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24th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 80) Abhay is upset and heartbroken to go from Dehradun leaving Piya alone

Episode 80 starts with Abhay opening the door and entering his house. Chand informs him that they have decided to leave Dehradun and go from there as they find Piya a threat to their existence.
Chand: It is not safe for us to be here anymore (Abhay goes from there)
Haseena: Things have gone beyond control Chand!
Chand: You are right! Before anything else happens we have to do something.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab Dobriyal is coming down the stairs. He is going to St Mary’s Orphanage and is anxious to meet his daughter. Madhu tells him that she would also go with him and would support his decision.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Abhay is pacing to and fro in his room. Abhay is upset since Chand and Haseena have decided to leave the city. He thinks, ‘Again I am leaving one life and going. It has been ages since I am wandering. But first time the city and this town had felt like my own. I am feeling sad to leave this place. Is the reason you,Piya? Why am I not able to leave you and go? Is it just because you remind me of Maithili? Or is it because you have become something to me? What are you Piya? You are just Maithili’s face or something else? Why Maithili’s memories are becoming your memories now? Why am I not able to remove you from my lifeless heart? When I don’t even have a heart why am I having so much pain? The pain of Maithili and her death and now yours too Piya! What would happen to you without me? Who would take care of you? Will someone take advantage of you and your innocence? How can I live with your worries? How Piya? How? (Abhay remembers his conversation with Maithili before he goes out for some work regarding horses on the Kings Order. He remembers how she did not want to let him go and was worried for him. He remembers her giving a ring to him and saying, ‘For you. It would protect you from all bad and would bring you back to me soon’. Abhayendra tells, ‘I cannot take this, this is yours’ Maithili responds, ‘You are also mine Abhayendra, It would take care of you’. Abhay opens his palm and look at the same ring on a velvet cloth. He says, ‘This ring took care of me but could not bring you to me’.

The Scene moves to Chand and Haseena Raichand at the Principals Office. Chand tells that they have come to inform him to remove Abhay’s name from the college list as they are leaving the city and going. Scene moves to Piya who is remembering Abhay kissing her on her forehead and healing her wound and how they were almost about to kiss each other on the lips. Kabir sees Piya sitting and comes from behind her and covers her eyes.
Piya: (feels his hand) Abhay!
Kabir: It is me! I disappointed you?
Piya: Kabir, I am sorry I …
Kabir: It is Okay. I know that in your heart there is only place for one guy, Abhay!
Piya: Yeah Kabir! I am sorry!
Kabir: It is completely fine. I wish if I could understand what is in him. I mean…from the time he came into your life he has given you only troubles… created problems for you…and you also used to hate him…I don’t understand what happened that everything changed.
Piya: I don’t know Kabir. He gave me so many troubles…still I use to love him. He created problems for me…still I used to love him. I used to hate him Kabir…but still I used to love him. I used to be angry at him Kabir, but I used to love Abhay. I hated him…but I loved him Kabir. Maybe I never confessed this to anyone…but Kabir I have always loved Abhay. And now… even more! Because I understood that the face which gave me problems, the face everyone hates… is just a face. He did all this Kabir because he wants to keep people away from him. He wanted people to hate him… But I know that behind that face is an Abhay who is a really nice Guy!
Kabir: Just look around in the college Pia. What all people don’t do to become popular and make friends…And look at Abhay. Why is he running away from everyone? Why does he want everyone to hate him?
Piya: That is what I am also trying to find out Kabir! I don’t know why he wants people to hate him. As a fact, the more I try to get closer to him the more distant he goes away from me.
Kabir looks at Piya who is lost in Abhay’s thoughts and tells in mind, ‘I wish Piya that he goes away from you. Not because I want to claim you as my own but because whenever I see him I only see more problems for you. He is not good for you Piya! I wish he goes far, far away from you. I wish he just goes away’. Kabir’s phone rings and he excuses himself from there.

Scene moves to Chand and Haseena at the college campus. They notice Piya and go to her. Piya sees them and greets them and asks why they are in the college. Haseena tells that they had some personal work. Chand tells Piya that he hope sthat she enjoyed the Party. Piya tells that it was a nice party and the food was good. Haseena tells her that she did not see Piya eating and that she was not around. Piya tells her that she was there. Haseena bids bye and they go from there.
Scene moves to Angad and Misha. Angad is ready and waiting to take Ruhi out on the date. Ruhi messages Misha and tell her to give Angad an excuse as she is not interested. Misha tells Angad that Ruhi is sick. Angad tells her that he used his 3 months pocket money to arrange a car and book a table at the restaurant. Misha feels bad for Angad and offers to be his date. She tells her that she likes car and food and she would even share his expenses. She pulls a disappointed Angad telling that ‘We will go on date’ and both go from there.

Scene moves to Abhay at the Mount College Campus. Piya is sitting with her back on him. Abhay goes and sits near her. She does not notice him.
Abhay: Piya, I want to talk something important to you.
Piya: (looks at him) Tell me Abhay!
Abhay: Piya, promise me that you would take care of yourself…you will think of yourself before others…will not interfere in anyone’s life…and will not get into anyone’s problems.
Piya: Abhay, why are you telling all this?
Abhay: No Piya,Just promise me you…
Piya: What happened Abhay? Why are you saying all this? (Abhay keeps his finger on her lips to silence her)
Abhay: You ask too many Questions. You never listen to anyone. Remember what I said… (Abhay gets up and walk away. Piya gets up and look at Abhay who is walking. Abhay remembers him kissing Piya on the forehead and then turns to look at her who is standing at a distance looking at him. He remembers putting her feet in water, their first dance and Piya falling into his arms while dancing with Kabir. Abhay lifts his hand saying a Bye to Piya. He turns back again to walk. He says in mind, ‘I am going Piya. Far from you…Today I am seeing you for the last time’. Abhay closes his eyes with a painful expression on his face while Piya stands there watching him go.

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