha who opens her eyes and sees decorated baskets all around in her room. Piya comes to her room and asks her what is happening. Misha tells her that she does not even remember her name. Piya tells her that she wants to talk to Misha. Misha asks Pia if she did anything stupid in her drunken state. Piya tries to remind Misha but Misha tells her that she was so drunk that she does not remember anything. Pia is worried as Misha does not remember anything and wonders how she would get proof against Danish.

Danish shouts at his mother for permitting Abhay in. Abhay comes down the stairs with a file in hand.
Abhay: I got the file (Danish remembers how Abhay lifted him from the ground with just his one hand. Abhay walks out of there)
Scene moves to Abhay and Piya in the Car.
Pia: Abhay, we don’t have any proof…I lost everything…Don’t know what sort of luck Danish has. First phone…then Pendant…and now Misha also does not remember anything. We can’t prove anything. We don’t have any proof…
Abhay: We have proof (Abhay gives Piya the Photo)
Piya: Oh my God Abhay…This is clear evidence! That they know each other and there is something between them. Yes… we can prove it!

Scene moves to Pia confronting Maya at the Dobriyal House. Piya shows Maya the photograph and tells her that with the help of it they can prove that Danish is a liar. Maya takes the photo from Pia’s hand and tears the picture. Maya tells Piya to stay out of her problems and not to interfere. Maya remembers Danish threatening her to expose her in front of her Parents if she dares to tell anything about him. Maya also remembers Danish telling her to tell Piya to forget everything otherwise he would spoil her life. Piya tries to reason with Maya with the torn photograph in hand and tells her that they have proof. Maya tells Pia to just leave her alone. Piya then sees Danish entering the room with a tray and hides the photograph. Pia stares at Danish in anger.
Danish: Don’t you think that you are interfering a little too much? I think you should stop.
Piya: Whether Maya wants it or not I will show your true face to everyone…I don’t know what you told Maya that she suddenly became silent…But I am not going to leave you okay?
Danish: See Piya…You are an orphan. If you vanish no one would even search for you…Everyone would think that you have gone somewhere. You are alone. You need to take care of yourself. You have to be careful!
Panchi comes in and is impressed by seeing Danish with soup for Maya. She praises him and tells that she is lucky to have a Guy like him. Panchi gives the soup and asks Maya to be left alone as she needs rest.

Scene moves to Raichand House where Hasina tells that she finds it difficult to attend the functions and parties as she cannot control her urges. Chand tells her that it was necessary for them to attend the engagement party of Danish as he is their employee and so that anything happens in future they would not be suspected. Haseena suggests that they should invite Danish and his Parents to their House for Dinner. Abhay comes there and tells his Parents that Danish Singh should not come to the House at all and asks Chand to remove Danish from job.
Chand: Now we have to coordinate our decisions with that girl’s? If Pia do not like him we should not allow him here… why?
Abhay: He made one girl pregnant and now is getting engaged to Panchi…
Chand: They are human. Since when have you started flowing with human emotions?
Abhay: He is a Monster (Chand laughs and Hasina smiles)
Chand: And …who are we? Who are you...What we can do…what we want to do…in front of all that these people are nothing… They are just human. They have made some rules for themselves and some morals…they don’t have a right to us. But we have to wear that mask…if we have to stay in between them we have to wear that mask… And don’t think that it is your truth…we are not human…and when they come here you will be with us wearing that mask…behaving like a human…and you would welcome them…Understood? (Abhay stares at Chand and the episode ends there)

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