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17th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 48) T takes the Credit of saving Misha from the Locker Room after the Earthquake

Abhay dating random girls
Episode 48 starts with Tracker sitting and crying at the College Canteen and her friends consoling her. Pia sees Tracker crying and asks her the reason. Tracker tells Piya that she is worried for Misha and is really missing her absence. Piya assures her that Misha is alright and nothing would happen to her. Tracker tells Piya about T Gang’s plans and that T has called the news channel at 8’o’clock. Piya thinks, ‘T cannot do that, I have to stop her’.

Scene moves to the Mount College Campus. T and her friends are coming through the corridor talking about how they would become popular after the news comes out. She tells that Manmohan Singh, the President of India, might also give her a Param Veer Chakra. Her friend corrects that it is Pratibha Patel who is the President and T gets angry and tells the girl how lousy her makeup is. T then stumbles and falls on the ground. T tells them that 3 of her finger nails have broken and she cannot go like that on TV and needs to fix it. She goes to fix her makeup and nails telling her friends that T is a star and the news channel people would have to wait for her to come back. Piya comes there and looks around. Abhay suddenly pulls her and pins her to the back of a pillar.
Piya: Abhay, I was coming to you…
Abhay: I don’t want to hear anything! Your words are fake like you. You told that you would not tell anyone. You promised me… But it does not make any difference to you. You don’t give a damn Piya! I did so much for you…I supported you in your fight…I saved your life…But you…no! You want to become good in front of everyone…right? You want to tell everyone that I saved Misha’s life.
Piya: You? I knew you saved Misha’s life!
Abhay: I did a mistake I saved Misha’s life…and you made a drama out of it. What is wrong with you? I told you to respect other people’s privacy. But you…No! Why you want to interfere in everything? Why Pia? Why can’t you leave me alone? I wish I never met you. (Abhay leaves Pia’s shoulders and turn away from her)
Piya: Great! Lock yourself from everyone. Don’t allow anyone to know you. Don’t allow anyone to see how much goodness is there in you.
Abhay: There is no goodness in me!
Piya: Why you want everyone’s hatred?
Abhay: Because I only deserve hatred. I am dangerous than a blood sucking animal. I have no humanity in me. I don’t have a heart. I am darkness, you will get lost. I am fire, you would get burned. If you come near me you would not be able to find yourself. I regret that I met you. I regret that I talked to you. I regret that I saved your life. I don’t ever want to see your face (Abhay turns his face away from Pia). Never! (Pia cries and runs away from there. Abhay hears the clapping in the Background behind and sees T taking the credit of saving Misha. Abhay looks for Pia. He gets angry at himself for hurting Pia with his words).

Piya is running through the forest and Abhay stops her by calling her name.
Abhay: Why didn’t you even tell me once that you did not call the media? Why didn’t you tell me that you did not spread the news?
Piya: Just forget it Abhay! Enough…I don’t want to hear anything else… You regret that I met you? So go away! Go away from my life…then you will not regret…of meeting me and saving me…Abhay, I extended my hands for friendship towards you…but now I won’t do even that! Go away from my life and never come back! (Piya walks away and Abhay stands there watching her. Piya stands near a tree and cries by keeping her hand on her mouth. Abhay suddenly senses danger for Pia and notices a tree branch falling to where Pia is standing. Abhay moves fast and pulls Piya to safety before the tree branch hits the ground) Why are you doing all this? You said you don’t have a heart and that you are a heartless animal. So why did you save me? You should have let me get hurt and die.
Abhay: No Piya, I cannot leave you! Whatever there is in my heart for you, it is not hatred. I cannot hate you Piya…I cannot hate you! (They look at each other and Pia get’s lost looking at Abhay) You are alright? (Pia moves away from Abhay)
Piya: What are you Abhay? And why disd you save me again? And how did you know that the branch was going to fall on me? Whenever something bad is going to happen how do you know?
Abhay: I just saw the branch falling…that’s all!
Piya: Really? and that earthquake… and when I fell from the mountain? Abhay there is something you are not telling me. I don’t know what is it…but you are not telling me. Why you want to be this mysterious? Why don’t you tell me the truth?
Abhay: Come, I will leave you to the Hostel… (He starts walking)
Piya: No Abhay! I will go on my own. And I am serious. You please go away from my life. I cannot bear all this. When you wish you call me near and when you wish you go away from me…I am not a toy. Whether there is something between us or not…I cannot bear all these. Please go away from my life. I hate you!
Abhay: Wish if it was true! Wish you hated me?
Pia: You got what you want. I am going! (Pia walks from there. Abhay thinks, ‘Why I feel so troubled seeing you walk away from me. How can I tell you what I am? How can I tell you that I am not even a human? If you know my truth…no Pia…I can’t make you understand that our story is different from others. How can I make you part of my story Pia? I have to stay away from you… You hate me? Hate me…!’ Piya thinks, ‘I know that staying away from you is good for me. Then why my heart beats stop when I am away from you? Why I feel restless when I am away from you? Why does it hurt to hate you?’ Pia walks away as Abhay stands there watching.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Panchi is happy seeing Misha opening her eyes. Misha sees Tanushree claiming on TV that she saved Misha’s life. T tells Panchi that it is not T but some boy who saved her. Misha tells Panchi that she don’t remember anything about the guy who saved her. Misha recalls Pia talking regarding Danish that he tried to buy Maya by offering money and that Danish damaged Pia’s phone. Misha remembers that the date of the cheque signed by Danish and the date of the annual fete were different. She decides to find out if Piya was indeed telling the truth.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Haseena tells Abhay that some girl has taken credit for Abhay’s foolishness.
Abhay: You saw Mom! I told you and you just got upset like that. (Two girls, Sonia and Shalini, then comes there to meet Abhay) I am going to college with these pretty ladies. You also wanted that, right? Happy? (Abhay goes near the girls and keep his hand on their waists. He thinks, ‘Piya, to keep me away from you…I will do anything! I hope you hate me! Hate me so much that you would never come near me. Please hate me Pia! Please hate me…’) let’s go girls! (Abhay and the girls go from there. Haseena is happy to see Abhay’s change and thinks that finally he is moving out)

At the washroom the girls who came to meet Abhay at his house talks about their dates with him. Pia hears this. Ruhi comes there wearing cheerleaders dress and the girls tell her that Abhay is dating them and several other random girls. Ruhi is happy that she has a chance to date Abhay and go from there. One girl asks the other if the rumor about Abhay and Pia is true. The other girl tells that Pia is desperate and making stories. The girls go from there. Piya who overhears the conversation thinks that Abhay is doing this to hurt her and tells in mind that he can be with whomever he want. The episode ends.

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