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2nd December 2010 Written Update (Episode 35) Piya is shocked to find that Kabir made Maya Pregnant

Episode 35 starts with Abhay coming into the room where the jackets are hung and picks up a black jacket. He takes the jacket and goes outside after wearing it. Pia is surprised to see that it is not the jacket with wing design that he picked up. Just then Kabir comes there.
Kabir: The heater also had to stop at this time? It’s so cold… (Kabir then picks up the jacket with the wing design. He then looks at Pia who was watching him. He puts the jacket on her) Sweetheart, you wear this jacket otherwise you would get cold. (Pia takes the jacket out)
Pia: Kabir, Is this jacket yours?
Kabir: No! It’s the watchman’s. What Piya? I am giving the jacket to wear lovingly which is cool, limited and specially made…just like me. You do one thing take both of us in your arms soon. Otherwise Baby, there are many girls who are ready to give their life for Kabir. (Pia thinks, ‘No Kabir this time there is only one girl who is giving her life for you…Maya!’ Pia remembers Maya telling that she cannot tell his name and that the guy belongs to a very influential family. She gives the coat to Kabir and steps back. Kabir asks her what is wrong but without answering she walks backwards. Arnab comes there and Kabir asks him, ‘Uncle, don’t you think it is too chilly?’ Arnab tells that it was because someone switched off the central heating system of the house. Piya says, ‘excuse me’ and goes from there.

Scene moves to Abhay at the bar counter getting a drink. T tries to cling on to him but Abhay pushes her away. T tells that if he behaves that way no one would believe that they are a couple. Two ladies then come there and ask T what is the story and T tells them, ‘T was living her life. One day I fell giddy and my knight in shining armor came to my rescue…and you can see the rest’ Abhay tries to go away from there but stops when he sees Piya coming their way. Abhay holds T and kisses her on her forehead as Pia watches. The girls whisper.
Abhay: Sorry Girls! Sometimes I get lost in T’s eyes that I forget what is happening around me. T is very special to me. From the time T has come to my life my whole life has changed. T, what perfume have you worn? You are just driving me crazy!
T: Oh Abhay! (T hugs him. One of the girls tells that the temperature is rising there and that they need to go. The girls go from there. Pia too goes from there.

Piya thinks, ‘How did I make this big a mistake’ She remembers Kabir telling that he had written the letter to Piya and he have no idea how the others got it. She remembers his confession of love in the Party and their first date at the Restaurant. She says, ‘Kabir, How could you? I should make everything right. I have to sort it all out…’ She then sees Abhay standing alone at the garden and confronts him.
Piya: Stop!
Abhay: What happened now?
Pia: Are you Maya’s baby’s father? Are you responsible for her state?
Abhay: Yeah!
Pia: Why?
Abhay: Why???
Pia: Why are you doing this?
Abhay: You ask too many questions.
Pia: You give me the answer! Did you make Maya pregnant?
Abhay: Yeah! I made Maya pregnant (Pia thinks, ‘Why are you telling lies Abhay?’)
Pia: Abhay, I am asking last time…did you do that with her?
Abhay: (Catches her shoulders with his hands) I am telling last time…hereafter don’t ask me…understand? (He then leaves her and turns to walk away)
Pia: Everyone hates you. That’s what you want, right?
Abhay: Do you hate me?
Piya: Don’t know!
Abhay: That is my problem Ms Pia Jaiswal! I wish you hate me. I want you to hate me.
Piya: But why do you wish everyone’s hatred?
Abhay: Because hatred is the only thing people do with full heart. And I want you to hate me. I am the bad guy. So hate me! Hate me…understand? Hate me! (Abhay walks away)

Scene moves to the Party Hall. Arnab is angry seeing the Raichands. The Raichands come and talks to the Dobrials. Madhu tries to pacify Arnab when he passes sarcastic comments to the Raichands. Danish notices the Raichands and Dobriyal’s together and tells Panchi that the tension is increasing between them. Panchi tells that everything is because of Abhay’s treatment towards Pia who is like a family member. Danish tells her that but the Raichand’s have done so much for him and that Chand Raichand is a good Boss. Panchi tells him not to worry and assures him that she would treat them well. Danish tells Panchi that he has a surprise for her and asks her to take it from his pocket. While Panchi tries Misha comes there and pulls them apart. She scolds them for not keeping patience.

Chand sees Pia coming and he talks to her. Pia admits her that Abhay is innocent and she was mistaken. Chand asks her if she has seen him in the jungle and she tells that she felt that she saw. As Pia goes away Abhay goes to Chand and tells him to leave Pia alone and repeats that he would handle her.

Ruhi is feeling discouraged that no guy asked her for a dance. Ruhi complains to Misha and she tells her talk to Aayan. Misha tells Ruhi that the Guy does not talk much and in order to get his attention she can say that she knows Kabir and Danish. Ruhi is shocked when Aayan behaves like a gay. Ruhi gets angry at Misha for knowingly sending her to a Gay. Kabir comes there and asks what happened to Ruhi. Misha tells that Ruhhi fell in love with Aayan Hansraj , the wrong signals. Kabir laughs.

Hearing that Aayan is in the Party, Kabir runs away from there. He sees Pia at the Garden and asks her to save him. She moves away from him.
Kabir: What happened to you?
Piya: You tell me Kabir, what are you hiding from me?
Kabir: what? Nothing!
Piya: Kabir, Is there anyone in your life… about whom I should know.
Kabir: No Piya, there is nothing I have hidden from you. I mean I was college’s dude and used to change a girlfriend every day but all that has changed. You know…you have changed me completely. Okay, what happened?
Piya: You were a cool stud Kabir that you did not realize how many girl’s heart you broke, right?
Kabir: Hey Pia…You are getting too serious!
Pia: And you have become too casual Kabir! You just don’t realize how many girls life you spoiled.
Kabir: Come on Pia… Not fair, okay? Those girls knew that I was not serious with them and I was just a trophy for them. And all that was last year not now!
Piya: I have not seen a nastier and disgusting person than you.
Kabir: You have taken your use and throw policy too seriously, right?
Piya: Now that was a joke Piya and it was very bad! Did Misha tell you anything or did Aayan catch hold of you?
Kabir: Don’t take other people’s names. I am talking to you…talk to me!
Piya: Why did you spoil that girl’s life?
Kabir: Oh God! This is crazy! Who told you?
Piya: Kabir, Tell me…why did you leave that girl in this condition?
They stare at each other and the episode ends.

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