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30th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 59) Danish reaches Pander Fort to harm Piya

Piya, Misha and Tracker during the College Trip
Episode 59 starts with Ruhi applying the Cow dung mixture on her face as told by the old lady to get Abhay Raichand as man in her life. Misha sees this through the window. She waits for Tracker to sleep off. Tracker goes to sleep. Misha gets into the tent and sticks the blanket with glue. She then goes out and makes sounds. Tracker gets up but the blanket sticks to her. She calls for help and hops outside the tent. Misha goes behind Tracker and makes sound. When she turns Misha clicks a picture. She tells Tracker that she would put the photo in friend book. Tracker asks Misha if she feels it is a joke. Misha talks in the old woman’s tone. Panchi comes there and tells that the Old Woman was Misha in disguise. Tracker asks Misha how she could do it with a friend. Misha tells Tracker that she did it to trap T and did not know that Tracker would get desperate. Tracker is unhappy thinking that she would not get true love after what she did and goes to wash off the cow dung from her face.

Panchi tells the Group that they cannot take the risk of staying one more day in the place and that they would be leaving from there early morning at 6.
Misha: This early?
Panchi : Yes, sleeping beauty
Misha: The real sleeping beauty is inside there…madame Tracker… She is telling everyone she got kidnapped because she is so pretty
Panchi: Shut up Misha! It is not funny. I don’t understand who kidnapped Tracker. Why? Anyways, let us call it a night. I will see you all at 6 AM. Be ready.
Abhay thinks, ‘Why Tracker? I am not able to understand why the kidnapper kidnapped Tracker’

The Driver of the Bus gets out of the bus. He goes to the hooded guy standing outside the Bus. The guy gives the Driver some money. The Driver tells the guy that if they leave at 6 AM they should reach there at least by 9 AM and goes into the Bus. The hooded Guy turns and it is Danish. He removes the hood from his head and says,’Tomorrow night Pia…your story would end. It is over for you’

Next day morning the Group is waiting outside the Bus. Misha makes fun of Tracker. Tracker sees Abhay. Abhay walks towards the girls and comes to stand in front of Tracker. Misha and Piya looks at him.
Abhay: Hi Tracker! (Tracker smiles at him) I don’t think after yesterday night’s Trauma you should be lifting those bags. (Abhay smiles at her again and then lifts the bags and throws it on top of the Bus)
Tracker: Misha, In college’s history Abhay Raichand would have smiled at someone for the first time. And that is me…I can’t believe it Misha…I think the herb is working…
Misha: Again Herbs? Told that it was me…But that is weird…Why is Abhay talking so nicely to you? (Piya looks at Abhay and thinks, ‘No Abhay! It is not going to affect me…I know that you are doing this intentionally.(Abhay turns and looks at Pia) So that I hate you…I go away from you… But not now Abhay…Yesterday night I saw fear for me in your eyes. At least a small one… but a feeling of love’ (Kabir watches them)
Kabir: He is playing with Pia’s heart…Does Pia not understand?
Angad: No dude! Love is Blind…
Kabir: That I see…Angad, Do one thing…somehow make me sit next to Piya. It is a long journey and if I sit next to her…at least she would talk something to me…
Angad: Do I look like a Bus Conductor to you? How am I suppose to decide who sits where…
Kabir: Angad, My friend…please do it for me… (Angad goes of telling, ‘Okay, take advantage of friendship…’ Kabir then gets a call from his Dad who inquires about Pia. Kabir tells him that he did not get to spend time with Pia. Kabir’s dad tells him that he would send a Car with Driver to Kabir and asks him to convince her to go back with him so that they can talk all the way back. Kabir agrees and puts the phone down.

Panchi asks everyone to get into the Bus and the group gets into the bus one by one. Tracker asks Panchi where T. Panchi tells her that the Drama Queen was bitten by a mosquito and left last night from there by Car. Abahy gets into the Bus and Abhiya look at each other. Angad pushes Abhay from behind and comes and sits next to Piya. Pia is surprised and asks Angad if he is alright. Abhay walks past Pia’s seat and occupies a seat on the opposite side a few seats behind Piya. Tracker comes there and asks Angad to get up from next to Piya and they get into a funny chit chat. Angad refuses to vacate the seat for Ruha and Ruhi goes to another seat and sits there. Kabir comes inside the Bus and Angad vacates the seat for him. Piya asks Kabir if his friend was reserving the seat for him.

In the Bus Angad is sitting next to Tracker. Tracker is impressed knowing that Angad was reserving the seat for Kabir to sit next to Piya and tells, ‘How romantic’. Angad tells that romance is in his mind too. Ruhi turns and looks at Abhay and Angad looks at Misha. After that Angad and Tracker looks at each other.
Tracker: So sad…right? How does it not happen that whom we love loves us back too?
Panchi asks the driver to go and the bus starts. Piya recalls the romantic moments with Abhay at the forest after he rescued her from wolves and the 2 hooded people. Piya thinks, ‘Why Abhay, why everything is so difficult?’ Abhay recalls Piya asking him if they can stay a little more time there and that she feels safe with him. He mentally answers her, ‘It is not easy…I am scared’ Piya asks in mind, ‘What are you scared off?’ Abhay answers in mind, ‘I am scared of my past. I am scared of myself. What I am …I am scared of that…and what can happen, I am scared of that Pia’ He recalls his dance with Maithili and thinks, ‘If you knew my truth then you would have run away from me. You will hate me’. In the Bus Abhay closes his eyes and sleeps off. Panchi gets a call. After talking on the phone she informs the students that the trip to Museum is canceled due to some damages there due to the earth quake and they would instead go to the Pander Fort. Abhay does not hear the announcement as he is sleeping.

The driver of the Bus gets a call from Danish. The Driver informs Danish about the change of plans.

Danish reaches Pander Fort and the care taker lets him in. The caretaker informs him that he is waiting for some college students to come. Danish tells him that he was passing that way and came to have a look at the Fort which he had seen several years ago. The care taker grants permission and Danish walks in looking around.

In the Bus Abhay wakes up. He thinks, ‘Something is going to happen…something!'

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