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22nd December 2010 Written Update (Episode 52) Chand Raichand instructs Abhay to get Danish out on Bail

Abhay tells Piya that she cannot be Maithali
Episode 52 starts with Abhay looking at the cut and then placing his other hand on the wound and wiping it. His cut vanishes and he walks from there. Piya sees Abhay and calls him. She then sees Abhay’s blood on the ground and Piya is shocked to see the blood evaporating in front of her eyes. She calls for Abhay and go after him.

Misha and Panchi are sitting with Maya. Maya talks about her abusive relationship with Danish and tells Panchi because of the courage she gave her Maya could tell everything to her parents.

In the forest Abhay walks and Piya follows him. Abhay stops in front of a grave and sits there. Piya watches him by standing at a distance. Abhay then walks away from there and Piya comes near the grave. She wipes the dust and sees the name Maithali written on it. She remembers Abhay calling her Maithali when she slapped him. Pia is shocked to know that the girl she thought is there in Abhay’s life is dead. Piya wonders what the story is.

Scene moves to the constable bringing Danish to the Inspector. Inspector offers Danish pen to sign on the paper. Danish signs and then asks him permission to make a call. Danish talks to Chand Raichand and tells him that Piya Jaiswal got him arrested for the same issue for which she tries to trap Abhay. Danish informs Chand that Pia is behind Abhay and warns him regarding Pia.

Scene moves to Arnab coming into the house with Misha and Panchi. They are surprised to see that Madhu is back after the wedding shopping from Delhi. Madhu notices the three of them unhappy and asks what the matter is. Madhu is taken aback when Arnab tells about Danish’s betrayal. Panchi tells her that they should thank Pia. Arnab tells Madhu how Danish turned everybody against Piya when she attempted to tell the truth of Danish. He tells Madhu that despite of behaving badly with Piya, she did not keep any grudges and join hands with Misha to expose Danish. Madhu consoles Panchi. Panchi tells that it is not easy. Misha tells that cheating is in Danish’s genes and asks if she would be able to live with someone who keeps an affair after marriage. Madhu looks at Arnab. Misha assures Madhu that Panchi would forget Danish in one day. Misha comes up with the idea of pajama party for the girlie gang to cheer up Panchi.

Piya gets up from the front of Maithili’s grave. She thinks that she needs to find out who Maithili is. When she turns she finds Abhay in front of her.
Abhay: What are you doing here? Why are you interfering in my life? Why can’t you mind your own business? Why are you here?
Pia: I have a reason to be here Abhay!
Abhay: Oh really? You wanted us to be strangers…You wanted us to be away from each other…
Pia: If you want to stay away from me then why are you roaming around with my photograph? (Abhay turns away from Pia. Pia comes in front of him) Answer me Abhay! Is that my Picture? You do not have to answer. Because I know that it is not mine but Maithili’s picture. You want to stay away from me because I remind you of Maithili? Is it not Abhay…say it! (Abhay catches Piya on her arms)
Abhay: No! You are not Maithili. You can never be Maithili.
Piya: Tell the truth Abhay!
Abhay: Yeah! I am telling the truth. You are not Maithili. You can never be Maithili. (He shouts) You cannot be Maithili (Abhay tries to control his temper. Piya’s mobile rings and she takes the call from Misha. Misha asks Piya to come to Dobriyal House. Piya agrees and turns to look at Abhay. She looks around to find that Abhay is gone.

Scene moves to Madhu handing over the mocktails to Tracker. Piya comes there. She is happy to see Madhu and asks her how she is. Madhu thanks her and tells that Panchi is lucky to have a sister like Piya. Piya tells her that she did not do it because she has any relationship with Panchi but would have done for any girl. Piya goes up to the girl’s room.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Chand and Haseena are in conversation.
Chand: Thanks to Piya that Danish is being arrested by Police and now she is focusing on Abhay. Not a good sign! We have to stop her.
Haseena: What will we do? How much we tried to reason with Abhay…but neither does he stay away from Pia nor does Pia stay away from him.
Chand: We have to stop her! This can’t go on…
Haseena: And Danish…what about him?
Chand: We will get him out on bail.
Haseena: What? Bail for Danish…Are you sure?
Chand: I want to show the Dobriyals that we are against them and that the whole city’s decision won’t be according to their will. That’s all!
Haseena: So you will go to Police Station?
Chand: No, Abhay will go! (Haseena gives a sarcastic smile)
Haseena: Abhay? He is not going to listen to you. He will not go to the Police Station to get bail for Danish.
Chand: He will! (Abhay walks into the House) Abhay!
Abhay: Yes!
Chand: You will have to go to the Police Station…to get Danish out on bail.
Abhay: Okay, I will go now (Abhay turns and go from there)

Scene moves to Misha’s room where the girls are lying on the cot. Misha comes up with the idea of Ouija Game where they would call upon spirits so that they could asks questions to friendly spirits and get the answer. Tracker is excited that some old ghost may introduce her to his handsome son. Misha asks Piya whom she wants to talk to. Piya tells her that she wants to talk to the Ghost of Maithali.

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