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13th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 71) Pia sees Abhay in Maithili’s Picture

Abhay confronts Piya at the Old Library
Episode 71 starts with Arnab and Madhu returning after Shopping. Arnab teases Madhu telling that she would make a world record doing shopping. Arnab puts on the answering machine and hears the recorded message from the Orphanage informing that Sister Agnes has returned from the Tour and that he can come and meet her any time. Arnab tells Madhu that he would go the next day morning itself. Madhu insists that she go as Arnab is too emotional and upset at the moment. She tells him that she would make inquiries and if she gets any clue she would call Arnab immediately. Arnab thanks her and tells her that she is great. Madhu thinks, ‘No Arnab! I am not great. I am just a mother who is thinking of her daughter’s best. And their best is that you should never know the truth of Pia. And I will not let you know the truth’.
Scene moves to Mount College. Arnab comes to the College to drop Misha and Piya. He sees the restoration site and tells that he did not know that there was this much damage. Shaurya sees Misha and comes to say hello. Misha ignores him. Arnab sees Shaurya and shakes hand with him. Arnab tells him that now that he is in the city he should visit Dobriyal House some time. Shaurya agrees. Arnab looks at the Book in Shaurya’s hand. Shaurya tells that repair work is going on in the library and the books which are damaged are being given away. Piya is happy and tells that she needs to get some of the books for herself. Someone calls Shaurya and Shaurya bids bye to them and goes. Seeing Piya’s excitement Misha remarks that she should have been ‘papa’s daughter’ as she has not seen anyone excited over old and torn books. Arnab tells that he and Pia has common interests like Books and Vampires.

Haseena at the College Campus. Haseena sees Piya and calls her. Hasina tells her that she came to invite Piya.
Pia: Invite?
Haseena: We give surprise Birthday Party for Abhay every year. This year I and his Dad thought that we will do something different this time… Ignore the Birthday and give a grand Party on the weekend. And yesterday by coming home you had almost put an end to that surprise. I am sorry Piya…If I was slightly rude to you. But I hope you understand. I did not want his surprise to get spoiled.
Piya: Of course Aunty! (Haseena gives a black colored invitation card to Piya)
Haseena: Here is your invite… You should come. After all you were the only friend of Abhay who remembered his Birthday. I will see you…
Piya looks at the card and says, ‘Surprise Party?’ She thinks, ‘Am I suspecting Abhay without reason? What is wrong with me? Why do I always keep suspecting him? But is it really…I mean his Mom does not know anything about his research. She is telling that Abhay is not writing a Book and Maithili…she reacted in such a manner… Mrs Raichand and Abhay has some connection with Maithili and it does not concern with the book. Tonight I need to go for the Party. I may get the answers of some of my questions there’.

T is sitting with her Bimbo friends at the Campus and there are some guys and girls around her. T proudly shows her invitation cards and tells them that Mrs Raichand had come to the College to specially invite her. T tells that though it is not yet Official Mrs Raichand knows the importance T has in her son’s life.

Angad tells to Kabir that after tonight’s party he and Ruhi would be a couple.

Piya comes to the Old Library with a Guy who tells her that after the new library was made the 80 year old library had been closed for students. He tells her that before restoration students can take whatever books they want. He switches on the lights of the library for Pia and goes from there. Piya looks into the Books. While looking at the books Piya finds a Book on the History of Pandher. She looks at the Book and says, ‘History of Pandher’. Abhay who is in the College Campus hears this because of his powers and is alerted. Pia takes the book and sits in a chair looking through it. Abhay closes his eyes and seeks Pia. He then opens his eyes and walks from there.Piya thinks, ‘Its written in some old language…may be Sanskrit or some other ancient language. I have to take help from some translator’. Abhay is walking on the Campus. Piya is turning the pages and come across a picture of Maithili. She touches the picture and Abhay who was till then walking starts running. Piya then says, ‘Mythili’. Abhay pushes open the door of the old library and enters. Pia slips the book into her bag fast.
Abhay: What are you doing Piya? (He comes near her. Piya gets up from her seat) First you tell me sorry and then you interfere in my life. What are you up to Piya? Whay are you interfering in my life? Why? (Abhay holds on her arms with his hands and presses causing her pain)
Piya: How do you know what I am doing?
Abhay: I know you very well Piya…
Piya: Abhay…you are hurting me… (Abhay removes his hands)
Abhay: And you are hurting me Pia… You concentrate on your Topic and leave my topic to me. Concentrate on your fairies tale and do not interfere in my life.
Pia: Abhay, Maithili’s face resembles mine. I want to know about her. What is your problem?
Abhay: Her face does not resemble yours…your face resembles hers. There is no similarity between you and Maithili. You are nothing like her!
Pia: You are talking as if you know Maithili well.
Abhay: Yeah… I know her very well. I have been doing research on her for several years. (Pia thinks, ‘Why are you telling lie Abhay? There is no research…and you are not writing any Novel. There is just you and Maithili and some secret which everyone is hiding…you…your Mom…You are hiding something’) Stay away from my research. The topic of Pandher is mine!
Pia: The topic of Pandher or Maithili?
Abhay: I am warning you Piya… Stay away from my Research and life, understand? (The light goes off. Piya turns off and walks. She gets scared when a bird hits her and impulsively moves toward Abhay hugging him. Abhay holds her by her waist too. Piya lifts her head and looks at Abhay. She thinks, ‘See Abhay! The moment I came into your arms everything became alright. Don’t you feel it…We are so close then you go so far? What is your secret Abhay? What is it that is troubling you so much? Trust me Abhay…make me a part of your truth Abhay’ Abhay says in mind, ‘You cannot be part of my truth Pia. The truth will bring you closer to my World. I want to keep you far away from this dark world. You will get lost in the dark world. And I … I do not wish to lose you’ Piya looks at him mesmerized. She lifts her face to him as if wanting to be kissed by him. Even Abhay moves his face closer to hers. The light comes and Piya moves away from Abhay.
Abhay: Piya, you are crossing your limits. Don’t do that! And yes…Remember… Stay away from me! (Abhay walks from there)

Piya comes to the new Library and scans a photograph of Maithali from the book. She is petrified when she sees Abhay in the same picture. She wonders how it is possible to have Abhay’s picture along with Maithili who was alive almost 200 years ago. (Episode ends)

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