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9th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 41) Abhay brings Piya to his Bedroom

Episode 41 starts with Misha and Angad in Hotel Room. Angad is wearing a bathrobe while Misha is dressed in a little black dress. They are there in the Hotel so that they could ruin Arnab’s Business Associate’s son’s proposal for Misha. When Misha sees that the Associates Wife is out of the room to get the morning paper she gets out of her room which is opposite theirs and flirts with Angad outside the room and asks him to zip her up. But the Associates wife only smiles at them and says Good morning to Angad. Misha is angry that her plan did not work. Angad tells her that the associate’s wife could not recognize Misha as she is not in traditional dress like the previous day. Misha tells that they should try out another plan and asks Angad for the lady’s room number and makes a call to the house keeping on telling her room number as that of the lady’s and asks for coffee.

Scene moves to Danish coming to his house calling for his mother and finding his parents sitting sadly on the sofa. He asks them if anyone is dead and Danish’s mother replies that they are dead. Danish’ father asks who is Maya and Danish asks her if Piya called. His mother tells him that Pia came in person to their House. Danish lies to them saying that Piya likes him and wants to be with him. He informs them that Maya is Piya’s room mate who is Pregnant and since he has refused Piya she is trying to bring disrepute to him with the help of Maya who does not even know who the father of her child is. Danish’s Parents believes his lies and Danish tells his father that he would speak to Arnab Dobriyal regarding Piya and not to interfere in the matter. Danish is angry with Pia and thinks that she has gone to extremes now and needs to be stopped.

Scene moves to the Hotel. The Room Service Guy knocks at the opposite side room. The lady opens the door. Misha and Angad come out of the room and Misha sends flying kiss to the Room Service Guy who feels awkward. Misha tells hello to the Lady and she reciprocates. The House keeping Guy tells, ‘Madam Coffee’ and shows the bill to the lady. The lady informs him that they have not ordered Coffee and that she is not wearing lenses to see the Bill without which she is unable to see anything. Angad and Misha are shocked to hear this. Misha tells that now they need another plan. Misha then gets a phone call from Panchi regarding Abhay. Misha is shocked to hear that Pia is taking Abhay’s side. Misha assures Panchi that she would talk to Piya.

Scene moves to Abhay and Piya in the Car.
Abhay: By telling everything to Danish’s Parents you have created a big problem for yourself. Now he will not leave you till he gets you silent.
Pia: Come on Abhay, I will stay in the Hostel only…it is safe. He would not dare to come there in front of everyone.
Abhay: No Piya, You are not safe in the Hostel. I am not okay with it. (Abhay stops the Car)
Pia: Come on Abhay, Is Danish some terrorist that he would come to kill me here? I will be alright in the Hostel, okay? Just chill! And…thank you for dropping me… (Piya smiles at him. She says ‘bye’ to him and gets out of the Car. Abhay thinks, ‘How innocent you are Pia! If Danish wants to hurt you, you would not be able to hide from him’)

Scene moves to the Hostel corridor where Piya is walking. Two girls talk badly about her regarding her two timing Kabir and Abhay.

Scene moves to Panchi and Maya in conversation. Panchi informs Maya that they have started a campaign against Abhay in the college and had even called the Police. Panchi tells that Piya took Abhay’s side in front of everyone. Panchi asks what effect is that Abhay is having on Maya and Pia and tells Maya that Pia would definitely listen to her. Danish’s mother comes to the room then and Panchi introduces her to Maya. Panchi tells Danish’s Mom that Maya was in an abusive relationship and now thay have come to know who the Guy is. Danish’s Mom is happy hearing Panchi taking Abhay Raichand’s name instead of that of her son Danish. When Panchi goes out of the room to make Coffee, Danish’s Mom informs Maya that Piya Jaiswal had come to their house and had put the entire blame of Maya’s condition on Danish. She talks ill about Piya for what she did and tells Maya that she should now call and inform Danish that everything is alright and Panchi knows nothing.

Scene moves to Mount College Girl’s Hostel. Danish stops the car in front of the Hostel and gets out of it. His Mobile rings and he cuts the call of his mother after telling her that he is in a meeting. Abhay who was waiting inside his car outside the Hostel sees Danish getting into the Hostel Campus. He thinks, ‘See Pia…Didn’t I tell you that you are not safe here. I knew it that he would take his revenge on you’

Scene moves to Danish and the Hostel Warden walking through the Hostel corridor. Danish informs the Warden that Maya would stay at the Dobriyal’s for some days and then her go with her Uncle.

Scene moves to Pia at her room. She switches off the lights and then gets into her bed for sleeping. Danish is walking through the corridor towards Piya and Maya’s room. Suddenly at Piya’s room someone enters through the window. He goes near Pia and keeps his hand on her mouth so that she won’t make any sound. Piya opens her eyes and sees Abhay.

Danish enters Pia’s room and closes the door. He goes towards Pia’s bed and removes the blanket from the bed. He is shocked to see that Pia is not there and pillows arranged in the shape of human body. Abhay and Piya watch Danish from behind the curtain. Piya asks Abhay how come he is here and Abhay signals her to keep quiet. Abhay then turns her towards the window. The snow is falling outside and houses looks like small boxes from where they stand. Abhay then covers Piya’s eyes with one hand and holding her with the other, he jumps from there. They safely land on the ground below and Pia looks at him in surprise.
Pia: Abhay How did…?
Abhay: Shhh! Later! Now come…

Scene moves to Abhay and Piya in front of the Raichand House door.
Pia: Abhay you bought me to your House…what would your Parents think? (Abhay opens the door and pulls Pia inside and then closes the door from inside. He then walks towards the stairs holding her hand)
Abhay: We will deal with it later. Now we will go upstairs…to my room. (As they climb up Piya accidentally hit a flower vase and Abhay moves fast and catches the vase before it hits the floor. He without making noise puts the vase back to its position.) Shhh! No more noise… (Pia looks at him in wonder. Abhay brings Piya to his room and closes the door behind them) you go and sleep on that bed. I would go outside. Go…!
Piya: But Abhay… (Abhay opens the closet and takes blanket out of it and then closes the cupboard)
Abhay: We would talk about the rest later. You sleep now! I am going to the Guest room to sleep (Pia nods) Switch off the lights… (Abhay goes from there. The closet door opens (we see a Photograph of Piya’s look alike Maithili in the closet). Piya walks towards it and is about to close the door when the photograph falls down with the picture down. Piya picks the photo with her fingers covering the face part. She looks at the picture and sees that it is a picture of a lady wearing Old era cloths. She slowly moves her fingers from the face of the photo to look at the picture. Before she could look at it Abhay comes and seizes the photo from her. Abhay is wearing a black vest and black track pants.
Piya: Who is she?
Abhay: No one!
Piya: It should be someone important otherwise you would not have seized her photograph from me.
Abhay: Don’t touch my personal things…
Piya: I am sorry! Actually it fell and I picked it up! Is she…your Girlfriend?
Abhay: Yeah…you can think so… (Abhay opens the closet and take a pillow and blanket and closes it) Go to sleep! (Abhay put the pillow on the mattress and lies down coving himself with the blanket. Pia thinks, ‘Pia…how stupid you are. You kept convincing yourself that there is something between you and Abhay. I think you have gone mad. You have gone crazy’ Abhay is lying down with his back facing Piya and eyes open)
Piya: Abhay, if she is your girlfriend what are you doing with me?
Abhay: I am saving your life…I am protecting you from Danish… Do you think it means anything else? We both are in a situation. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it as a relationship.
Piya: I am sorry my tongue slipped. I was telling that…if she is your girlfriend what are you doing with T. Obviously this girl is very important to you…
Abhay: Yeah! I gave my life for her…
Piya: What? (Episode ends)

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