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22nd January 2011 Written Update (Episode 79) Abhay kidnaps Piya from Dobriyal House

Episode 79 starts with Piya sleeping inside the Cave in the morning. When she opens her eyes she finds Abhay looking at her.
Piya: Abhay, you came?
Abhay: I had to come
Piya: I knew that you would not leave me and go
Abhay: I am not that bad Piya. Just when I come near you the animal in me awakens. Let that animal remain inside Piya! Please don’t awake it…Please! Believe me! Maithili is just madness. Don’t ask me…Why? When? How? I won’t be able to tell you. Please don’t try to open my Past Piya! Have I ever asked you what your Past is? (Piya says in mind, ‘Ask me Abhay! My life is with yours. Whatever it is…However it is…I feel like sharing with you’ Abhay replies to her mind talk) I cannot share anything with you. My past is just mine… I will live it alone… Let’s go! (He comes up to where she was sitting and extends his hand for her to get up. He says, ‘Come on Piya’ and helps her to get up and they get out of the cave)
Scene moves to Piya entering Dobriyal House. Misha sees her and questions her. She asks Piya where she was whole night and with whom. Piya tries to tell that she was in the house itself but by mistake blurts out Abhay’s name. Misha asks her if Abhay took her out and kissed her. Piya asks her to stop. Misha then gets a call from Tracker and Piya goes from there.

Scene moves to Mount college campus. Piya sees Abhay and looks at him. Abhay senses Piya and moves backward and looks at her too. They look at each other for some time. Piya remembers his harsh words to her on the cave and rejection of love. She also remembers his telling that he does not want to see her face and want to bury all her memories. She breaks the eye lock and walks away from there. Abhay remembers him leaving Piya in the cave and going away. He thinks, ‘I should not have hurt Piya this much. I talked harshly to her. To hide my hurt… I gave her hurt. Piya forgive me!’

Scene moves to Mount College Class room. Abhay comes inside the class and closes the door. Piya is sitting inside the class on a bench reading some book. She raises her head and look at him. He moves towards where she is sitting. Seeing him coming she gets up from the bench and move backwards till she reaches the wall. He goes near hear and keep one hand on the wall. Piya closes her eyes. Abhay looks at her and says, ‘I am sorry Pia, Please forgive me!’ Piya open her eyes and looks at him.
Abhay: yesterday night I told so many such things which I should not have said. I should not have behaved with you in that manner. I am sorry!
Abhay lifts her left hand and kiss it healing the cut on it. Piya looks at the wound and finds that it has disappeared. She looks at him with surprise. He kisses her hand, palm and forehead also and the wounds disappear. He then brings his lips closer to her lips and she raises her face towards him for his kiss. But Abhay suddenly comes to his senses and feels angry at him. He withdraws himself and walks away leaving Piya who is confused.

Scene moves to Panchi driving the car and suddenly a man crosses the road and she had to halt the car suddenly. She sees a man running with unbuttoned shirt and holding the shoes and jacket in hand jumping a wall. She comes to the car and throws the shoes inside Panchi’s car and gets inside. He tells her, ‘Hello Love, Drive the car Please’ Panchi looks at him and the man tells him, ‘Hello! Please drive the Car’. Panchi looks at him shocked.
Panchi: Hello! Excuse me…Who are you? And what are you doing in my Car?
Man: Drive the Car. I will tell you in detail. Please drive the car now.
Panchi: Just get lost!
Man: You have some lipstick or Makeup Remover? (looking at the lipstick mark on the cheek and neck in the mirror)
Panchi: What rubbish is going on here
Man: Look I am a nice Guy,Trust me! Please drive the Car.
Panchi: I can gather that much by the look of you that how nice a man you are.
Man:Hmm! Snap judgments ehh?
Panchi: Really? Shirt out,lipstick marks…and see the condition of clothes… I know what you were up to. It is so obvious!
Man: Wow! Regular Sherlock Homes ? Look it is not my fault. If the Husband came home early what could I do? I will button up for you. Now Please drive.
Panchi: Whatever! Get lost!
Man: Just get driving!
Panchi: You know what? (She gets out of the driver seat and comes to the side where the man was sitting. She opens the car door ) Out! (He gets out)
Man: This is very rude! You are making a big mistake! Listen to me…I am a nice Guy! (Panchi gets into the driver seat and drives off. She then realizes that the Shoes of the man is in the car and reverses the car)
Panchi: I don’t care! (When the car reaches the Man the man looks at Panchi and asks her, ‘Missed me already? Panchi takes the shoes and throw s it at the Guy and drives off)
The scene moves to Panchi’s new Office. The receptionist is taking to the Boss on the Phone that she is not aware where his new employee is and that she would look. Panchi enters the office and Greets the receptionist. The Receptionist hands over a Diary to Panchi telling that as PR Manager she would require it. Panchi tells her that there are 1000’s of name and that too of all girls. The Receptionist tells her to go and meet Boss. She knocks the door and enters the Cabin. Panchi is shocked to see that the man she threw out of her Car turned to be her Boss.

The scene moves to Raichand Mansion where Chand and Haseena are watching Abhay’s Birthday Party Video’s. Chand and Haseena notices Piya disguised as Maithili in the video. Haseena asks Chand why Piya is dressed up as Maithili. He replies that Piya wants to know everything that needs to be known about Abhay and if this goes on she would find his truth soon. Chand and Haseena feels that Piya could be a danger for them. Chand suggests that they should relocate from there. He tells Haseena that before people find their truth they have to leave Dehradun and go. Abhay opens the door and comes in.
Chand: Abhay?
Abhay: What Happened?
Chand: We were sitting and watching the Video Recording of your Party. Quite interesting! We saw things which where happening there now. Do you think we are fools? I told you to stay away from Piya. That girl is becoming a danger for us. You did not listen to me. First you were chasing her, now she is on your trail…
Abhay: I …
Chand: No…We have decided that we are leaving Dehradun and going! (Scene ends)

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