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14th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 72) Piya finds out about Maithili and Abhayendra’s Love Story

Abhayendra and Maithili
Episode 72 starts with Piya scanning Mythili’s Picture from the Book on Pandher History and finding Abhay in it. She wonders how Abhay could be in a Picture with Maithili which is over 200 years old. Piya recalls her conversation with Abhay as his answer to why he is carrying Maithili’s picture in his wallet. Piya is shocked and confused.

Scene moves to Ruhi entering the Construction site to meet Shaurya. Tracker goes to him and tells him that she has been looking for him as he has chosen him as the subject for her research. She then explains that she has chosen restoration as her subject and to know about it she needs to meet him often. Ruhi tells him that she is going for Pizza and Shaurya excuses himself telling that he does not have the time. He is shocked when Ruhi takes everything out of her bag and sets a table with Pizza in Restaurant style. She tells, ‘If Shaurya can’t go to Pizza, Pizza would come to Shaurya’. Shaurya tells that since she has come to the site she has to wear helmet and makes her wear it. He then sees Misha and calls her showing 2 invites of Abhay’s Birthday party. Misha thinks, ‘Oh God! He also got invited for Abhay’s Party, Loser’ Misha turns her back at Shaurya and he gets confused seeing her behavior. Misha thinks, ‘Misha… why your heart is beating fast…Did you also get the same disease as Tracker? Calm down Misha, calm down! Behave yourself and don’t behave like Tracker number 2’. She runs away from there.

Scene moves to the Library. The Librarian comes there. Piya ask the librarian about the script of the book History of Pandher. She tells that it is an ancient language and also gives the details of one Mr B R Sinha who is knowledgeable in the script. Piya thank her and go from there. Abhay watches Piya going.

At the Campus T is distributing invitations. T tells her friends that she would be the perfect host for Abhay’s Party. Pia is walking through the college corridor and Abhay is following her. T sees Abhay and stops him.
T: Hi Baby, where are you going? Abhay where are you going?
Abhay: My House! (Abhay watches Piya walking to a Car. T thinks that Abhay can’t get home now as it will spoil the entire surprise. She thinks the Party would be a perfect opportunity for her to get back to Abhay’s life and has to stop him from going home)
T: Abhay you can’t go home
Abhay: Why?
T: Because I want to say something important to you.
Abhay: What important thing? (Abhay watches Piya getting into the Car and the Car going off)
T: I am a Virgo
Abhay: So…
T: Abhay, I am a Virgo… I and you are compatible! I mean we make a perfect couple (Abhay stares at T)

Piya comes to the Residence of the Guy whom the Librarian had told her and requests him help regarding reading the book. But she is turned down by him. Piya is disappointed and goes from there. After Piya goes from there, Abhay who is inside the house speaks to the man who knows how to read the script, ‘There is no need to read that Book. There is no use of opening old things. You will never read that Book…never! Please forgive me…’ (Abhay goes from there)

Piya is walking thinking that who would help her in reading the book and find out what is the connection between Abhay and the picture in the Book. She hopes that someone in Pandher palace could help her with the Book.

Piya reaches Pandher Palace and sees a man who is warming his hands in the fire nearby. He is shocked when he sees Pia. Pia introduces herself and tells him her purpose of visit. The guy tells her that it is written in Pahadi script which is only known to very few people. Piya is happy to know that the old guy knows the script too. The Guy looks at Maithili’s picture in the Book and asks Pia if anyone told her that she looks like the Princess. Piya tells that she is aware of the similarity. The guy takes Pia inside the Palace to narrate the story of Mythili as it is cold outside. The Guy tells her, ‘Princess Mythili was very beautiful that people used to come from long distances to see her. The King was proud of his daughter’s beauty and called princes from all over the country for her to choose as groom. But the Princess disappointed everyone because there was someone else in her heart. But he was not a king or prince but an ordinary stable hand at the palace whose name was Abhiyan. (Piya thinks, ‘Now I will know the secret behind Abhay’) Their love developed hidden from the King’s eyes. Both used to love each other a lot. But one day someone informed the King about it. The King could not tolerate his daughter loving a servant. On the other side the Princess decides to leave her money and comforts and go away with Abhayendra. The King could not bear it and the king separated them. He locked the Princess in a room and put Abhayendra in prison. The King decided to kill Abhayendra. When the Princess comes to know about it she reaches the prison and asks Abhayendra to run away from there. But Abhayendra was not scared of death and he was not the type who would leave behind the Princess. But he goes from there after the Princess promises that she would meet him where they meet at the Jungle every day. When the King found out he became angry and to save his and his country’s honor ordered to kill the princess. He put the Princess in a room and ordered to burn the room’ Piya thinks, ‘what happened to Maithili after that? Could Abhayendra save her? What happened to their love story?’ (Episode ends)

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