Friday, December 3, 2010

3rd December 2010 Written Update (Episode 36) Maya admits that Danish Singh is the father of her Baby

Episode 36 starts with Pia confronting Kabir.
Piya: Tell me Kabir, why did you spoil that girl’s life?
Kabir: Oh God! This is crazy! Who told you this? Who is poisoning you against me?
Piya: Kabir, tell me …why did you leave that girl in this condition? Tell me… who is the girl?
Kabir: Why don’t you tell me?
Pia: I want to hear it from your mouth Kabir! Tell me who is that girl? (Danish comes there)
Danish: Kabir, Is this your first fight…and that too today! What are you doing?
Kabir: Don’t know what she heard from where and fighting with me…
Danish: You are not that innocent…Flirt at college and now thief too!
Kabir: Bro! This is serious!
Danish: So is this! Give my jacket! (Piya is shocked)
Kabir: Have some patience…I am fighting with my girlfriend!
Danish: Fight wearing your jacket! Give my jacket to me… My Boss gave me a custom made jacket and he is wearing it and roaming around. How selfish are you? I told him to bring my jacket and polish my ring…
Kabir: (Takes the ring from the coat pocket. Piya recognizes it as the ring in the video clip) Here is your ring! Look at the ring…it is bloody polished… and take your jacket (gives the jacket)
Piya: Danish, this is your jacket?
Danish: Yeah! Cool, is it not?
Piya: But Kabir you told me that it is your jacket.
Kabir: So…His jacket or my jacket it is the same…is it not?
Danish: How my engagement has happened! So what is mine is mine… not yours…
Kabir: You use more than half of my things and today I used your jacket and you are complaining…
Danish: This jacket is given by my Boss and if you wear it and roam in front of him what will he think? You are so greedy! (Arnab comes there)
Arnab: What are you people doing here? I have to make a very important announcement, come inside! Everybody… (Danish and Kabir go off. Pia stands there thinking)

Inside the Dobriyal House Arnab makes an emotional speech. He tells the guests that Panchi could not have got a better Guy than him and that he is proud of her choice. Everyone raises the toast for Danish and Panchi. Piya comes inside. She is sad thinking how wrong he is.

A couple come to Arnab and Madhu and tells them that they are happy to be invited for the engagement. Arnab tells them that they are not only Business Associates but good friends too. The lady tells that she is impressed by the upbringing of Panchi and puts a proposal of marriage for Misha with their son who is in London. Arnab gives them consent to ask Misha if she is willing to get married.

Piya comes out of the House and thinks, ‘This has become too much Piya. Now you need to know the truth… for Maya and Panchi…Maya, you have to tell the truth! You should not let that animal spoil another girl’s life. Please Maya…you have to tell the truth’ Piya sees a car coming and stops the car by waving hands. She gets into the car and the car moves off.
Piya enters Maya’s Hospital Room.
Pia: Maya…
Maya: Pia?
Piya: Maya, I know who it is…It is Danish, right?
Maya: What? What nonsense are you talking?
Pia: Maya, Come on…stop telling lies! Admit it!
Maya: Pia, I am not telling lies! That is not Danish.
Pia: If it is not Danish why you have tears on your eyes hearing his name? Come on Maya…don’t cry for him…stop crying for him! He does not bother about you. Now I am coming from his engagement Party. And stop protecting him. Come on…wake up!
Maya: And do what Pia? I don’t have proof…
Pia: I have proof…see this video (She gives the mobile to Maya)
Maya: But we can’t even see his face in this
Pia: But Maya we can’t at least do something
Maya: No, We can’t do anything! Nothing will happen to him Piya, everyone will only blame me and I can’t take it. (She talks about how she fell in love with Danish and how he cheated on her)
Pia: Oh God! The fault is mine too…I thought that the guy is Abhay and I spoiled his reputation everywhere.
Maya: Abhay has always saved my life. When I tried to commit suicide also he saved my life. I think now it has become his habit to save my life.
Pia: He was just doing some good and what all I told him. Why did his accept this false accusation?
Maya: Pia, I know that you felt that he is responsible…I was about to tell you but he told me that he did not want you to know the truth. That’s why I did not say anything. He is a very nice Guy Piya! He did not even go for the Play…he came to see me in the Hospital. He felt that I would try to end my life again.
Piya: Why did I not listen to my heart? But in my ego I trusted my brain. And Abhay…why did he let me believe it? (Pia gets up)
Maya: Where are you going Pia?
Piya: To the Engagement Party…I have to stop it!
Maya: bUt we don’t have proof!
Pia: I and Abhay together will do something…
Maya: Abhay does not know anything! Abhay does not know that the father of my child is Danish!
Piya: What? You did not tell him also? Why?
Maya: Because if Abhay comes to know he will kill Danish Pia… (Pia goes from there)

Piya gets back to the Engagement Party and tries to tell the truth of Danish to her. But after seeing her full of praises for Danish Pia could not tell her anything. Madhu also thank Pia for hiding the truth about her. Piya thinks that there is one truth, the truth of Danish, which she cannot hide. Arnab comes and takes Madhu away from there. Piya thinks how wrong they were all about Danish and wonders who she could talk to. She then sees Misha at the Bar counter.

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