Friday, December 31, 2010

31st December 2010 Written Update (Episode 60) Piya is locked inside the Pander Palace Fort

Episode 60 starts with Misha telling Tracker that she did not know that Tracker would experiment the advice she gave for T instead of her. Abhay thinks why Tracker was kidnapped. Danish says to himself, ‘Tomorrow night Piya, your story would end’. Piya thinks about Abhay, ‘yesterday night I saw love in your eyes for me’. Scene moves to Danish in the Fort. Abhay is in the Bus and thinking, ‘Something is going to happen, something’.

Scene moves to Danish in the Fort looking around. The Bus reaches Pander Palace Fort and the students get down. Danish runs upstairs to hide on hearing the Bus. Abhay gets down from the Bis and sees the Palace.
Panchi: Abhay, let’s go!
Abhay: What are we doing here?
Panchi: Didn’t you listen to me what I said in the Bus? We changed our location.
Abhay: But why here?
Panchi: Because I also forgot about this Fort… Are you alright?
Abhay: No! I am not feeling well.I am going back.
Panchi: Wait! It is not possible. We all have to stay together.
Abhay: It is not my problem. (Abhay walks off and gets into the Bus)
Panchi: What happens to him suddenly?

Scene moves to Dobriyal House where Madhu forces Arnab to finish the juice. Madhu tells Arnab that Panchi had called and instead of Museum they are going to see the 18th Century Pander Fort. Arnab receives a call which is from an Advocate called Jethani. He informs Arnab that he need to meet in person regarding Suganth’s Will. Arnab tells him that he would inform when they can meet. Madhu asks whose phone it was and Arnab tells her it is regarding some Union problems and go away from there.

Scene moves to the caretaker welcoming the students in. The care taker asks the students to assemble together and tells them that it is an old placed and ruined to a greater extent. He then proceeds to tell the History of Pander and the love story of the Pander Princess Rajkumari Gayatri Singhi Shivarangini Maithili Gaurima Pander. Instead of joining the other students Kabir and Piya wander off in the fort on their own. While the Caretaker tells the story of the Princess to the gathered students, Kabir also narrates what he knows about Maithili to Piya. Danish watches them from his hiding place.

Scene moves to Abhay running and then stopping. He hears the voice of the caretaker telling the story to students. Abhay says, ‘Some love stories does not end even after ages. I can come here Maithili. But I cannot face these memories. I should not have come here’ He runs from there again.
Scene moves to Kabir telling Angad that his father is sending a car for him and that he is thinking of taking Piya along with him in an attempt to win Piya’s heart. Angad tells him to go ahead and that he would handle everything. Tracker tells Misha that the Fort looks familiar to her and that she feels that she was the Pander Princess in her last birth and shows her room. The caretaker hears it and tells that it is the servant quarters and that she could have been the Princess maid. Panchi tells everyone that they need to go and the students get out of there. Upstairs Kabir tries to convince Piya to go in the Car his father is sending along with him. But Piya refuses to go with him. They both end up arguing and Kabir goes from there in anger leaving Piya there alone. Piya tries to find her way out of the fort but she gets lost inside. In the meanwhile the Caretaker locks the Fort from outside after the students get out of there.
Scene moves to Piya who gets locked in the Fort calling out for help to get out of there. She tries to call but the battery of her phone is low. She sits down thinking of a way to get out.
Scene moves to Arnab in conversation with Suganth’s Lawyer.Arnab tells that we was not aware that suganth died of Cancer. He recalls his friend telling him that Suganth and Piyali died in a car accident. The lawyer tells him that Piyali is alive.

Scene moves to Piya in the Fort as the evening sets calling for help. Abhay is then shown reaching a grave in the forest. Abhay walks towards the grave of Maithili and kneels in front of it and touches her name on it. Piya is still calling for help at the Fort. She then sees a figure walking down the stairs and gets scared. The scene ends.

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