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13th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 44) Pia comes to know about Danish’s 2 Lakhs Cheque to Maya

Abhay informs Pia that he is going out of Town
Episode 44 starts with Danish trying to provoke Arnab against Pia when he sees Arnab at the College Corridor alone.
Danish: Papa…Papa your heart is very big…and I really appreciate what you are doing for Piya but I think by keeping such a girl at house you are doing a big mistake.
Arnab: Why?
Danish: Papa…you don’t know but Piya’s reputation in the College is very bad and such a girl should not be kept at home, right?
Arnab: Danish, there is more than what meets the eye. This all is done by the Raichand’s to take revenge on her. Otherwise…I can tell you that Pia is a very nice girl.
Danish: It is not like that Papa…You think…she did the same with Kabir also. I mean she lead him on and then left him. You know Kabir…she cheated a guy like Kabir. And think, if such a girl stays at home what sort of influence it would be for Panchi and Misha.
Arnab: I know whose influence will or won’t affect my daughters…I know very well. You are this family’s well wisher…in fact you belong to this family. So you thought about us is a good thing. But it is the decision of my family, especially me that Pia would stay with us. Okay…

Scene moves to the Raichand’s at the College Corridor walking out.
Chand: Abhay should not have done this! (Chand and Haseena see Arnab and Danish standing. Arnab and Chand exchange looks and the Raichand’s walk away. Abhay who was behind the Raichands come into view and he looks at Danish. Danish turns his face and Abhay walks off)

Scene moves to Pia coming out of her Hostel room with her luggage. The Warden stops her and tells her that she knows that Piya is innocent. Pia says ‘Bye’ and goes from there. The Warden goes to Piya’s room to supervise the cleaning. The sweeper finds an envelope in the name of Maya with a Cheque from Danish for two lakh Rupees. The warden tells the sweeper to deliver the cheque to Maya as she is very much in need of money.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Abhay lands in front of Chand and Haseena in the house. All the 3 has blue vampire eyes.
Chand: You shouldn’t have done this! You might be regretting your mistake…I am sure of it!
Abhay: I don’t have any regrets. This is not happening first time and you know that. Last time I failed…I lost her. But this time…this time I will fight…for her…from everyone… And if it becomes necessary…with you too! This time I will not do the same mistake. (Abhay goes off)

Scene moves to the Sweeper reaching Dobriyal House with the envelope for Maya. The servant tells her that Maya is taking bath and that he would give the cover to her. The sweeper lady gives the cover to the servant and goes from there. When the servant is about to go upstairs the phone rings and he goes and picks it up and keeps the envelope on the table. He then goes to call Panchi. Panchi comes and attends the phone. She accidently spills the coffee on the envelope. She sees the name Danish and opens the cover. She slowly pulls the cheque and sees Danish’s signature on it. Suddenly Arnab comes in with Piya.
Arnab: Panchi, I bought Piya home. Now she will stay with us. (Panchi recalls Pia holding Abhay’s hand and informing the Police that when Maya was injured she was with Abhay at the Boys locker room)
Panchi: Ramsingh, put this for drying (Panchi hands over the envelope to the servant) Piya I am happy that you have come to stay here. Really…I know you need us at this moment. You are welcome! You might be tired…why don’t you get some rest?
Arnab: Yeah…go… (Pia goes off)
Panchi: You did well by bringing her here.

Scene moves to Misha waiting with her Bike on the road. She sees Abhay’s car coming and blocks his way by driving the bike and parking it in front of his Car. She then gets out of the bike and go near Abhay’s car.
Misha: Get off from the Car you jackass! (Abhay lowers his Car window)
Abhay: I know that you have an attention problem…but you only got my vehicle…
Misha: Oh Please… I need some answers! (Abhay gets out of the car) and till I get…
Abhay: Hold on!
Misha: Yesterday night Pia was in your house or not?
Abhay: This question is about Piya, right?
Misha: Right!
Abhay: So Piya would give you the answer (Abhay turns to get into the Car)
Misha: Stop! I have not finished… (Abhay turns back to her again)
Abhay: Tell me…I am listening!
Misha: Piya accused of you being Maya’s baby’s father…After that she told me it is not him…But everyone feels that it is you…and now she says she knows who is the real father…Can you please tell me what is going on?
Abhay: Piya told you all these?
Misha: Yeah…
Abhay: So I will suggest you something…go and ask Pia about it
Misha: Listen! Freaking tell me okay… (Abhay smiles) fine! I will ask Piya but only if I see her. And obviously you are not going to tell me…
Abhay: No…I will tell you! Piya is in your house.
Misha: Thanks! I have been searching for her all around and she is in my house? Anyway, Thanks a lot!
Abhay: You are welcome! Happy to help! (Abhay gets into his Car and drives away. Misha too gets on her bike)

Scene moves to Piya and Maya at Dobriyal House. Pia confronts Maya. Piya tells Maya how she got into trouble because of her along with Abhay. Pia informs Maya that Danish came to the Hostel to kill her and to escape him she had to go to Abhay’s House. She tells Maya that everyone came to know about it. Pia scolds Maya for taking advantage of Abhay’s goodness and tells her that she has to expose Danish. Pia tries to find why Maya is still quiet about Danish by questioning her.
Misha comes to the room and takes Piya from there. Misha tries to ask Piya what the truth is, but she refuses to tell her saying she wants to deal with it alone. Misha gets angry and leaves.

Scene moves to Arnab speaking to Madhu that she would take another 3 days to come back from Delhi. He tells her that he would finalize the Cards with the help of Misha and Panchi. Arnab comes along with Tracker to the room where Panchi, Maya, Piya and Misha are sitting. Arnab asks to choose a card. Piya notices Maya touching one card and Panchi also chooses the same card. Maya excuses herself and goes from there.

Scene moves to the Raichand Mansion. Haseena is sitting on the sofa and Abhay walks in.
Hasina: Abhay, This time it became a little over. Now I won’t be able to handle Chand. He is very angry and he can do anything.
Abhay: What do you want me to do?
Haseena: I want you to go from this city for some days. The situation is very much tensed. And in the mood he is…he can do anything!
Abhay: Okay, I will go out for some days.
Scene moves to Abhay standing down in front of Dobriyal House and looking upwards. He throws ice on the window and Piya comes to the window. He signals her to come down . Piya comes and stands in front of Abhay.
Abhay: Piya, listen carefully to me! I am going out of town for a few days.
Piya: But Abhay…I here and alone…
Abhay: Piya, I have no choice. I must go! I won’t be able to keep an eye on you here. So you need to be careful! You will not get out of this house at any cost, you get that?
Piya: But Abhay, college…what about that?
Abhay: Make any excuse…tell that you are not well. But you will not get out of this house at any cost. Piya, this is the question of your life. Your life is in danger!
Piya: Abhay, are you doing all this because you want to take revenge on Danish? Or is it because you really care for my life? Or…Am I just a cause for you…and saving me is your responsibility…
Abhay: What do you think, Piya? (He moves forward and keeps his hand on her shoulders) Never ask this question again! And…remember…you would not get out of this house…

The Servant calls for Piya and tell that she has a Call. Piya looks at Abhay and then goes into the house. Piya attends the call from the Hostel Warden who inquires about her and assures her that everything would be alright. She then asks Pia if Maya got the cheque. The Warden tells her that while cleaning the room she got a cheque in the name of Maya from Danish for 2 lakhs. The Warden asks Pia to make sure that the cheque reaches Maya. Piya tells her that she would take care of it and keeps the phone down. Piya thinks, ‘Danish you gave the greed of money to Maya? Now let the cheque come into my hand…the proof would be in front of everyone.

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